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5/18/2022 c16 Guest
Can you update soon plz
5/17/2022 c16 JustMe22
Post more please. If you haven't done this since 2012 does that mean you abandoned the stroy with a cliff hanger? HOW COULD YOU?
5/17/2022 c1 JustMe22
Did you make this or is this from a book? I do love this, and I would like a complete story.
3/11/2022 c16 MTF 4
Dude its been 10 years. Where are you ?
2/25/2022 c14 Guest
Great story I love reading this
1/26/2022 c16 Guest
you didnt finish the story. or does he just die
1/18/2022 c16 Chem
School is good and fun been hanging out with my friends. Chapter is really good, So update soon. Bye!
1/16/2022 c16 Guest
Awesome I want more plz
12/25/2021 c16 John Stone
dude no way u stop here
12/1/2021 c14 Guest
stop the swearing words pls
11/26/2021 c16 Guest
I have an idea for continuing the story - When Percy wakes up he is in a hospital with Annabeth crying on his side. When he wakes up she hugs him. On leaving day Percy goes into the woods to find Bianica and Josh kissing and he forgets about Bianica and confronts her. Then he goes to Annabeth and apologizes to her and feels guilty because she is his true and only love. She hugs him and calls him Seaweed Brain. When Chaos gives Percy and option to leave or stay on earth, he chooses to stay. Chaos then makes him the commander of his army on Earth and which makes him the most powerful person on Earth and still the third most powerful in the universe. Then Annabeth promises never to leave him and they lead a happy life? Idk because I am not an author but if you like it please use it and you can make some changes too but in the end pls make Percy and Annabeth fall in love again. Thank you
11/9/2021 c2 jo mama
is funny
11/6/2021 c16 Guest
10/29/2021 c16 Joseph
This is super good. Please finish it!
10/24/2021 c16 amir
please continue I love it
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