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1/31/2019 c3 Olddantrucker
Christain Broadcast News is as close to the old way of reporting which Fox is 50/50 crapshoot. CBN shows both sides of the issue. I just watched it for the first time in length and was stunned at the way they portrayed things not the usual MSM crap.
1/31/2019 c2 Olddantrucker
CNN? Communist News Network reporting the truth? Couldn't have picked a worst channel! Off air they have admitted to lying to spin things politically.
11/24/2016 c23 3Scabbers1957
I was a little sceptical when I first started reading this story as to whether it would fit into my remembrance of the Left Behind series and found to my pleasure that it does.
I see that it is on hold right now, so I'll add it to my story alerts when you decide to restart it.
Well done by the way.

12/11/2015 c23 USAPanda
Please uploud another chapter soon
10/6/2013 c5 99Dragonball X Avalon
Great story update soon
7/12/2013 c23 unicornlady23
Dear WinterSkyePM,
Thank you so much for writing this story, I love the Left Behin
d series, and I love that you are making a book about it, and that you are making the story your own, that's awesome. I just read the story in 2 days and it was great being able to just keep reading on, but it was sad to come to chapter 23. So enjoy your hiatus, but not to much we need you to come back and get writing, I love long long multi-chapter stories.
Thank you so much for your time.
May Peace and Love be with you always, Unicornlady23.
3/12/2013 c23 1RosePhoenix18274
I love this story so much! Where are you D': this has gotta be the best Left Behind fic I've ever read though 3
10/27/2012 c23 1Myrkin
It's good to see you back, WinterSky. :)


All things you mentioned are pretty awesome, but I can think of something even more awesome:

A dinner party, where you try to learn how to change the rating to M, but are interrupted by acts of blasphemous violent sex performed by spies, demons, assassins, drunken popes and supermodels.


"Because, well… I sort of realized that I really don't like Left Behind"

I think that's justified. :P
7/3/2012 c22 Myrkin
"What did you say to the Antichrist in an elevator. Hey Nicolae, how's it going? Steal any good souls lately?"

That would be almost as awkward as asking a hangman, "How it's hanging?".


"That sounded silly in her head. The God she had almost believed in when she was sixteen wouldn't do such a petty thing. But the God she believed in now? She wasn't sure."

TJ can be quite petty when he wants to. Omni-petty even.


"A/N - Thanks again everyone for reading and Myrkin for the splendiferous review!"

Oh, don't mention it. :) (is acting as modestly as the Antichrist)

I'm not an American but happy 4th of July to you too. :)
6/20/2012 c21 Myrkin
"But she had gotten involved. She couldn't change that fact. She'd given the world its Antichrist."

That's not the phrase one uses everyday. :P

But don't fret about it, Catalina. It's all part of TurboJesus master plan, so you actually did the right thing and even if it was a wrong thing, you didn't know Nicolae was meant to be the Antichrist. Unlike two "heroes" who work for him, thinking that by being passive agressive they are opposing him. CoughRayfordcough. CoughBuckcough. Sorry, I've got a nasty case of cough.
6/8/2012 c20 Myrkin
"...and that means biweekly postings on the 2nd and 16th of each month!"

And there was much rejoicing.

Yay! :)
5/17/2012 c19 Myrkin
"PS – On the plus side, who else is psyched for Fred Clark's analysis of "Nicolae" on Friday?"

I am. ;)


I have the feeling the next chapter will include a flashback.
4/17/2012 c18 Myrkin
This chapter could be called "Everybody Loves Nicolae". :D


"In fact, she had thought Hattie Durham was an obnoxious gold-digging slut"

A slut? Did I miss something from Left Behind books (I admit I only read parts of some of them and I know them more thanks to Slacktivist critique)? I thought she only had one weird relationship with Rayford and romance with Nicolae. Either way, I don't think anybody should insult anybody for having multiple partners over the life-time.


"And Pontifex Maximus demands that you stop ignoring his calls"

It seems it is becoming a running joke, that Nicolae ignores poor Pontifex Maximus. :P
3/16/2012 c17 3TheAnarchist'sSuitCollection
I like it so far! Keep up the good work.

P.S. Loved how you explained the description of Nicolae's eyes in the A.N. very intresting.

3/16/2012 c17 1Myrkin
Great chapter. At last Catalina meets Nicolae and all pleasantry breaks loose. I wonder what that surprise will be? I guess I'll have to wait for the next chapter to find out. :)

And Sandra here seems less of, how to say it... sympathetic character than in chapters with her POV.
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