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for A Con Called Caterwaul

10/7/2012 c46 13Airachnid-Femme
Uh oh.

Thanks! xD

Please update soon!
10/7/2012 c46 5Incognito Llama
Lol I can't wait!
10/7/2012 c46 TheThingThatSmiles
Haha! I can't wait for the idea!
And um... And.,:: I HATE airachnid!
Well she kills breakdown!
Sorry complete randomness... I go insane when I'm tired...
9/30/2012 c45 Incognito Llama
Homework? It's worse than 'Cons! XD I still need to finish mine... -_-' Awwwwww fluff kinda-sorta-maybe-ish lol
9/29/2012 c45 13Airachnid-Femme
Sorry! I can't make up ny mind! D:

Yay! Update! Miko is so dead. :D
9/29/2012 c45 MEGAFARTISLAME
So. SHE leiks him...
9/29/2012 c45 8Iceshadow911247
Never heard of... -spark attack- YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF RASCAL FLATTS? -dies-

My computer might just be supporting it... Elec! (My laptop's name) YOU SUPPORT IT? -no response- ...-whispers- He supports it...
-gasp- Miko? What the slag are you doing there? Breakdown! Why you bring her to base?
D'aww, Caterwaul's being all defensive about Breakdown... BREAKDOWN! CATERWAUL LOVES YOU- -attacked by Caterwaul- ADJHADJLKASJ HELP MEH! BEFORE I'M EATEN!
9/29/2012 c45 TheThingThatSmiles
Haha! Last part was so cute!
And for spiders... *shudders* how could you stand those...those THINGS!
Ok and for the story... This chappies short :(oh well this chapters amazing! So much fluffz:)

Miko... I hope she gets back to the autobots
9/21/2012 c44 5Incognito Llama
0.0 Oh noes! He's going to get one of the kiddies!

And that reviewer "Buddy" person, while yes everybody is entitled to an opinon, that person when past "critisim" and straight into "rude and dis-respectful"!Not only did they act like that towards you, they acted like that to the people who greatly enjoy this story!

I'm not usually this vocal about others reviews but I didn't want them to make you think that what they said was true or anything because it's not! This story is great, and I love your random and insane chapters! Please don't let that review get you down! XD We all love ya!
9/21/2012 c44 63All-My-Characters-Are-Dead
Poor Caterwaul! No day off!
I wonder whast she's going to do about Megs' latest plan?
great chapter! I love Caterwaul's reaction of hugging Breakdown!
9/20/2012 c44 8Iceshadow911247
Oh, sorry buddy! I didn't know that... my bad. ' Didn't know you didn't like that stuff... Eh heh...


Dang it... I have my Rascal Flatts YouTube playlist playing... and it keeps playing LOVE SONGS when Breakdown and Caterwaul are alone together... Youtube... are you saying you support a coupling of Breakdown/Caterwaul?

Aw, what? No day off? That's just not right.
9/20/2012 c44 TheThingThatSmiles
Oh no! Poor caterwaul! (Did i spell that right)
Anywayyyys: noooooooo! You left me hangin! No fair :( but you WILL update soon! Or i will send my freakishly little spider on you (im freakishly scared of spiders! Especially small ones *shudders*)
Haha and all that other jazz... (New catchfraze!)
Autobot-Mayday ir MD
9/20/2012 c44 13Airachnid-Femme
Ooooooooh sh-nap! Awesome chapter! I looooooov- erm, really like it. (xD)

please update soon! And, of you can, maybe longer chapters? :3
9/17/2012 c43 63All-My-Characters-Are-Dead
Oh, that was fun! XD I almost feel sorry for the other Cons, with Caterwaul being one of the few non-twitchy ones, and her tormenting them so terribly...nah, i don't feel bad for them. Caterwaul was awesome!
I'm glad you liked the song!
9/16/2012 c43 5Incognito Llama
Lol I would love to see that! Breaky laughing is like Prime laughing...or Ratchet..oooor Soundwave..
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