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for Argument Gone Wrong

2/25/2019 c1 RadicalErin
This had some potential if it had been continued
9/3/2012 c1 3SignDowny
why don't continue this story? I like this story. It could be cool to see if Ryoga, Akari and Akane suddenly dropped into the Golden Rooster Casino and spots Ranma/Ranko. Then takes her home.
12/21/2011 c1 ArinaSugarBaby
I think I agree with the editor this does not deserve to sit on the back burner as you put it.
10/24/2011 c1 1Raynze76
a unique story, i look forward to future chapters
10/23/2011 c1 ryu238
Actually,anma has lied to Akane several times in the past, just so you know. That said the structure and grammar of the story isn't that good at all, it seem very rushed and very little care was put into it.
10/23/2011 c1 6Bree R
This was ok really but how you got Ranma to this place and with a locked curse soured it greatly. If he had killed her perhaps this reaction would be more plausible...But this awful overreaction. If you had Ranma think that later would still work but you didn't. As such just not so good.
10/23/2011 c1 1Ranma-sama
I definitely enjoyed this new story that you have going. Looking forward to seeing how Akane and Ranko interact once they meet again.
10/23/2011 c1 3tuatara
Holy cow, you posted it at last! Amazing! ^_^ You know I dug this one from the start, so I'm quite glad to see that you're sharing it with everyone. It's great to see this and Apocalypse finally get out there.

I hope you're having a great birthday, my friend. Be well!
10/23/2011 c1 1InknKey
I'm likin' it. HAppy Birthday.
10/23/2011 c1 16eddog2323
I was waiting for a story like this. Myself was trying to come up with one. But I could not even think on how to start it. Keep it up
10/23/2011 c1 8Chaos's Child
Happy Birthday Zelly

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