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for The Wrong Love

11/22/2011 c3 1IShipFabrevans
Good chapter, love the interaction and smart Sam but not perfect Sam, just the perfect quantity for me.

I can't talk about going after a married person because I wrote "True Love" but yeah its fiction. Anything can happen and again she's Quinn Fabray and she is my fav (aside from Rachel) she can do whatever she wants.
11/22/2011 c1 IShipFabrevans
I will admit, I was ready to jump on "Love has no exception" now that I'm having some free time. But this fic is good too. Quinn is my favorite of the two, so having her pov is even better for me. I don't know how is for you to start "feeling/liking a fic" but for me is when Im able to conect with what the character is feeling. For me was this; "that so called drama was the only love I've been holding on to for the past 7 years" I already talked to you about age, and living life, so been in Quinn's position is terrible and her reaction was soo Quinn, putting a mask and hiding her feelings. But this is Fabrevans fic so they'll be together at the end, right?, hopefully you won't take the IShipFabrevans route and leave them apart, because I am afraid I'm not mature enough to understand that LOL. I'm curious about Sam's wife, I would prefer her if she's good like Brittana describe her and not a bitch but a bitch is easy to hate too, I know that because acording to some(lots)people I'm a bitch hehe...

Anyway back to Mallory, my dirty dirty mind make me think that Mallory is a lesbian after this: 'Both their cheeks turn pink, "she's really nice, and well, she's kind of our friend," Brittany says hesitantly.' LOL That would be funny, kind of Ross and Rachel...

Off to ch3, this fic is good I normally read one chapter and leave the rest for later, even when I don't like to being behind compared to the others readers.
11/22/2011 c8 agronderwood
This story is sssssssoooooooo good! I especially loved the last chapter and how he saved her! That's amazing. I'm a Quick shipper but Quam or Fabrevans in this was adorable!
11/20/2011 c8 4monteithh
wow that was an amazing chapter. Good job, can't wait for the next one :)
11/20/2011 c8 RJRRAA

I like the way the POV's are! Please dont change it.
11/20/2011 c8 3quam314159
I love this chapter! I am glad that Sam saved Quinn! I like the POVs! Please make more! I can't wait to see what happens next!:)
11/20/2011 c8 mikayla
I LOVED THIS STORY. please update soon. my favorite story right now.. will Quinn tell Sam about Mallory and Ryan? she should. :D but even if she doesn't love the story. PLEASE UPDATE SOON, I NEED IT. :) you're a really good author...any p.o.v is fine. whatever works for that story is good enough.
11/20/2011 c8 KASSIEE
Loved this chapter, the ending was cute:) keep writing!
11/20/2011 c8 Fabrevansstan
I love the Sam/Quinn interaction this chapter! I hope Sam finds out about Mallory soon *hint, hint* ;)
11/20/2011 c8 noperds
I loved this chapter, it was perfect as always! I just don't like that Sam is feeling a little guilty fro cheating on his wife, when Mallory isn't as innocent as she seems. Anyways, keep up the great work. I am looking forward for the next chapter!
11/20/2011 c8 A Sparkle and A Twirl
Oh my goodness this was so incredibly amazing words can barely describe it. Just everything was stunningly written and the plot was so detailed and intriguing and I couldn't stop reading for a second. I loved being able to read their different POVs so that was excellent. I just it was absolutely awesome! And Sam and Quinn are so cute together, I half expect him to see her on a date with some guy, or in a club with some guy in a chapter soon though and just be extremely jealous. I can't wait to see what happens next!
11/20/2011 c8 11alli2345
11/20/2011 c8 Guest
Awesome write more
11/18/2011 c7 4monteithh
I really like this story, good job. I cannot stand Mallory though aha. Good story, can't wait for the next chapter! :)
11/13/2011 c7 noperds
asdfghjkl! OMG they kissed! And I know that Sam will prolly pull away and be all like distant! BUT ohmygod, I HAD A FEELING THEY WERE GONNA KISSSSSSSSSS! And I was uber pissed about those stupid spoilers too. Samcedes is CRAP! But I cannot wait for another chapter! I made my decision I want Q too tell Sam about Mallory's idiotic-ness bout cheating on Sam. But it's up to you. Update soon please! this story is like an addiction3

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