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for My Dear Clone Tsunayoshi

9/17 c1 Guest
A teenage girl about 16 named Isabelle had gone to do voluntary work in a retirement house. She ended up staying longer than planned, and had to walk home alone. She wasn't afraid because it was a small town and she lived only a few blocks away.

As she was walking back home, Isabelle couldn't help seeing the face of one of the retired women, a very nice lady who felt very alone because her children were never visiting her. The innocent girl pondered about making a special party for her because she loved pleasing everyone around her. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't see a stranger who was hiding in the darkness. Suddenly, a man twice bigger than her threw himself onto her and raped her in the middle of the street.

Isabelle was terrified. For a moment, she believed it was the last time she was ever breathing. When the man left at last, she managed to walked back home and threw herself into her mother's arms, in tears and completely terrified. Her parents drove her to the hospital and called the police so they tried to find the rapist.

The day after, Isabelle was visited by her father who asked her why she hadn't prayed before going back home. She was surprised and she asked him if praying could have prevented the rape. He told him that yes, of course: good christians are never raped or attacked. When a woman is raped, it means she's the one to blame because she didn't pray enough. Then Isabelle cried, repented and decided to pray every day so if a rapist ever met her again, he would spare her and rape the following passer-by instead. For the rest of her life, Isabelle prayed every evening and was never raped again, even though rape happened to her girlfriends.

Repost if you truly don't believe in victim-blaming
11/9/2015 c4 Guest
In my opinion, Giotto was kinda an ass towards his clone. I mean, sure it's an abomination by Tabolt, but it's a life too. And life is precious, artificial or not.
I like this story, but i felt so sad when Giotto doesn't even acknowledge Tsuna or even want anything to do with him. Even Daemon showed more kindness to Tsuna than Giotto, and he's suppose to be 'the all accepting sky' the series portrayed him as.
I would like to know what would happen next tho, would Giotto continue being an ass to Tsuna (No offense, i LOVE Giotto as much as the next person, i just don't really like how he treated Tsuna..) or would he take the time to actually know Tsuna.

Rikakoi Himawari 3
11/9/2015 c4 6samchon25
woah, i don't believe you'll updating again..
hop you will update soon again
11/8/2015 c3 Guest
Soon...are Mukurou and Nagi his kids or not? I'm a bit lost
11/8/2015 c3 Guest
Why is this chapter called discovery? Also if Talbot gave them baby supplies then did he expect them to raise him normally, and it was Daemons idea to use the tank?
11/8/2015 c4 Guest
This is interesting,but I am glad to be getting back to the main story, there are enough mysteries there already!
8/5/2015 c3 43Harlett
It's just me who wants to give a strong kick to the ass of those two?
7/30/2015 c3 4animatronic 2.9
Woohoo it reply good
7/30/2015 c3 3annaita816
.its good. update more.
7/19/2015 c2 X4857X
It's sad that there is a good story to read yet you didn't update it for five years know :(
1/21/2014 c2 Shinome Akira
More please!
1/16/2014 c2 MangoPeanutSituation
Wow this is going to be great! Let's just hope Daemon doesn't corrupt the kid too much...
12/6/2013 c2 Guest
Ahaha, I'm really looking forward to Daemon's parenting! Will Elena be in the story?
7/31/2013 c2 2Phoenix Glow
Daemon is taking care of Tsuna? That spells trouble...
9/23/2012 c2 9DarkenedRose24
-snort- who woulda thunk it? Daemon being kind...
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