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11/18/2012 c11 7BloodInTheNile
I loved this :'DDD I could definitley have seen this happening for season 5-6. Amazing job!

ps. Castiel's last line in the epilogue was perfect :'DD
3/12/2012 c1 Mythical Element
Ya know what, I thank you for not making Michael's character like the douchebag he was on the show and actually giving him some kinda character. (I'm sorry but I thought Michael's being on the show was just...flat, compared to the other angels/archangels that came into play. Which was a shame.) I definitely thought the whole concept of Michael's ritual to send the Leviathans right back was brillantly written. And the whole bit of Michael actually coming back in the first place was exciting to read. 'Cause while I was reading, I wondered how you were going to express Michael and ya didn't dissappoint. His interactions with the brothers and Bobby were funny yet he got the job done (in the angelic sorta way).

Also I liked how Anna, Balthazar, and Gabriel (candy wrappers galore, hahaha, at least I assume those were left by him) made their appearances. Well played, my fellow writer. Can't forget about poor ol' Castiel though. Castiel making his amends was heart-wrenching and in time, all's forgiven. It's all in the family, man.

Though the dialogue between Sam and Castiel at the end of this story had me cracking up. It was a perfect way to end the tale, in my opinion.

If there's any more short stories to come, I'll be looking out.

'til next time.

- M.E.
1/18/2012 c11 ccase13
They would be fortunate to be able to visit with Castiel in their dreams and both of them would be greatly helped by a dream guardian.
1/18/2012 c11 45SummerMistedDragon
1/18/2012 c11 9primadonna cat
Lovely , peaceful ending! I enjoyed the story.
1/17/2012 c11 29CeCe Away
Nice epilogue.
1/17/2012 c11 sylia91
I loved the ending with the brothers and Cas reconciling. The last line was wonderful as Field of Dreams was one of my favorite movies.
12/29/2011 c10 45SummerMistedDragon
I loved this story!

Just one thought...how does Sam find Cas is still alive? Great job!
12/29/2011 c10 ccase13
I'm glad Michael forgave Castiel and Balthazar. I think Zachariah's punishment duty is hilarious. The boys are ok and Castiel will guard their dreams even if he is restricted to heaven.
12/29/2011 c10 29CeCe Away
Nice conclusion with all made right in the Winchester world. For once.
12/29/2011 c10 600K Hanna Korossy
I love your exercise in wishful thinking! The premise of it was inspired, but I love where you took it, too, and you made some brilliant points. In this chapter alone, Zach's fate and the notion that a scarred host is not fit for soul as well as angel, were so clever. It's been a pleasure to read, thank you.
12/28/2011 c10 4Cyberbutterfly
Bravo, Bravo... (gives standing ovation)

Okay... I REALLY enjoyed this story. I was enthralled with your interpretation of Michael, and how he went about solving the Leviathan problem was both clever and canon to the world.

About the only complaint I have is that it was short- and now it's over... Which is less like a complaint and more like an order for you to write more :D

This was an excellent story- and I'm looking forward to future stories.
12/28/2011 c10 5Panther Moon
Awe... I LOVE this ending. I almost wish this was how the season really went, but then I wouldn't be able to read it as a fan fiction. As always, amazing work, and I can't wait to read more of your stories.
12/28/2011 c10 sylia91
Awesome fic! I LOVE the ending. You were right on the money with Balthazar's snark. Urbane and slightly contemptuous but ultimately helpful to the brothers. Zachariah's punishment was poetic and the reunion of Cas and Dean was epic, even with Michael playing coy for a while there. The thought of Cas protecting the boys' dreams was lovely. Thank you for the excellent fic!
12/28/2011 c10 grea8read
First, aw, what a good hubby, not even teasing, that is true love and support. What a wonderful AN for this Christmas season.

This was a great ending. I liked the whole story and yeah! Bobby didn't die.

Good job and thank you for sharing your time and talent.

Happy New Year!
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