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for The feud in Cittá Ville

1/12/2012 c17 1babyflowers
I like it!

I think its funny how she can't say his name.

I loves weddings
1/9/2012 c17 581000GreenSun
Ooh, interesting! This was really great! C:
1/7/2012 c17 43Sorry I Just Did
I like the twist in Ace's character. It's nice to see him brig the one pining over Buttercup and not the other way around.

I love the story and can't want for the next one! :D
1/5/2012 c16 1babyflowers
Oh I love it!^_^

It is so special to have a wedding,even thou she didn't know she was going to have a wedding that day too.XD

I hope the next chpater is lovely and perfect jsut like this one.
1/4/2012 c16 581000GreenSun
Loved it! Super fluffy. What a great end to a great fic! C:

Tee hee, she's not pregnant, is she? ;D
12/22/2011 c15 Heatherfeatherz
omgg this is a great chapter! :D my only regret is that i could read and review earlier:( pleease update soon:)
12/17/2011 c15 1babyflowers
Oohhhhh! I likie this chapter a lot. XDDD

Blossom sounds so strong in this chapter.

Brick sounds resuring for her. :D

Butch and buttercup...awesome is all I can say.

Bubbles great try to get kill by saying something like that, WHILE he is driving.

Boomer is a good man to her.

Update soon plz!XD
12/16/2011 c1 7blossom2day

XDD SO! I decided to check out your story! :)

couldn't hurt to do, right? ;p

and wow, not bad! Interesting Prologue! I'm curious as to what'll happen next! I have read Shakespearan works, and Romeo and Juliet was one of them, but never read the one you're refurring to!

But, hopefully, you won't disapoint me! ;D

I'm counting on you, and can't wait to see your upcoming chapters!

About time I reviewed one of yours stories, eh? lol ^_^
12/11/2011 c14 43Sorry I Just Did
B-B-Blossom? -about to cry-
12/11/2011 c14 1babyflowers
Oh my gosh! O_O

I really really thought you killed her!

I mean as soon as I read Brick yelled No. I started crying for knowing it had to be about blossom.

So sad! and no you aren't them.
12/11/2011 c14 581000GreenSun
Goodness, what a twist! So suspenseful. You simply must update soon! (:
12/8/2011 c13 Heatherfeatherz

Now THIS is something William Shakespeare would be very proud of! this is scuh a beautiful story full of romance and culture. I could only dream of writing something like this. please update soon! only problem i have is i couldnt keep up with all the names and got confused some then again thats just me! im not that educated and well you know what i mean haha
12/4/2011 c12 1000GreenSun
How cuute are the Reds? I love this! Super suspenseful. Update soon! (:

(PS- You are so sweet! Thanks for the shout-out! C: )
11/23/2011 c11 1000GreenSun
This was a little hard to follow because of all the names, but once I got it straight- I loved it! Nice work!

I really love the Reds. They got married, ahh! :D

Is it over, or...?

Anyways, nice job. I really liked it (:
11/7/2011 c9 43Sorry I Just Did
I love Sharon M Draper!

Anyway awesome chapter! Leave it to Buttercup to make things dramatic with a gun. Sigh.
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