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2/18/2012 c25 1Samantta Hyuuga
Great chapter! I am curious. Update soon please! -Kisses
2/17/2012 c25 2ASparkleOfSapphire
AmaZAYN chapter, like always :D

I have a sneeking suspicion who Walt's secret love is ... I know who I'd like it to be ... Jaz!

I loved this story right back at the beginning of January when I started it and I loved it though all of that month and now half of February and if you keep writing like you have been I'm going to love it all through the rest of February and however long this story goes on for :D :D :D

Update soon
2/17/2012 c25 14398942384
Not good? It was awesome. I really did like it. I loved Hathor. She was HILARIOUS. Especially the deal she made with Sadie and Anubis. :D
2/16/2012 c25 Yuu
Nice~ :D

Can't wait for the next! (for this chapter)

Ho ho ho~ I see what you did there Hathor~ *sly smirk* (that's for the last chapter as I didn't review it due to Internet problems)
2/16/2012 c1 12Cybernetic Author unit 5
My sore throat has cursed me with writers block, I have nothing to do, this story better be worth it or I'm going to have to make a Jarter pairing in my story :3
2/16/2012 c25 10SpottedPelt of ThunderClan
Great job! Please update soon!
2/16/2012 c25 5Idiosia
It was pretty short but that's good because you put TOO much great work into this story. :)

Never thought a love goddess could be so... Set-like.

Great chapter!
2/15/2012 c25 ThawingHope
AWESOME job as always! keep it up! i can't wait for your next update!
2/15/2012 c25 ISpyANinjaAndItsMe
Too lazy to log in. I liked it even though t was short, I can't wait for an update hope you get better! I am kinda behind updating my stories too lol
2/15/2012 c25 3mythologymaniac
Hey that was really good. This is the best Sanibis fanfic ever. Since you are sooooo awesome could you review my story? Pretty please?
2/15/2012 c25 13WolfAngel62
Is it Jaz? *suspicious face*
2/15/2012 c25 8xFullmetalSoulx
Looking forward to more!
2/15/2012 c25 mothholder
OH MY GOSH Please write more. There ain't any other storys like your that are this good. Thank you so much for the joy. I can't wait for Anubis and Sadie to have alone time... heeehheee
2/15/2012 c25 1Riddle Goddess
could it please be Jaz, please please please *puppy dog eyes* also, awosome chapter! ;)
2/15/2012 c25 6NeverEndingImagination1210
OMR! I LOVE HATHOR RIGHT NOW! I laughed when Anubis made the remark about Hathor seeming nice and then out of nowhere she becomes Set. HAHA! Also I laughed when Hathor told Sadie to tell Carter to get some guts and ask Zia out. Carter should really get some guts. Anyway, hope you feel and get better and UPLOAD SOON!
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