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5/16 c34 Guest
this man below me speaks the truth
5/15 c34 GodoftheAntichamber
I'll say it again because the feeling has only gotten stronger, but I can't stop myself from believing that your story has jumped the shark at this point. It feels like I'm reading two conflicting stories running parallel and ruining the tones of each other, one being this compelling, character driven story of self improvement and discovery, and the other this action packed B-movie tier shlock revolving around apocalyptic scale beasties just for the sake of it, as if to remind us readers that no matter what our characters do, none of it matters since there are these things that will get pissy and delete them if one of these beasties feels they are improving and discovering in a way they dislike. I feel that if you removed these scenes featuring the legendaries like Phaedra and Skailyn, as well as beings like Azreal, and any others you planned to feature in the future and put them in their own separate story, not only will nothing be lost here, but the story would arguably be improved.

I hate feeling like I have to leave this review here, since I had happily followed this story up to this arc and the last, as well as the prequel story to this one, and enjoyed reading every bit of it, and I can't help but think you've decided that you're bored of writing Ash and his friends, and would be much happier writing a new tale featuring only your OCs, either as a fanfiction or in a completely original setting of your own creation. In either case, I don't put these words to paper to discourage you from writing further, far from it. I just want you to consider if this is really the direction you want to take this story that had seemed so much more relatively restrained and down-to-earth until now.
5/13 c34 1Random Odd Guy
I would like to make a larger review for the last series, as I read it in the span of a few weeks, as well as this one up 'till the latest chapter. Apologies for the inconvenience beforehand. I'd rather have you read the whole thing on one go rather than have to skim through different reviews all at once, moreso when I can shorten it for your convenience and sanity. Let's get this show on the road!

First and foremost, splendid work with the idea, concept and bringing it to life; not only did you have a great idea, but you also succeeded in turning it into something more than mere thought-patterns and what-ifs in your mind. I myself struggle mightily with the latter stage, struggling with basic fictional writing even today... specifically, on how to make the characters have personalities and different speech-patterns. I admire you immensely over this topic alone. The rest is just mind-blowing. The characters themselves appear to have an aura of sorts etched into the way they speak to the point I barely need to check who's saying what (main cast, obviously). Kudos to you, sir.

Second, the way the characters interact and the way Pokémon characters have personalities and interactions feels natural, in accordance with the anime and simply beautiful. From Latias's crush on Ash to Phanpy and Larvitar calling Ash 'daddy', it all makes it just so heartwarming. I find Latios and Pikachu's interactions especially good, as they usually make me chuckle and/or laugh. They are both deliciously snarky, too, which is a great bonus. Looking forward to see how Treecko and a more grown and developed Larvitar will fit into the dynamic. Even if they do not, as I deem Pikachu and Latios best Pokémon friends, I still think it will remain as entertaining as it was until now, if not more; more chapters and troublesome situations means more ammunition to fire at one another.

Third, the plot. I feel like the plot is growing alongside the characters, power aside. They are growing as characters and that makes the next moment a surprise, fresh, even if some people might be able to predict what's going to happen (can't say I can myself; I am dumber than a sack of rocks). This is the mark of a great writer and it makes me feel like I haven't been playing the games for ages or watching the anime since I was a child. I can't wait to see the next reveal. Legendaries having offspring was a welcome surprise and a great means of explaining why there seem to be different individuals of the same species of Legendary. The i terbreeding and the resulting physical and ability differences was the icing on the cake.

Once again, congratulations for making this the way it turned out and good luck with future chapters! I'll be looking forward to see where the plot leads the characters in the following chapters.

[On a more indormal note: Man, does it feel good to have found a good fanfiction that is not yet finished. The anticipation is always thrilling! Good luck, my man.]
5/9 c34 Guest
So this will be a review of both 33 and 34, I’ll try to keep this short (but will almost certainly fail). While the battle between the two titanic legendary Pokémon (featuring special guest appearances from BEEG BEEG Gengar, and his friends, may they rest in pieces) was indeed a spectacle, the true meat of these chapters was the more subdued interaction between Azreal and the Lati twins.

This is because these most recent two chapters presented the final pieces of evidence regarding the identity of the mother. My first piece of evidence is within the thoughts of Big Bad contender #4 (since his existence as an antagonist was shown after we knew of TR, TA, and TM), in which he laments the destruction of his one great kingdom saying:

“‘Their power feels just like their mother's…' He shuddered at the upsetting similarities. 'I still remember it vividly. The day Pokélantis and everything I built ceased to exist, all on the whim of an arrogant god.'”

This gives us quite a bit of info that we can analyze. First off, we know that there is a connection between the mother and Azreal (not surprising considering the massive amount of build up that we have gotten over the last 20 chapters). Second this line of text is the confirmation that we finally have regarding Azrealking of Pokelantis. While we have had hints littered throughout the story that links him to Pokelantis, this is the confirmation that the spirit that we have observed throughout the text is indeed the fabled monarch of the doomed kingdom.

This brings me to my next point where Annie and Oakley learn about the kingdom of Pokelantis from one of the TR scientists (don’t remember if it was Sebastian or Nebby), we learn a brief history lesson that connects the kingdom of Pokelantis with the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh. This would explain the similarities between the DMA and the magic that Azreal uses, as he likely plagiarized Ho-Oh’s craft and she didn’t see his actions as flattery, decided to reward his actions with a kingdomwide barbecue.

Speaking of cooked meat, the next observation that I noticed was the manifestation of Latias’s new abilities. The fire that she has used is a clear contrast the the psychic powers that she and her brother exercised in both Alto Mare and Rustboro. Perhaps her rage is the catalyst that set off this explosion of energy, as that was not present the last two times that she was pushed to her limit. More importantly it is clear that this power is related to her mother, as psychic energy is something that is observed in every member of the Lati species. This narrows down the identity to two figures: Reshiram and Ho-Oh, and while Reshiram is certainly a possibility that cannot be ignored, we don’t have enough information regarding the Yang themed wyvern to make an inference. Of course this newfound power comes at a disastrous price, annihilating Ash to the point that there weren’t even ashes left. This is most certainly going to cause some awkward conversation with the twins, as both of them have taken a life, and even though it was accidental in Latias’s case the fact that he was the one killed will certainly be a bit difficult for both of them. Giovanni may never learn the lesson that the best way to eliminate Ash would be to actually care about his well being.

Overall good chapters, definitely looking forward to the rest of the fallout that will certainly ensue in the upcoming chapters.
5/7 c34 TheFinalDragon
I would like to start this review by saying that I really enjoyed your descriptions of the battle scenes throughout this whole arc. You did a very good job of demonstrating the sheer power and invincibility of the deities in your world. The fact that a 2nd generation legendary like Phaedra can so casually unleash such terrible devastation upon the world really does hammer home the idea that there really is no viable way to ever defeat these entities, or at least not without some MAJOR cosmic mojo on your side.

The way that you’ve written the legendaries so far is very interesting because I honestly can’t really decide on how I feel about them. On the surface, they do appear to have a sense of honor and justice in regards to their interactions with others. Skailyn especially appears to be surprisingly empathetic, a lot more than you’d expect a giant reaper dragon to be.

But at the same time, it’s unsettling how much destruction they seem to leave in their wake whenever something pisses them off. You have put in some subtle hints throughout your story that suggest the legendaries wouldn’t hesitate to destroy innocent lives if it means their goals are accomplished, like when the father latios flooded the landscape in order to kill Azrael even though there were a lot of people who were probably killed in the resulting flood.

I’m not saying that I necessarily blame the legends for doing the things they’ve done, Azrael is a monster who has probably killed a lot of innocents himself and needs to be stopped by any means necessary. Latios did what he had to do in order to protect his children, something that any decent father would do. The real problem is the fact that these are living GODS we are dealing with, who are so unfathomably powerful that there is simply no way for them to ever be held to account for any questionable actions they might take.

I am very curious as to the history between the legendaries and Pokelantis, I admit I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get more of Azrael’s thoughts and motives here, but I assume that these topics will eventually get covered at a later point. The whole idea of these living deities having so much power and authority while also having few limitations on what they are allowed to do could certainly lead to some pretty dark and interesting conflicts in the future.

I gotta say, I really felt sorry for Skailyn during this whole debacle. The poor girl gets turned into a mutilated, mind-controlled husk in the very first fight we see her in. Granted, it took the power of a fragment of Arceus himself in order to do her in, but it was extremely painful and humiliating. Still, despite everything she managed to survive and was still far more concerned for the twins’ wellbeing than her own. I wonder how she’ll mentally cope with the whole experience once she has time to herself, not to mention the disturbing implications of the fact that Arceus’s plates can be used to mind control legendaries.

The brief interaction between Bianca and Skai was also pretty cool, showing both Bianca’s courageous devotion to her friends and Skailyn’s more gentle and caring aspects. The fact that she showed genuine care and concern for Ash’s soul in addition to the twins definitely heightened my opinion of her overall character.

Poor Latias! You just HAD to make the adorable genki girl accidentally kill the boy she loves while trying to save him from an evil spirit didn’t you! Things are going to get really ugly when she regains consciousness and learns what she did. Why does everyone always have to break the cutie?! (actual trope by the way)

Anyways, I really enjoyed reading this arc and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next when they finally arrive at Sky Pillar. Something tells me it’s going to be a wild and emotional ride for everyone involved.
5/3 c34 talesfanjmf
Nice to see that this is over.
5/3 c34 Hestia is Bestia
Damn what happened to ash
5/3 c34 Space magikarp
Yooooo! Chapter 34 is here! Oh man, I can’t wait to find out if Ash is ok or dead. I’m sure he’s fine though, because, well, he’s Ash, the completely indestructible and unkillable kid. He also has the power of the protagonist on his side, so he should be fine (I hope).

Ok, there is absolutely no way any coastal city, town, forest or anything else is going to be left after that fight, because there are going to be some BIG tsunamis coming to destroy everything.

Yeah, I feel you Gengar, (totally didn’t confuse him with Ozul these last couple of chapters, nope, not at all) Phaedra is terrifying, and yeah, I sure wasn’t expecting a hurricane to be thrown around either. Also, good luck Gengar, I hope in the next 3 or so seconds of your existence you can make peace with yourself, lol.

Oh dang, the sand is being turned to glass. Ok, I’m starting to get a little worried for Ash’s safety, but hey, he’s the main character, you wouldn’t kill off the main character! Right? Also, I hope that the gang is alright, especially Onix, because that is a LOT of fire coming straight for him.

Haha, oh Gengar, you’re screwed now! May the universe NOT have mercy on your soul! Man, too bad his last seconds of existence weren’t of pure agony though, but Skailyn does have to go help Ash and the gang so she didn’t have the time to do that sadly. Oh, and Skailyn, Phaedra, why are you taking the time to talk to each other!? Ash is LITERALLY becoming ash!

Hold the fuck up, the Jade Orb has the SKY PLATE IN IT!? Oh fuck, this just blew my mind. How in the hell could Azrael get a hold of a piece of GOD. Like, how? The only way I could see you getting ahold of one of Arceus’ plates is if he gave it to the humans, (like in the terrible movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life) but I HIGHLY doubt that’s the case. But then, there’s the other orbs, and I’d assume that they also have a plate in them, so, it kinda makes sense, but it also doesn’t. Man, I’m soooo confused right now.

Oh man, good to see the twins are alright, but what about Ash? Oh, believe me Pikachu, you SHOULD be scared. Wait, “poor little soul”, Arcy, you didn’t just kill off the main character, did you?

Bianca you idiot, do you have a death wish!? Skailyn can kill you instantly and with literally zero effort!

Oh fuck, Ash is dead. And it was Latias’ fire that killed him, oh man. Well, um, the next couple of chapters are going to be, eventful.

That’s all I have to say for this chapter. As always, I enjoyed reading it. It was a great chapter.
5/3 c34 UltimateCCC
What was that thingy really after Ash for?
5/3 c34 Force Smuggler
Nothing is simple with Ash
5/3 c34 CrimsontheBloodyDemonKing
Finally Rayquaza is free from being controlled
5/3 c34 5ShadowLDrago
Ominous title.

"A red glare appeared through the boundless veils of white, so deep, and so powerful it felt as if the entirety of the world bore down on him through its scornful visage." I'm picturing Genos looking at a giant Saitama fist with the Death Kanji.

"Phaedra passed through the area the ghost-type had been only an instant later, a draconic veil of emerald energy blazing around her with such intensity it lit up the environment in a gallant green hue as it violently ripped through the jets of steam." Dragon Rush?

It's telling of the scales at play here. To Ash's team, a giant Mega Gengar would be a "final boss", but to Phae, he's just an annoyance she just needs to land ONE good hit on.

See? Also, supersonic Origin Pulse. YIKES.

Ah, so now Phae knows how that orb works.

Skai is probably not feeling great that she got mind controlled, and is gonna need time to physically and mentally heal.

Interesting, so Pidgeot can go Mega on her own by "brute forcing" the transformation, but without Ash's consciousness to support hers and share the burden, she can't handle the influx of raw power.

Skailyn used Hakai.

The Sky Plate? Huh. Wonder how Azrael got his hands on THAT. And, if Arceus hasn't just removed it, either he's not completely all powerful/all knowing, or he knows Things.

It's telling of how much Pikachu loves Ash that he's willing to potentially fight Skai, even though he's exhausted, he has no idea who/what she is, only that she is very, VERY big.

Props to Bianca for having the guts to get between Skai and the twins. That's some bravery right there.

The amount of control over her own strength that Skai must have to be able to push Bianca aside without hurting her, given that even an elephant brushing a person aside could knock them down and leave them pretty damn winded, goddamn.

Where IS Ash? Has he been turned to ash?

I don't think you're using kindred right.
5/3 c34 Gunert
Man, can I just say that compared to the last chapter (and despite the fire and stuff), this feels pretty calm?

That being said, Pidgeot's moment was very nice to see, I imagine it takes an immense amount of fortitude to every try and do what she did, and I love what you're doing with her character as the story progresses. Also, considering Ash's status is up in the air, I can only imagine Latias's grief if she killed ALL of her friends. So I'm certainly glad that didn't happen.

Speaking of Ash, I'm really curious which direction you're going there, but regardless of if he's dead or not, I'm hoping the fact that he's still around in some form means we're going to start seeing an expansion on his and Latios's bond.

Phae made short work of cleaning up the Gengar's mess, I wonder if he's going to see any sort of retribution in the afterlife?

Finally, I really like Skai's tender side here. She's been really rough and gruff as a character up till now, and it's nice to see that she's got more to her character. She's also clearly got a deep connection with the twins, so I'm excited to see where that's going as well.

And of course, I'm hyped to see Phae's first interactions with the cast. I know it was for a single paragraph, but I can't wait to see more!
5/3 c34 1ColsonOtis
Wow Arcy, amazing chapter and yet another cliffhanger!
You are doing an amazing job!
Keep up the amazing work!
5/3 c34 1Rowlets and Oshawotts
welp pidgeot is a badass and we have new lore and our heroes interacted with the Menaces Skai and Phae very good and we got the absolute folding of everything but Azrael Skai got that covered in the near Future and where is Ash excited for Skai pillar
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