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6/4 c2 1Author-san 9001
And we’re back for Chapter 2 of ANCFA. This chapter focuses on the introduction of May and how she eventually joins our main gang. The chapter feels very similar to how she was introduced in the anime, the main caveat being the addition of Latios and Latias and the removal of Max. A soul for a soul, I guess. However, I haven't watched the anime in a long time; my memory of it may be spotty.

This chapter was fine. It had the usual amount of fluff, but it did everything it had to do just fine.

TR in this chapter was inconsequential (no surprise there), but I have to wonder why they came prepared with shockproof nets when their target was Latios. You would think they would prepare themselves accordingly, but I guess they’re one-trick ponies. May’s bike almost becoming a victim of collateral damage did get a chuckle out of me, though.

Also, I’m just saying: Latias would make a great therapist.

But yeah. In ten words or less: Kinda like the anime, but Latios and Latias replaced Max.

That is all for now. Peace!
6/3 c1 Author-san 9001
And after a long wait, I am back and ready to tackle ANCFA! Let’s get right into it with Chapter 1.

The first scene opens with a re-introduction of our characters. And they are just chilling. It drags on for a little bit, but it’s fine.

The second scene is uh… it makes me want to bring up a few questions. Mainly, why are we focusing on food for this long? I can only guess it’s for comedy’s sake, but I didn’t find it funny, to be honest. Putting it bluntly, this whole scene feels rather pointless to me. It’s nice to see Pidgeot, though. Team Rocket’s (TR for short) presence also sets up an inevitable filler conflict, which I will address later.

The third scene gives some substantial build-up to the group’s arrival in Hoenn. And Latios gets roasted for not being an artist. I quite enjoyed it.

Scenes 4 and 5 handle the filler plot of this chapter with TR kidnapping Pikachu and having their plan inevitably foiled. There’s some comedy inter-spliced throughout, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. Something I found interesting was that the battle against TR showed some potential for an arc revolving around Latias’ relationship with battling, although TR is so non-threatening that if they’re the only thing she’s confronting, she won’t really change her stance about battling. Allow me a prediction: Some future grand threats, like Team Aqua or Team Magma, will make Latias’ stance on battling evolve, where she will gain the conviction to train and fight to protect her friends. Or something like that. She already seems to be this way (only fighting to protect her friends) but there’s nothing pressuring her into intensive training like Latios.

Also, TR hiding in the food storage and eating? Why did we bring it back to food? I thought we were done with that already. Unless… Arcy, I need you to be honest with me. Do you have a food f—oh, sorry, my phone’s ringing.

Yes? … What’s that? Played for laughs? … What’s written in the author’s story isn’t a direct indicator of this one’s beliefs? … Ah. I see.

Alright, Arcy. You can disregard my previous statement.

The birthday surprise was nice and wholesome, although I felt it would’ve been better if the audience was kept in the dark as well. That way, we could’ve been just as surprised as Ash.

A good introduction. But there’s too much padding. That’s how I’d summarize this chapter in 10 words or less. Since you’re aware of the bloat of these early chapters, I will forgo mentioning it in these “10 words or less” summaries.

That is all for now. Peace!
5/13 c41 lordcromwell
I like the story and feel you are a talented author but I'm curious about the darker turn this story took. It makes it a little difficult to enjoy reading
4/9 c41 pphotography.2015
is ash gonna catch more legendary Pokémon in this story trilogy?
4/7 c41 3Syrup-Waffle
Hiya Arcy! Sorry for the hold-up! When I’m reviewing a chapter of ANC, I need to be in the right mindset and also have the time to read it thoroughly! Now then, the long awaited chapter fourty-one is here! That one chapter you dreaded and spent hours of staring at your screen blankly wondering how you should word it! XD Let’s see if you succeeded or not! :3

(…) Brock suggested with the wave of an arm.

This part reads a little awkwardly. I know what you’re trying to say here, but “the wave of an arm” doesn’t really work. “With a wave of his arm” would work better, I’d say.

Can I just comment how natural you are at writing dialogue within a very large group of people? This opening segment has Ash, Brock, Bianca, Pikachu, Kaidra and Ozul talking about Sky Pillar’s hierarchy and it reads buttery smooth. You give everyone dialogue without making it sound forced, which is incredibly skilful on your part! Massive props!

By the way, I love the dry humor between Kaidra and Brock. Her not knowing what a Pokémon breeder is and immediately thinking Brock therefore has sex with Pokémon as a profession got a hearty laugh out of me!

(…) only confused further by their reactions.

Another part that reads a bit awkwardly here. I’d personally try to change it into “only getting more confused by their reactions.”

I see you modelled Dreepy’s personality after early ANCAL Latias here. XD Two modes: excited or childishly disappointed.

Kaidra is so much fun! I’m glad she gets to hang around Brock! They have a very matching personality together!

Going with Ozul doesn’t sound like a very good idea, but he’s apparently skilled at deceiving everyone on Sky Pillar, including Skai, Ray, Phae and Ho-oh.

(…) wings firm and outstretched (…)

You mean to tell me the Latis’ wings are not always firm and outstretched with this part of the sentence then? I’ve never seen their wings not firm or outstretched.

Oooh, a herd of Aurorus in the background! That must be a stunning sight to see!


Latias saying this sounds more like something you would say. Nitpick, but I’m writing down all of my thoughts as I move along. :3

Latios and Latias flying through the different landscapes was beautifully written down. I really immersed myself in that part! Very well done!

“Latias smiled sadly at him, flew to his side, and gently placed a claw supportively on his neck.”

This is a trap I fall into a lot as well, but that’s one too many adverbs in a single sentence. It could work better if you wrote: “she gently and supportively placed a claw on his neck.”

“And on that branch was Ho-oh.”

Gotcha! Passive writing! :P In all seriousness, you’re very good at writing actively! I am pretty sure this is the first passive sentence I encountered so far!

I have to admit, Latios burying himself inside Ho-oh’s plumage like a small chick and muffling thank yous to her while making his head pop-out gives the most adorable vibes ever!

I see you treaded very lightly when opening up Ho-oh’s conversation with the twins. I think you did very well in that regard! Some dialogue from Latias in particular feels a bit out of character for her to say when discussing with Latios if they should go ahead and get their answers. But it’s nothing major!

I love how you described how excited Daddy Latios is when meeting the twins. That made me feel all fuzzy inside. Especially how you followed up with it and made him all teary-eyed and choke up. Really wholesome scene! 3

I love the small distinction you made where Latios calls his father… well, father! While Latias goes for the more cuter dad. It’s subtle, but fits their character beautifully!

You can’t make Daddy Latios call Latias her “baby girl” that’s cheating! I’m tearing up! ;w; Fun fact not entirely unrelated to this scene. One of my favorite games ever is The Last Of Us, recently turned into a TV Series. It’s a post apocalyptic world similar to The Walking Dead bu what makes it so endearing is the relationship between Joel, the protagonist and Elly, whom he slowly sees as his own daughter he lost. It’s powerful and this scene reminded me of it! Good job in making me tear up! XD

Yes! You didn’t write the single tear rolling down one eye with Latios! Full on tears as he realises his father is alive and well! Nicely done!

Man, this is so wholesome and adorable! I’m reading this with a fucking handkerchief. You know how much of a sucker I am for sappy things, including long life reunions of a parent with their children. It really evokes a fuzzy, tear jerking reaction out of me. ;w;

Dun dun duuuun! And there it is, Ho-oh revealing that she’s the twins’ mother! I can definitely see why you struggled with this chapter. The reunion with Daddy Latios and the million questions the twins have really doesn’t make it easy, nor the fact this chapter hasn’t even answered any of those questions yet! But, I have to say, you wrote all of this very well and beautifully! You have my respect for tackling such a heavy, emotional chapter so splendidly! It definitely isn’t easy, but you did it in a way that made all sorts of emotions rise up in me!

This was definitely worth the wait! Thank you so much for writing such an amazing chapter and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors until you’re ready to update this story once more!

3/23 c41 Megatyrant
Hmm, interesting. Well, I never expected for Ho-Oh to actually be their mother, and yet, in regards to another thought I had concerning something else, it makes sense.
See, when Latias accidentally killed Ash, I wondered about what this fire-based power inside her could be. And one of the things that popped into my mind was Sacred Fire, which then begged the questions of "how" and "why"...

Well, I believe I have my answer.

That said, I don't think it's gonna be pretty when Latias learns the truth... and yes, I said "when". Not "if". You can run as long as you like, but you can't hide forever. The truth will come out eventually.
It is... inevitable.
3/18 c41 3Sylvie1602
best plot twist of all time
3/16 c41 4Soldier of the Dragons
I did not see that one coming. I had been wondering why though they always directed their attention to their father and not their mother. like, why didn't they ask or anyone else ask where their mother was
3/14 c41 8RedDragonX
Welp, took me awhile to catch up on everything - but got there eventually. Can't say I'm fully surprised by the mother reveal, it really came down to Ho-Oh and Reshiram in my mind - and with the amount of interactions and influence Ho-Oh has had on the story so far it made the most sense. Sometimes the most obvious option before you is the answer to a big mystery. Now, the depths that her relationship with Azrael descends to will likely be paired with a lot of the questions that still remain - so will be interesting to see just why she had to remain so "detached" from the family situation in some regard.

I love in-depth stories, and this really isn't an exception - but boy oh boy is it gonna have a lot of ground to cover in the coming years. After all the events that have already befallen the group - really kind of hard to picture them just going right back out there to win the ... Third? Hoenn badge hah .. I am most looking forward to the eventual day that Steven and Ash face each other once more, should be a hell of a battle. Could make a much longer in depth review as this pretty much serves as something for the bulk of the entire story - but I'll leave it at that for now. I will say from the bottom of my heart though: thank you for giving Pidgeot the role she so justly deserves. Looking forward to more in the future.
3/9 c41 UltimateCCC
Are you kidding me right now?!
3/8 c41 tepigoverlord498
I kinda figured this when Latias combusted as she did when Azrael attacked them
3/8 c41 5ShadowLDrago
"Come on, buddy. We're not that bad." You kinda are.

"Well, in that case, we can go anywhere we want, right?" More or less. Just, exercise common sense.

"Well, it's not like humans are forbidden there, but it's best not to stress out mothers and babies by introducing something as foreign as humans into what they know is a safe area." That's, probably for the best.

"Breaking any of those rules is usually a very quick way to end up in front of a very disappointed Savannah." ArcySavannahJudge?

"They're not mandatory, but anyone who wants something to do to pass the time can pick up a role suited for them and learn from elders or those skilled in it." Huh. Neat!

"Huh… So, you breed with Pokémon?" Not with THIS age rating.

"…So, you're a caretaker." Sure, let's go with that.

"Well, I doubt we've got coverage in an interdimensional continent." I mean, not a whole lot of people DO.

"Yeah, I think—" He screamed as a beautiful portal of swirling violet energy abruptly opened around him. Honestly? I would scream too.

It's safe for living beings, if for a short time. Just enough for a swift teleport," I'm morbidly curious as to what'd happen if they were in it for a longer period of time.

"I think Ho-Oh told us about those when we were little. I don't remember their name, but she said they don't exist outside of Sky Pillar anymore." Aurorus.

"I remember when you were young and growled at everything that got into the Secret Garden because it was your territory. And there's that time Kyogre—" Baby Latios growling at Kyogre sounds adorable.

leaving a potent thunder and blast of wind in his wake. Thunder is just the sound that accompanies lightning. A thunderous noise though, I believe.

"As your lifelong guardian and caretaker, as the one who looked after you two ever since you hatched and came to this world, yes. I'm the one you seek for answers." Yeah, but are you going to GIVE them answers?

"Not even difficult conversations. I'm ready." Your funeral.

He was their father. Coulda sworn he was dead. Then again, he may have just been MOSTLY dead.

"I… I never… see… I—you… again," ... This is unfair and you're a bastard for it.

"It's okay, my children. We're together at last," For however long it lasts.

"Yes, we can. I promise to never go away again. Not ever." I don't believe you for an instant.

"But first I have to work my way to that answer so you understand the context that comes along with it." I get the feeling your candor is the only thing stopping the Twins from exploding at you.

"I… I'm okay with that, yeah. I'd love for everything to make sense at last." That WOULD be nice, yes.

"I am your mother." Yeah, that makes sense. Also the only thing running through my head is the parental reveal from Empire Strikes Back.
3/8 c41 Altoshipper
Interesting chapter as always, looking forward to the conversation the reason as to why it took more time to revive father Latinos than ash, is more than just the fact that Ash is a mortal human, while Latios is a god a legendary Pokemon and dye to that is more complicated to revive him.
Ho-ho Is the mother interesting, are we going to get ho-ho comment on the day ash saw her?
In the explanation will il be included and clarified the relationship between the eon duo and the Beast, are they siblings? Step siblings? Uncle/aunt?
3/8 c41 ShadowBloodedge9396
Dun dun duuuunnnnnn…I feel dumb now, I can’t remember if I even guessed Ho-oh was their mother, pretty sure I singled out Reshiram alone cus dragons, XD.
Next chapter is gonna be interesting then with full explanations…no wonder the two felt so close to Ho-oh in particular, and the way she treated them…it was so obvious…heh, wonder how she feels about her daughter crushing on a human…the human Ho-oh herself favors but still….and now my mind drifts to if Latios(the father) has a…fatherly talk with Ash down the line. Ya know, the stereotypical one a father gives to the guy dating the father’s daughter, :P

Crazy Altoshipping idea aside, all in all, this was a great chapter. Laughed at the first half especially with the misunderstanding caused by the Sky Pillar Pokémon not understanding Brock’s chosen dream job at first. And you’ve done something right for an emotional scene when I cry while reading or watching it…referring to the twins meeting their father of course.
And as usual, I very much look forward to the next one!
3/8 c41 1SilverWolf1130
Wow… just wow…

First off, I really like the dynamic between Brock and Kaidra. That “So you breed with Pokémon” part was great. Poor Ash. He’s completely clueless. Lol.

It’s interesting reading Ozul being so knowledgeable about all that. It makes me interested what he thinks about the Legendaries overall. And I’m still wondering how he hides his emotions.

Once again, I really love how you write Ho-Oh and her interactions with the Twins. Always great to see.

This is it! It’s finally happened! What we’ve been waiting for for years! The Twins finally meet their beloved father. Man, that was a really emotional moment. I’ll admit, I did shed a few tears.

You nailed the interactions, dude. It’s what we’ve been wanting for years and you threw it out of the park.

…And yes. Having two characters named Latios looks like it was hell to write. Haha.

…It’s finally happened. The mom’s identity has been revealed.

You. absolute. JERK! You did an “I am your mother” cliffhanger! Aaaaaaahhh!

But for real, this chapter was outstanding and it was worth the wait. This changes the whole game.

Can’t wait for the next chapter (which will he absolute hell for you, I’m sure. Payback for that damn cliffhanger)
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