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7/22/2017 c1 katie swenson
5/21/2015 c37 Sarah
OMG, I'm so sorry I haven't reviewed this chapter sooner. But, it's another great one. I think the Hortons are the best at in-fighting in all of soap opera. Why can't Jennifer have that much spunk on a regular basis than the brief glimpses we get on the show now with Eve? I'd actually like her a lot more. I also love that Julie was playing referee. So typical...lol. My favorite part (of course) was Victor slipping into the house unnoticed, and then going to snuggle with Maggie, who heard the whole argument while she was supposed to be sleeping. Great stuff...will wait patiently for more. :)
7/19/2013 c36 Sarah
You're back, and with a new chapter! I'm a happy camper right now. I loved how Maggie called Victor "a perfectly good support system." He is, and in so many ways. I also love how Victor really didn't want to go to that book meeting, but Maggie pushed him into it I also love the little nod to General Hospital with ELQ. That was a nice touch. My favorite part though was Maggie's promise to Victor of what could happen if she feels better by the time he returns from his business trip. So cute. I am still really loving this, and hope that your muses don't take another 5-month vacation. Please update with Chapter 37 soon.
7/17/2013 c36 Sarah
OMG! You're back, and with a wonderful update. I have missed this story. I love how Maggie called Victor "a perfectly good support system." He certainly is. ;) I also love how Victor wanted to stay by Maggie's side instead of going to the book meeting, and Maggie was just as determined to get him to it. I also love the line about Brady being a "quarter-Greek." My favorite line was how, upon Victor's return from his meeting, that she would hopefully be ready for "certain events." Sooo cute. I'm so glad to see this story back up at the top of the first page. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your muses don't take a five-month vacation again, and we can see Chapter 37 soon. Take care.
7/17/2013 c36 13BrightlyShines
This is such a great story! Love all of your Days stories more Magic the better!
2/21/2013 c35 Sarah
I'm so happy to see another update. I agree that monogram necklace is a bit overkill, but doing something like this is right up Victor's alley, so it makes perfect sense. You know he's thrilled that Maggie wants to be a Kiriakis. I can understand the Hortons being bothered by Maggie's resistance to seeing them, but Maggie's health comes first. If she feels that the Hortons are responsible for her relapse, then she has every right to take a break from "the great Horton family" and be a newlywed with Victor while she recovers. If the Hortons have a problem with it, then they need to deal with it on their own for a change, and leave Maggie out of it. I'm still really loving this, and can't wait for Chapter 36. Please update soon.
2/18/2013 c35 eternal vampire
Good. To hear from you again. Hope life treats you better. But you know any chapter. From you is worth. The wait. Take care
1/9/2013 c34 Sarah
I loved how you had Maggie thinking she dreamt calling Victor "Mickey", and her horrified reaction that she actually did. I also love how Maggie proved that she knew Victor's full name. ;) I'm happy that Maggie will legally now have the last name of Kirakis. Finally! ;) The Thanksgiving dinner discussion was interesting, because Maggie and Victor are in agreement that Maggie needs space from the Hortons until she's better, but, as they are still her family, she feels loyalty and obligation to them. I agree with Victor on this one, so I'm glad she agreed. I also love that the planning for Paris has continued. Since we never see this discussion on the show, it was a nice "behind the scenes" moment to see the Horton Christmas tree ornament discussion between Julie and Hope. I'm loving this story more and more with each new chapter, so please have Chapter 35 up soon?
1/1/2013 c33 Sarah
I'm really curious to see what Victor's plan for "fun in bed" time is like. ;) I'm also liking that Sarah finally has come around to Victor because she has seen how caring he is with Maggie, and how much he loves and adores her. I'm hoping that Maggie calling Victor "Mickey" in her sleep is a one-time thing. I'm still loving this story, and cannot wait for Chapter 34. Please update soon!
1/1/2013 c32 Sarah
I am still really loving this. I loved how Julie told Hope not to call Maggie Saint Maggie. It's true Maggie has been nothing BUT a saint to the Hortons throughout this whole mess, but now, she's paying for it with a health crisis. She would hate being called that anyway. I also loved that Victor "sacrificed" his office for Maggie's comfort, which takes first priority. What a sweet gesture. I also love how Victor's money made this task get done in 3 days. That's awesome.
1/1/2013 c31 Sarah
OK, I've been behind in reviewing thanks to the holidays, so now I'm playing catch up. It's great to know that Maggie has a base support system in Victor, Julie, Lucas and Sarah, who are all there for her if she needs them. It's also like Maggie to make sure that everyone else is being taken care of, even though she's going through this experience right now and should only focus on herself. Jennifer still being jealous over her cousins' relationships with their mothers, while she still has parent issues rings true, since she is constantly feeling guilty and wanting to reconcile with Maggie, who should stay far far away from Jen until she's on the mend. Victor wanting to cuddle with Maggie is totally cute, and exactly what both of them needed after the day they both had. Great chapter.
1/1/2013 c32 ricca
this story is still great,
12/29/2012 c7 34batie-state-of-mind
Great chapter. Loved Vic's zingers to Dan.
12/29/2012 c4 batie-state-of-mind
This is so fascinating!
12/29/2012 c2 batie-state-of-mind
Wow wild! But I knew it was Daniel. great story
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