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for Jason the Temporary Telepath A side story

7/24/2021 c5 kleannhouse
oh boy, Jason a dad and how many of those 30 are his children. Sookie is gonna be pissed at him and of course them for making a hole in the condom. how many will Sookie have to train to close their minds off. do hope you come back to this. KY
7/24/2021 c2 kleannhouse
enjoying the idiot trying to get it on with telepathy. But my question is , how did Lala and Tara make it back to Merlotte's before him since they left after him? KY
7/17/2020 c5 kleannhouse
this is too funny, daddy Jason... and how many kids KY
9/12/2018 c5 svmtbfan
I laughed so hard that i cried! I just hope that Eric is the next recipient of this gift because he’ll be able to listen to Sookie and vampires and who knows how many killings he will have to arrange. And poor Jason, how much child support will he have to pay or will be the one to collect impregnation fees. Will he want to go back to school to dig himself out of the public opinion people have of him or just get a job at Hooligans. So many questions and so few answers.
6/13/2018 c5 9bashfyl
this is the best Jason story ive read. thanks for sharing.
10/29/2017 c5 Babycutiepie
Oh my god i love this story! When r u going to put up the next chapter? I want to find out what happens to Jason and how will Sookie take the news? Update please!
3/6/2013 c5 grimAna
I hope you write more of this story! it's really good and funny!
3/29/2012 c5 7kleannhouse
love the last few chapters sorry bandwith issues here at work so i did not do individual reviews. Jason a Daddy too funny... will Sookie help him out?... i hope you will continue with this story thanks Kristie
3/28/2012 c2 kleannhouse
ever the cocky Jason, onto the next chapter my best Kristie
3/28/2012 c1 kleannhouse
bravo Sookie that was sweet . Jason your an idiot go into Merlottes and fuck someone, good luck on that one... Kristie
2/11/2012 c5 Beautiful-Liar13
wow I hope there is more of this it is really good
1/7/2012 c5 LissaP
Oh wow, didn't see that coming! I hope the children don't suffer Jason's low IQ. I love that Jason is hearing what people really think of him. I hope he hears what they really think of Sookie as well so that he can truly see her years of torture. What an ass!
1/5/2012 c5 KYSun
This is hilarious. I wonder how many more he has out there that are telepathic.. Can't wait to read more of this, hope he calls Sookie and lets her know what he has found out about all the other women that were using him for his sperm.. LOL Thanks :)
1/5/2012 c4 KYSun
Jason is dumb a a box of rocks..How did he ever make it through school? Fun chapter to read with him being so clueless about everything.. Thanks
1/5/2012 c3 KYSun
I think Jason is getting a wakeup call with hearing everyones thoughts about him. Hopefully he will change the way he treats people after this.. We can only hope.. :)
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