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2/16/2012 c16 201autumnrose2010
Too bad Ethan wasn't raptured...then Cat would at least see him again after seven years...
2/16/2012 c16 1Myrkin
Yay! A new chapter! :)

So Ethan died at the time of Rapture? Unless he converted really quick to RTC, then we all know when he ended up after death. Poor Ethan.* :(

*And its all because TurboJesus can't apply the brakes.
1/28/2012 c15 Myrkin

It's going to be a long wait, but school and work are important. At least I'll have something good to look forward to every 16th day. :)


"Sure," said the kid. "I know what you mean. Waking up every morning knowing you work for the greatest man who ever walked the earth—it's a good feeling." Catalina got the impression that he wasn't referring to Nicolae.

It's seems that every RTC in these books is a proud student of Obi Wan "From A Certain Point Of View" Kenobi. :P
1/20/2012 c14 Myrkin
Good chapter as always. Keep them coming! :)
1/13/2012 c13 Myrkin
"Nicolae, though, loved the horses, and Catalina, on the weekends that her parents sent her over to Vivian's for the afternoon, would often find him in the stables, brushing the horses or sneaking them bits of carrots behind Viv's back."

Well... If Nicolae likes animals, then he can't be completly evil. :D

Hmm... Earthquake destroys Nicolae's home and farm he used to play in? I have a suspicion that this earthquake was laser-guided by TurboJesus* to spite Nicolae Insert-Any-Mountain-Range-Here*.

*Again, reference to Fred Clark's blog and comments on it. ;)
1/6/2012 c12 Myrkin
Yay! Another chapter! :)


"The name GCoogle had been invented shortly after the GC had taken control of the internet, coined by some higher-up employee who no doubt thought themselves clever."

By Jove! At least when Google takes over something they mostly leave the old name unchanged. Mostly.
12/30/2011 c11 Myrkin
Again, this is a good chapter. With Nicolae written this way one has to wonder: is he pretending to look like a good guy to deceive people or he is generally a good person, but misguided in few things?
12/26/2011 c10 Myrkin
Another good chapter. I can't wait to see the chapter where Catalina meets Nicolae in person. ;)


"Well, maybe I'll call them up," she said, "and ask how they did it."

By playing hard to get when Nicolae wanted to hire them and then resentfully accepting that offer (and then accepting not-so-resentfully all those benefits that came with the job)? By not using any information they got while working for Nicolae?* :P

*Yes, I read Fred Clark's blog on Slacktivist too. ;)
12/19/2011 c9 3TheAnarchist'sSuitCollection
Brilliant! It's better than the original, I know Nicolae (or Nicky as I like to call him) musn't have always been evil. To tell the truth, even when he became the Antichrist I've never found him evil. Anywho, if Nicolae and Catalina end up falling in love I'd be happy! Update soon, I don't understand why this Fic doesn't have more reviews.

P.S. Don't give up on your dream to be the next JK Rowling :)
12/19/2011 c9 1Myrkin
That's been a good story so far. Certainly better than original (alright, that might not be saying a lot...). You're really doing well. :)
12/12/2011 c8 201autumnrose2010
Just FYI Nicolae's mother's name was Marilena, not Adriana...it's in the prequel 'The Rising'.
11/18/2011 c5 autumnrose2010
I love zombie movies too...
11/8/2011 c3 little pink chameleon
Carpathia is such a freak that its almost funny :'D
11/2/2011 c2 little pink chameleon
Nice cliff hanger cant wait til friday :)
10/23/2011 c1 little pink chameleon
I love this! can't wait to
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