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5/2 c23 3Syrup-Waffle
Hiya Arcy, I am back for my next review! Let’s see how this battle is going to end!

Aha! I see you went with the same title as the Pokémon movie itself for this chapter! Nice throwback indeed! Will it imply that Latias and Latios are going to save the day? Let’s find out!

Ooohhh! We have a Mexican stand-off where Crawdaunt has Mr. Stone and Metagross has Shelly in her psychic grip! Honestly, what was Shelly expecting exactly trying to threaten Mr. stone with a knife when you’re facing arguably the most powerful trained psychic Pokémon in the world!? :P

Also, how is Mr. Stone. Literally stone-faced right now? He’s treating this like a normal Tuesday while having a pincher and a knife against his neck! LMAO Like he’s going: ''Yeah, people try to kidnap me all the time, it’s completely normal for me!’’ LOL.

Also, I love how Shelly acknowledges that she and Matt are no match for Steven whatsoever. That just shows how incredibly strong Steven truly is!

''We can take them, two on two!’’ Okay, no spoilers, but this scene reminds me of a ATLA scene with Sokka in it and it’s incredibly hilarious! XD You’ll see when we get there!

Also, damn! Steven’s Metagross has never been defeated!? I remember you saying that if Steven and Cynthia fought with their respective aces in a mega battle, it’ll go on for like forever and it’d be a tie or some crazy shit like that. XD

Of course you had to throw in a meme there with Steven going: ''Congratulations, you played yourself!’’ I see what you did there! :P

Also, I really see no way how Shelly can talk herself out of this. The moment she kills Mr. Joestar she is screwed. So I’m very curious how this will end!

A Kyogre themed battle ship. I’ve always wondered how efficient that would be. XD Doesn’t sound very stealthy in my opinion. But we’re talking about Team Aqua here, so whatever! Also, that reminds me, is Archie the new or old design?

Oh yeah, I remember Amber! He is bat-shit insane! Firing lasers against a city full of civilians is kinda the dumbest and most useless thing you could do! It serves literally no purpose but to end lives and cause destruction.

Eight hundred foot long battle ship? How much is that in non-retarded units? Sounds big, tho. Also, the paragraph you describe the battle ship has a small mistake. Last sentence it’s should be its.
That reminds me, how much money does Archie have? Holy shit, that boat is easily going to be like 150 million if not more.

Though Amber messed up, he successfully got both Latis and Metagross away from the standoff for now. You can say whatever you want, but for now, at least, his plan is working.

So Shelly actually reflected on this and took the decision to flee with Jojo? Me is smart! :3 I am curious what Latios’ plan will entail, however!

LMAO, Mawile being the overpowered good guy… good girl? Stopping Azumarill’s attack like it is nothing! That was funny! :P Also, ONE PAAAAWWWNNNCCHHH! Mawile is the One Punch Poké!
She also tore straight through Swampert’s defenses and defeated her in one punch too! She be OP!

Also, while I like Mawile’s battle style, that overconfidence is going to cost her someday when she meets a Pokémon who knows how to deal with her while she willingly lets herself be damaged.
And so, Mawile also defeated Shelly’s ace with little to no effort. Damn, Steven be looking undefeatable right now!

Shelly using Crawdaunt to keep an eye out on two fast flying types while he himself has the speed stat of a Shuckle with Parkinson? I mean, I know she is out of options, but I wonder what Crawdaunt can even do to slow Skarmory and Pidgeot down.

Aha! I forgot about Pikachu! He hid in the helicopter! Very clever! Also, Pikachu calling Mr. Rock an old man is just rude! For an old guy, he’s handling all of this super well!

Also, also, what is that Crawdaunt doing trying to kill Mr. Mineral? If he dies, there’s literally nothing stopping Metagross for killing every single last member of Team Aqua. That was pretty bold, in my opinion. Also, also, also, Pidgeot, I know you are hurt and you have Mr. Morro on your back, but you’re in the open air! Slide to the left or the right to dodge the hyper beam attack!

And Pidgeot is out! But what a beast of a Pokémon she is! She is amazing! :D Also, they didn’t chase the helicopter after Shelly’s Crawdaunt tried to kill Mr. Boulder? What is this nonsense!? They should have totally taken it down! Metagross could’ve easily handled it and then some!

Amber, again, is a deranged psychopath. Why is he in an Admin role again? Also, why does the battle ship have such a large cannon? What are they going to fire it on, freaking Groudon!?

HAHAHAHAHA, just as I called it out, the Helmsman explains it is actually for Groudon! XD Me is smart! :3 Did I tell you that Amber is bat shit insane? Because he is! Firing such a lazor on the city!

Also, Metagross being able to survive such a blast 100% of the time is just crazy to me. There’s no way! Curiously, could he survive a nuke (Tsar bomb) if it detonated right next to him?

Mr. Mineral about to sacrifice his life I see? Commendable. I know how it’ll end but it’s still a very brave gesture. My respect to him.

That comparison to Alto Mare’s tidal wave was very potent and I really enjoyed it! Good job on writing that in! Now, for the interception!

Also, yeah, If I was Shelly, I’d be killing Amber too! He is way too dangerous to be left alive! XD

AAWWWWW, Latias kissing Ash on his cheek is super adorable! I love it! They’re so cute together! ~

AANNDDD the way how you described the blast and both Latis getting absolutely destroyed by the energy was pretty savage!

And that includes this chapter! I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to read the next chapter! :3

5/2 c22 Syrup-Waffle
Hello there, Arcy! Long time no see! I finally decided to pick up where I left off with your story, so, here’s my review for chapter 22! Off we go!

A gruelling Stalemate, huh? So far, we’ve seen that Steven’s Pokémon had no trouble defeating anything that Team Aqua threw at him. Not surprising, really, because Steven is awesome! He’s also the champion and a steel expert! So of course he knows he’s going to deal with these goons pretty easily! Matt has been shown to be pretty competent though, so I am curious what the stalemate is going to be about!

Okay, so we start off with Shelly trying to steal Devon Corp’s sensitive info! Gotta say, she reminds me of Annie Leonheart there taking on that burly guard and kicking him to the ground so easily, hahaha! That was awesome! Also, hahahahaha! That pile implies she has been doing that for quite some time, that made me laugh! :D Now it makes me wonder who would win in hand to hand combat: Shelly or Annie?

Also, curious what kind of info Aqua wants from the Devon Corp specifically. Because I have no clue at the moment.

So they are also trying to steal a Fossil Restoration Device huh? And they didn’t think it would weight a few tons? The Aqua scientist are dummies, because anything machinery related is heavy as hell. XD They should have had Matt’s Swampert with them. She can lift it easily. :P

But it seems Shelly came prepared at least! It seems she knows what she is doing! Also the Gyarados is female and the Milotic is male!? Heresy! :P Also, I have to applaud you, because you wrote Shelly very coolly! She is her hold aqua design, right? While Matt is his new design, correct?

Also, can I just say how I love how casually Steven is fighting an entire army by himself? This man is insane! XD By the way, I am as surprised as Metagross is about Mawile listening without questioning Steven’s order. She seems like the type who drinks nails for breakfast. :P

I also like that Steven trust Steelix and Aggron enough to take care of Aron in Steven’s absence. I know they are his parents, but still, I’d be a bit wary that a random deflected attack might hit him.
Wow, that remaining Commander is smart! Actually fleeing and causing havoc instead of staying and fighting two champion level mega Pokémon head on is actually pretty clever. Gotta give it to him!

AAAANNNDDD Steelix just trapped them in with Rock Tomb. XD GG no re.

Yay, we get Ash flying on Latias’ back! That’s adorable! :3 And wow, Swampert just created her own stone edge by using Hammer Arm on the roof! Impressive! Also, you always know how to describe an attack and make it look impressive with how much destruction is going on. After this battle, Devon Corp. is as good as destroyed, hahaha.

Also, this scene reminds me of the Monke Titan AKA titan buas, aka Zeke’s rock attack. Would be cool to see Skarmory and Pidgeot manoeuvre through that!

Ah, the classic Pikachu using the projectiles as stepping stones! I knew he was going to do that! Let’s see how he fairs against Swampert then! OOF! He actually hit her across the cheek! I can just visualize the impact of that! And Skarmory and Pidgeot manage to leave the battle to go after Matt! Nicely done, Ash!

Huh, I am surprised Pidgeot is not powerful enough for her Air Slashes to hit the fleeing helicopter. Must be a big-ass helicopter then. Aha, I see! Skarmory can open the Menu and use Kamikaze to take down the helicopter! He good player! :3

Did… Did Matt just JUMP out of a crashing helicopter like it was nothing!? Dude, that was awesome! Also, Azumarill is no slouch! He’s giving Pidgeot a hard time here! HAHAHAHAHA, the ''No you.’’ response from Azumarill! XD That got me!

Wow, that damn Swampert is just not giving up! How fucking strong is she? XD Also, oh no! oh crap! Belly Drum, Huge Power Azumarill! We are all going to die!

… What? Skarmory is pushing him back!? That’s 6 liquidation! I know he used Iron Defense, but damn! That’s freakin’ insane! This battle is so intense, have I told you that already? You write such good and immersive battles! When I grow up, I want to be able to write battles like you! :D
''You should take a rest!'' ''I just did!’’ Is such a Pidgeot reply, hahahaha! Also daaawww, her motherly instincts to protect Ash is so precious! I love their bond so much!

Also, you keep me laughing loudly! Latios trying to turn Swampert against Matt completely back-firing while he’s mumbling an embarrassed sorry to her is such an anime moment to break the heavy battling tension is perfectly placed and hilarious at the same time! Honestly, are you an anime producer? :3

Also, speaking of stalling, Steven is taking his sweet time using his Metagross to come and help. So much so that a second helicopter was dispatched quicker. I have no idea how much time there is between Steven leaving for the rooftop and the current fight, but I am sure Steven must’ve seen the falling and exploding helicopter that went down?

Hahahahaha, Matt being shocked Ash knew Shelly had a giant Pokémon too is so in character and funny too! Man, you keep nailing these funny scenes and it’s amazing!

Also, Shelly’s ace is a Wishiwashi! That’s awesome! Also, schooling incoming! That would be twice the size of a Wailord I am sure!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, why is Azumarill so hilarious!? XD You make Ash look at all the dangerous Pokémon except Azumarill who then pouts angrily like a small child! XD Your timing for comedic timing is impeccable!

And just as Ash accepts defeat, Steven swoops in for the rescue!
This was an awesome chapter, Arcy, and I will eagerly read the next one! Good job! :3

4/29 c27 1FroggerBerbus
Well, I had mentioned that the last chapter needed a bit more foreboding/aftermath elements but after this chapter I don't think that issue holds up anymore. Between the Steven battle and the inevitable faceoff soon after, I didn't think we'd be back to the action so quickly but we're definitely in business now. On that note, can't wait to see more Steven next chapter and hopefully more perspectives from the legendaries or the villains. I'm also very interested in seeing what you have planned for the two other undefeated champions mentioned, tentatively guessing they're Cynthia and Leon but who knows. I just don't really have anything else to say, this chapter is a perfect continuation after the last and I'm definitely looking forward to the next.
4/16 c4 37Grizzly98
Well shit fuckers. So much for a simple night of training. I lived all the smack talk and Latias' deception. Very amusing. Awesome chap, on to the next!
4/14 c27 Guest
Really good job so far!
4/14 c27 malefor23
Can you please not give latias and latios there true names.
4/14 c27 5ShadowLDrago
Ozul. So this Gengar has a name. Neat.

Ozul sounds like a chiding parent. It amuses me.

So he wants power. OK, but what FOR?

Ah, the Jade Orb. I remember that.

"Give the Gengar your Mega Stone." But, isn't Ozul the Gengar?

Pidgeot is good bird.

An Absol. Delta's gonna be happy.


Sid's figured something out.

Right, Steven fucked off because he was bored.

So almost nobody knows Ash saved the city.

So he's rejecting the fame that'd come from being known for saving Rustboro. Sounds about right.

Good job Ash, you've earned Steven's respect.

So, without someone to temper that "fire", Mega Pokemon can lose control because it's too much for them to handle. Says a lot about Steven's Pokemon and his bond with them that he can Mega Evolve SEVERAL of them at once, and they maintain their full wits.

Also, how the FUCK do you know what a lapel is, but not know what cake batter is?

Power goes to Mawile's head eh? We sure she's Jiren, not Vegeta?

"It's hard to enjoy battles when you can't lose." Saitama would know all about that.

So Ash is smart enough to know he's going to get his ass kicked, but this is less about trying to win and more measuring the distance. Seeing how wide the margin between him and Steven is so he has a clearer idea of what to aim for. Smart kid.

Two Champions against whom he's tied. I suspect Cynthia and Leon.

He wants to give Pidgeot a Mega Stone.

I like how polite Skarmory is. As an aside, I love the name Skarmory. It's a cross between "Sky" and "armory", which is very fitting considering Skarmories are living weapons.

"I won't hold back." Good, you'd probably insult Ash if you did.

(FINALLY got this done.)
4/11 c27 Space magikarp
Oooh boy, this was an interesting chapter. We now know that the Gengar’s name is Ozul and he’s working for Azrael (Although it was made pretty clear in the last chapter that he was). And now we know that Azrael is the King of Pokélantis. That was a big surprise for me, as was that staff he had too. That thing seems powerful, especially if it can show the location of ALL the Legendarys at once. Although it doesn’t sound like he can take that staff out of that room, I wonder why. Also, it seems he’s formed a plan to take some of the Twins power. How he’s going to do that, and what he’s going to use their power for, I haven’t the faintest idea. Although he’s plan sure sounds like it’s either going to work, or turn out REALLY bad for him.

Anyway, on to the other half of this chapter. I have to agree with Pidgeot, I honestly thought that a lot more of the city would be destroyed, especially the Devon Corp towers. After all, it was caught in the middle of all that chaos, I guess I was wrong though. Also, I was surprised to see Sidney here. Also also, I completely forgot that the poacher had an Absol. I’m just glad that Sidney is taking care of it now, I just hope that it gets better. Also also also, (I seriously need to find another word other than also) I’m wondering how Sidney knew what happened just from a single sentence. Steven barely even said anything other than he’s grateful for Ash’s help! How Sidney managed to figure out what happened from a 13 word sentence is beyond me.

Also, (seriously, does anyone know a word that could replace, also? because I’m using it way too much) I’m not sure what Absol is worried about, Ash is always in danger, lol. Especially with all the stupid things he does, like challenging the former champion of Hoenn. *sighs* I seriously wonder what the hell is going on in that kid's head to think I would be a good idea to battle Steven. Even Pikachu and Latios know they're going to be crushed like a tin can by his Metagross. I’d be surprised if Latios last more than 5 minutes against Steven’s Metagross. Although, I feel like it might not be Latios that’s going to battle. After all, It appears that Ash’s Pidgeot is getting Mega Evolution very soon, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he used her instead. But whoever he uses, I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing battle.

That’s all I have to say for this chapter. As always, I enjoyed reading it. It was a good 7/10!
4/11 c27 11draconic skysong
Ash. great in some ways. totally clueless in others. I'm rather amused.
4/9 c27 1CyberGuardian7
EDIT: Decided to post under my username.

So this chapter was quite interesting and I have several thoughts that came up.

First, Azrael: I found it interesting that he didn't seem as 'dark' in this chapter as some previous chapters, but we did see another side to his personality that I really enjoyed: He's very cunning and intelligent. We learned he's not reckless, but understands when he should/shouldn't take risks and is able to devise clever plans. Pairing him up with a Gengar seems quite fitting with his personality.

Second: Ash. I've been paying attention to his character development throughout the chapters pretty closely and it seems he is developing, but particularly during 'life-altering' events. Ash seems to be getting more mature as the story progresses, but there are times where he still feels a bit too dense (like the Mega Stone for Pidgeot that Pikachu and Latios picked up immediately.) Granted, he is a 10-yr old kid, but given what he and the legends have gone through, I guess I thought he would be 'smarter beyond his years' in a sense, but I understand a 10-yr old would still be dense regarding certain things and that was accurately portrayed.

Third: I'm calling it: Pikachu is gonna die. He provokes Latios WAAAY too much and he's already shown he can/will kill in certain circumstances XD

Fourth: It's very interesting that Sydney knows about the Absol that Ash fought, especially seeing as Jenny was there and she was very aware of Rico dying in her car. Though not explicitly stated, if Sydney knows about Rico from Jenny, it makes me wonder if Ash will learn of what (Jenny/Sydney) may suspect Latios did to Rico and if there will finally be repercussions for his actions. Sydney seems friendly, but as you had Steven state, he's very calculating/cunning. I found it odd that Latios wasn't nervous when Sydney brought up the odd Absol Ash fought. This point in particular has me very interested. Will Ash find out? How will he react? Will he and Latios be ok in the long run?

Time will tell, but very interested to see how this plays out. I also love Steven's character and his interactions with Ash. I was pleasantly surprised to see you state that he hasn't defeated other champions or be defeated himself. Steven is my favorite Champion (or former rather) and I feel like he gets passed by in favor of Cynthia as that fan base is much larger. I'd like to think he can hold his ground against Cynthia.

Looking forward to the battle scene next chapter! Great job as always Arcy!
4/9 c27 talesfanjmf
Quite an enlightening conversation.
4/9 c27 5redandready45
Can't wait to see what that corrupt spirit has planned.
4/8 c3 37Grizzly98
"you just jinxed us." Oh you have no idea what's coming *cackles* Let the fun begin! They always underestimate Ash's ability to get into, cause, and ruin trouble. Awesome chap, I'm off to 4!
4/7 c2 Grizzly98
"we've gotten lost on straight lines beforeHahaha absolutely perfect. Team rocket got their send off, May got soaked by Mudkip, and Pikachu didn't get to destroy another bike. Awesome chap! Now its onto 3 for me :D
4/7 c27 thor94
damn, so that bastard evil king of pokelantis is here, and is setting a trap for the eon duo.
Kinda hope it will fail, like having ash and his aura mess his plan.
So look pidgeot will receive a megastone.
Also would like ash become more observant, it is kinda obvious by insisting for ash to pick a jewelry for his pokemon, that steven plan to give him a megastone.
for what ash has seen, beside the few mega evolution he encountered, he never run into trainer using jewelries on their fighter pokemon, only trainers putting them on their family pokemon PET. ash should have noticed.
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