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1/11/2020 c5 Guest
I wish they had a son not a daughter the story would have been better if they had a son
10/17/2013 c5 Guest
this would have been a great reboot to the series
6/4/2013 c5 Sniperbob
Great story, can't wait for the next chapter
5/22/2012 c5 1AnnaWhite83
Just read this story and really enjoyed it so far. Please update again soon - can't wait to hear what happens next.
12/22/2011 c5 13Random-Girl87
finally caught up! :P

this was so cute! I loved the ending and how much info Ryan knew about Summer.

Summer sticking up for Ryan, Sandy and Ryan's talk, Jess Sathers! Did not see that one coming.
12/14/2011 c5 10Mare43
Wow, I am so enjoying this story. You had me worried for awhile, though, with the thought of Summer taking Lani and leaving Ryan. Loved the way you incorporated Ryan's past with his own mother's desertion and blending it in with his present situation with Summer. I really hope Summer stays loyal to "Chino" and is there for him. He's suffering so much.

I feel your writing of Summer is spot on. "If I aim lower, their silicon boobs may explode". I'm lovin' this Summer Roberts-Atwood. And, I love the way she stands up for Ryan.

Please update soon!
11/27/2011 c5 2Boxfin
Really loving this story so far. :)

I'll be looking forward to more chapters=)
11/24/2011 c5 grahad8
So pleased we got to meet Sandy and Seth. You write both characters well.

Pleased to see also that Ryan is getting a bit of a break from all his angst-apart from the memories of course. So sad we did not get more of Luke & Ryan on the show.

Thank you so much for this fic.
11/23/2011 c5 TheChic
I'm finally all caught up with this and I have to say, you've sucked me in to it. I'm intrigued as to what - and who - is coming next.

You totally cracked me up with the "Two Buck Chuck" - First had it when a friend shipped us a case years ago and then again on a trip to Cali - yes it is pretty good for a cheap wine.

I liked the "It's a Wonderful Life" quality this has. Since Ryan never came to live in Newport, Seth never stayed and never hooked up with Summer, and Ryan never served to keep the Cohens together.

Nice job.
11/23/2011 c5 1OCgirl411
awwww i love the chapter:D

i so can't wait to see what happens next:D
11/23/2011 c5 Zain
I loved the chapter! So cute that Summer stood up to those girls and I loved when Ryan talked to Sandy. It was a really sweet moment. And I loved Seth's appearance in this. I was thinking about his and Lani's friendship and was like, "Hey as long as he isn't some werewolf that imprints her, I think we're all fine with this." Haha!

I love that things are turning around for Ryan and Summer. This is a good story. :)
11/23/2011 c5 FgAnE9sK
You know I love this Theresa! Great work & I can't wait to see what happens next!
11/22/2011 c5 3thekiller00
Great chapter. You had me surprised that Summer took Lani and left for a while like that. You had me even more surprised to find out that the Cohen renting the place was Sandy and that he was divorced and everything else that we learned happened to the Cohen family.

I'm looking forward to Summer and Ryan's reactions when they see the surprise that they have planned for each other.
11/20/2011 c4 maryann43
Love this story! But, I hope Ryan will get more relief for his pain soon. He's suffering way too much!
11/13/2011 c4 13Random-Girl87
they cannot lose the spark!

I was going to say i loved the ending but then that happened! :P

i loved the little Coheness buying the house, i'm assuming you were hinting at Seth.

Great chapter! :)
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