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for The Wrong Love

12/30/2011 c15 Written-in-hearts
Hi! I really liked this chapter a lot! I just really want Quinn to remember everything soon. Gah. I love this story so much! You're doing a great job! Keep writing and update when you can(:
12/26/2011 c14 greenispretty
i love this chapter, so many Sam's moments 3

Update soon, please!
12/25/2011 c14 1IShipFabrevans
Owww I was expecting the baby to die, even when you told me that the the baby was going to live. That way its more realistic, but ok. Now that Quinn has amnesia she is not longer Sam's patient, right?. I think its time for him to step aside, he already saved her AND the baby, making him be the doctor to guide Quinn through her amnesia would be too much. He should be for at her side as the father of the baby and her friend/lover/whatever.
12/24/2011 c14 mayzzRC
This story's just full of drama...and i love it ! I'm so happy Sam was able to save both Quinn and the baby , I agree, that's one thing that he's done right in a few chapters . I was utterly shocked when Quinn had amnesia , and I hope Sam helps her remember everything , not take advantage of it to redeem himself , i mean i know her memory's gonna come back eventually , but still .

Anyway - Loved this chapter! can't wait to read more , please Update soon ! you don't know how happy i get when i see that you've updated , xoxo
12/24/2011 c14 Austin 3
Awsome Chapter and Merry Christmas!
12/24/2011 c14 Oh yeahi love Bieber 3
Awsome chapter as always...
12/24/2011 c14 Gleek
Make more soon,nice chapter
12/24/2011 c14 Puckleberry
amazing,please make more soon..I hope Quinn will remeber everything soon
12/24/2011 c14 Swag So Mean
awsome chapter,poor Quinn :( Make more soon :)
12/24/2011 c11 2MrsEvansPuckerman
I loved this story is great. Fabrevans is beautiful! *-* Hopefully Quinn return to normal and remember everything! Continue!
12/24/2011 c14 3ColorYourWorld
OMG Poor Quinn and Sam and Santana and Brittany... -.-

I love it. Could you please do the letter a little bit smaller my eyes hurt a little. Merry Christmas :)
12/24/2011 c14 7quam fabrevens
oh god soo good that sam saved both of them.but what amnesia,the story is getting more dramatic..please update soooon asap love your story :D
12/24/2011 c14 3quam314159
So so great! I am glad that Quinn and the baby is okay! Please please make more!:)
12/23/2011 c14 RJRRAA

Oh I hope she remembers soon!
12/23/2011 c14 Written-in-hearts
Holy shoot. I am so glad that Sam saved them. I really hope that he will help Quinn remember! Keep writing and update soon!(:
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