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12/5/2013 c19 41JerinAnn
Plot twist and I love it. I can't wait to see how Anubis reacts. :D JerinAnn
12/4/2013 c9 JerinAnn
I love how Sadie couldn't control Anubis from lashing out at Bast. Great story. I'm so glad I found this story. -JerinAnn
Omg this is your first fanfic? Its so good and i understand how long you have taken to do this! haha youre so determined:D Continue writing! im a huge fan of yours!:)
2/28/2013 c30 6H.E.Larkin
(Sniff sniff) why is it over (starts bawling) you need to make more stories on stuff like them dating
2/28/2013 c23 H.E.Larkin
There's cows Ina zoo? I thought they where in farms
2/28/2013 c19 H.E.Larkin
Awww don't tell me shes going to end up with Walt anyway!:(:(:(:(:(:(
2/28/2013 c18 H.E.Larkin
It's so fun when you torture Walt like that I really don't like him
2/28/2013 c15 H.E.Larkin
I can't belive you can really post a whole story i mean I have a few ideas but i don't think i could ever make somthing like this, actually even if I could i can get this stupid thing to uplod my story
2/28/2013 c12 H.E.Larkin
I agree with what you would do if you owned TKC
2/28/2013 c11 H.E.Larkin
2/28/2013 c5 H.E.Larkin
do an Anubis chapter pleeeeease!
2/9/2013 c1 Aki
That was quick
1/9/2013 c1 4BlackVeiledParawhoreWithSirens
Hey M, I can't PM 'till 11:01
12/6/2012 c19 Guest
**. now...sadie HAS to make her mind up ...POSSIBLY
12/6/2012 c7 mythomagicgirl13
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