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for A Diamond Ring

1/30/2016 c1 14Karree Elaine
Yep. Good stuff. You should let imagination wander even further because you're on the right track.
1/9/2015 c1 6DancingKitKat
Oh, Lord, Peggy's pain is breaking my heart...
9/17/2014 c1 Tanu
F**k, I'm crying now! :'(
4/2/2014 c1 dragonball256
Pure torture, why oh why did i read this, well done made me teary eyed :(
11/12/2012 c1 27Triple Rainbow
Awww... so sad but i love it so much.
5/16/2012 c1 poupeedepapier
ugh this is so good , torturing good even . i want to cry .
5/15/2012 c1 3earth17
This was very sad and very sweet.
5/13/2012 c1 3rochellie98
You have successfully made me cry in front of everyone at a dinner party. Congratulations on your writing a truly excellent 300 something word fanfic that made me blub.
4/29/2012 c1 7kateholliday
Such a short fic, but it had me crying for so long...I love it.
4/12/2012 c1 5Motek
I think I'm gonna cry... but I loved it...
1/15/2012 c1 43JeanieBeanie33
Wow...just really, really tear-inspiring. Great job writing this. The end of the movie made me so sad, and you just really added on to it. Great writing.
12/26/2011 c1 Fallon Skywalker unlogged in
Ohhhhh...just kill me now! XD

Beautifully written, but SO SAD!

Whyyyy? *sniffs*

Great story. ;)

Fallon Skywalker
11/30/2011 c1 25WhiteCrow10
Aww... ='( That's so sad... I love how you captured all of that in just a few simple sentences. I can also see this happening in canon; Steve planning to propose and all... DX It's just so saaaaad! Good job on this though. =)
10/29/2011 c1 GalacticLatinRock
So beautiful!

Honestly that's all I can say about this piece. It captured so much in just a few lines.

Loved it! :)

10/26/2011 c1 5Boredom Queen of Insanity
That so sweet yet so sad!
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