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1/8/2012 c16 2ASparkleOfSapphire
Haha, thanks for the virtual cookies!

Another great chapter that's left me wanton to know (really badly) what's happened to Carter. :)

Do you think if we got every Sanubis fan to email Rick Riordan he would make them together in the books?

Update soon :)
1/7/2012 c16 8xFullmetalSoulx
OMG! Can't wait for your next update! This was definitely amazing. Poor Carter. I wonder what happened to him... Anyway, update ASAP!
1/7/2012 c16 14DreamXToXxxX DieX
Amazing as usual M :)
1/7/2012 c16 6NeverEndingImagination1210
Great chapter. keep writing!
1/4/2012 c15 Nutty.A
Good chapter...update soon please?
1/3/2012 c15 I-LOVE-STORIES1
Oh,,, this is REALLY ahh I CAN'T DESCRIBE BECAUSE IT'S TOO GOOD THERE'S NO word for it :) Hope you can continue.!
1/3/2012 c15 5Idiosia
It was great, as usual ;) I also very much liked the part when Anubis came in the museum... shirtless...

Okay, well anyways I really liked it and I'm really eager to see what happens next!
1/3/2012 c15 4BalletDancer14
Awww! Very good as usual! The romance is headed in the right

direction! What would make it even better is a first-kiss chapter!

PLEASE UPDATE SOON! Oh and by the way, have you ever

written a Green Day fanfic? Partcularly a Billie Joe Armstrong

romance? You should. I can tell from your style of writing that

if you wrote one, it would be very good. You should give it a shot

if you haven't already. Great job! :D
1/3/2012 c15 1Riddle Goddess
can't wait for the next chapter!
1/3/2012 c15 2ASparkleOfSapphire
I really like the story, it's a shame that they aren't together (yet) in the real books but I think they should be. AND I love how they argue, it's so sweet ! Great story keep writing :)
1/3/2012 c15 6NeverEndingImagination1210
Great chapter keep writing!
1/2/2012 c15 14DreamXToXxxX DieX
Love it :)
12/31/2011 c14 4BalletDancer14
Omg this is so good! If u could, can u mabey put in a little more

romance between Sadie and Anubis in future chapters? I'm a

sucker for romantic love stories, if u haven't guessed. :) But

please: MORE ROMANCE! Other than that though, it's very

12/30/2011 c14 5Idiosia
oooohhh, Anubis got jealous. okay, I gotta admit that jealousy thing was something really good to add. And how Anubis took over Sadie because she got carried away while explaining to Carter...

I love their fighting, it's just so amusing. Ha.

Anyways,I loved the chap. and I can't wait for more. Happy(early) New Years!
12/30/2011 c14 8xFullmetalSoulx
You write so well that I feel like this should be in RR's books. Fantastic job! Looking forward to more chapters!
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