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for A Frozen Requiem

12/24/2019 c9 2Tosha232
Please continue!
9/8/2018 c5 Kaico
I like the story so far, but I the accent doesn't match Grimmjow, he doesn't talk like that (that's more like Gin), so the spelled out accent is a bit much.
7/24/2017 c9 AngelElmarlienHenning
I love the chapter and the story as a howl the relationships are also good pleases update soon
8/15/2016 c9 1Miyuri Tora
Great chapter! I love how Grimmjow and Miyuki's relationship is developing. And I especially love that she finally got a handle on her Hollow side.
3/2/2016 c8 4SincerelySin
Im in love with this story..I know sometimes updates take a while so I'll wait patiently for each and every chapter 3
1/30/2016 c7 1supermegie12
I really hope you update again :( this is such a great story! I'm following in hopes you start updating again!
11/2/2015 c7 6ivegotpurple
I just recently found this story and wow, you've got a lot of layers going on! I love it, so many mysteries to unfurl! This chapter is maybe my favourite out of them all. I hope you continue with this soon!
10/10/2015 c7 Guest
love this story! hope you update soon! :)
10/10/2015 c1 Serket8
amazing story! please update soon! :)
7/2/2015 c7 Guest
An interesting story but bubble gum head is extremely creepy and I nearly tossed my cookies from his speech. *shutters* I'd rather deal with emo Ulquoirra or insane Grimmjow than that deranged psycopath. *looks around of either, sees the panther guy and hides behind him shaking in absolute fear* Grimmy kitty?
6/25/2015 c6 chaiyo
Damn. I really loved how Miyuki put Loly into place especially after she was making all those rude and disturbing comments to the both of them. I've always hated Loly so it was kinda enjoyable to read in a weird, sick sense. But yknow, Miyuki needs to train, she needs to move outta the way for story progression XD

Hm... New information on Grimmjow's human life. And possibly Miyuki's too? *gasp*

They actually made conversation in this chapter whoooo. The next probably has to do with training and such, so there's def gonna be lots of action dere. On to the next~
6/25/2015 c7 chaiyo
Wow, they trained for a pretty long time. And she freaked out when Grimmjow toucher her side xD Oh Miyuki. I hope she makes progress soon though.

I really loved how you compared fighting to dancing while you were describing Miyuki's thoughts as she watched Ulquiorra. The words you used made it seem so powerful and pretty in a way d: I really really like it.

And then all that crazy shit that happened after Szayel Aporro tho. It was just really "crazy and brutal" like you said xD Now I know why the chapters called what it is. Another interesting comparison ooooh
5/26/2015 c7 mabellesky
Miyuki was shy when Grimmjow touch her , she was naive with a man ieie , and Grimmjow still don't care about the girl's feeling , did he?
3/31/2015 c6 1Miyuri Tora
Love this story... hope that you haven't given up on it!
3/24/2015 c6 3Rio's Desire
I enjoyed this chapter, I know how annoying it can be to rewrite one! Please update soon!
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