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5/3/2022 c34 1SilverWolf1130
That poor Gengar. Azrael basically sent him on a suicide mission. He was dead the moment he signed up for this.

And thus the Skai vs Phae battle ends. It was epic :)

Oooh shit. The Sky Plate was in the Jade Orb this whole time. Where the hell did Azrael get that from?

At least this encounter will give the Legendaries a little more info about their most hated enemy.

And Skai just completely erased that Gengar. Man, she is terrifying.

Ash died again… das bad.

Props to Bianca for standing up against a giant scary dragon. She really does love the Twins.

Brock, Bianca and Pikachu have so many questions. Lol.

And so the journey to Sky Pillar begins!

Great chapter, dude. Short but sweet!
5/3/2022 c34 ArouraPhoenix
... okay, if PHAE can rip out entire chunks of the Earth's crust, I'm actually terrified to see what Groudon is capable of. Azzy will have these gods destroying the planet over the Twins... o.o

Lovely work as always, Arcy! Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/3/2022 c34 bednarczykmiki
It's like Skailyn just Thanos snapped the Gengar,and please don't tell me Ash died again
4/17/2022 c33 Gunert
Totally didn’t forget to post a review until now, nope.

What can I even say about this chapter? Phaedra is… everything I hoped she would be. I loved every moment of her kicking some major ass. Loosing a wing barely held her up in the slightest, she compressed water into plasma like it was nothing, and she turned the ocean into a giant water-kaiju-mechamorph? Seriously, you’re making me love her character more and more with every sentence, and I can’t wait to see more.

Seems like Azrael’s noped out though, can’t say I’m surprised with the outcome, but I hope Ash isn’t hurt by the fire. I can only imagine the mental strain put on Latias if she hurt, or even killed, Ash on top of everything else.

All in all, this was another fantastic chapter! I’m hoping we get to see Phaedra meet the twins soon!
4/13/2022 c33 Rotinell
Just to be clear, that Gengar is still alive, right?
4/10/2022 c10 2Omppusolttu
Straight up deus ex machina so Latios gets away with murder. Atleast Ash isn't acting OOC this time, but this better be something that Latios gets character development in.
4/5/2022 c33 talesfanjmf
You certainly did a good job of showing their power, that's for sure.
4/3/2022 c33 Force Smuggler
Amazing battle.
4/2/2022 c33 5ShadowLDrago
It's telling of how powerful Phaedra is that she can basically will a storm to be worse just like that. Took Mewtwo a long time of slowly brewing one to get it to be that big, and she does it just like that.

"Are we even fighting a Pokemon?" Technically.

Origin Pulse. Makes sense, given her lineage.

She made a water construct of her missing wing. Badass.

Psychic powers: Getting creative with 'em.

I'm picturing the DEATH kanji around Phae like when Saitama was about to punch Genos.

And now Feraligatr knows what it was like for that beetle guy to be around Saitama.

"I'll fucking rip your other wing off!" You will try and fail.


All that for a drop of blood.

"The ocean was rising." Oh that's a cool mental image.

Alpha, does PHAE have a super mode?

She made herself a giant water kaiju mecha. Bad. Ass!

Get the feeling Dadquaza's not gonna be very happy about what these assholes did to his little girl. Well, "little".

Also, it's Dragon Ascent, not Dragon's Ascent

"There's no end to this!" You provoked the wrath of a God, what did you THINK would happen?

I think it's telling of how strong Pidgeot, Pikachu and Crobat are that they CAN crack this barrier.

"If a Lugia is fighting nearby…, is it trying to help us… or trying to attack us?" Oh honey, if Phae, if SILVER wanted to hurt you, you would know. Or already be dead, either or.

Man, Azrael's unfamiliar with the concept of 'hubris', isn't he? And in mean in the classical sense of "I think I'm better than the Gods".

"So this is the power of a god" and think, Phae is the equivalent of a teenager. She and Skai are YOUNG. They got nothing on the original Ray and Lugia, to say nothing of the Space Time Trio who could basically just say "no" to anything you could do.

Good of you to know when you're beat, but it'd have been nice if you knew this earlier.

Latias is at her limit. But she won't be held back by something so stupid as a limit.

Red, white and orange fire. Looks more and more like Silver was right.

Ah. Crap.
4/1/2022 c33 2T2thehomas77798
Wow. What a chapter, truly a magnificent piece of writing. I’m happy to see that in my version of the chapter the wing made of water was actually right and now I am fully onboard team entei for the mom. Great chapter keep the great work up.
4/1/2022 c33 6redandready45
Man, this was an epic battle.

Latias threatening the parasite that ruined her life and is now harming her favorite human was so satisfying to read.
3/31/2022 c8 3Rowlets and Oshawotts
well this is an interesting turning of events
3/31/2022 c33 7ColsonOtis
*Claps* *Claps Again* *Claps tons of times* Bravo Arcy! Nice Chapter! Can't wait to read more! Keep up the good work!
3/30/2022 c33 Space magikarp
YES! Chapter 33 is here! We finally get to see how the battle between Phaedra and Skailyn ends! I wonder what kind of terrifyingly large and destructive attacks that should be impossible but still happen anyway because fuck the laws of the universe we’ll see in this chapter! And more hints to who the twins' mother is! This is going to be awesome!

Wow, the chapter just started and Phaedra is already splitting the ocean in half! Man, it’s still so hard to comprehend how STRONG Phaedra is, because she’s just constantly pulling out more and more insane moves. And yet Skailyn was still able to hold her own even when she was as weak as she was. Man, legendaries are terrifying.

Bruh, did that Feraligatr really just try to hit Phaedra with a water attack? It’s a miracle that Feraligatr has survived this long if it’s dumb enough to attack a god the literally controls water, with water. I’m honestly surprised that Feraligatr didn’t die right then and there after that.

OH FUCK. I was NOT expecting that. Here I thought that Phaedra has already shown her most terrifying move, but nope, I was wrong. Because apparently she can just turn the ocean into a GIANT version of herself. I swear, the more I read of this, the more I understand how terrifying legendary Pokemon can be.

Oh yeah, with all this excitement happening with Phae and Skai I forgot Ash and the gang were even a part of this story for a moment, lol.

Brock: “What is wrong with this weather today?” Oh, you know, the usual. Gods fighting to the death in the middle of an ocean, firing off attacks strong enough to destroy multiple mountains, just your average Tuesday in the life of Ash Ketchum.

Bruh, Phae just literally threw a hurricane at them and Ozul was literally like “well good luck with that” and straight up phases out of there leaving his team to die. I’m finding this a lot more funny than I probably should be, lol.

Finally, after so long of trying to figure out who the mother is, we now know she’s either Reshiram or Ho-Oh. Now, I’m just gonna let other people look for hints in this as to which one, because I’m just too smoothed brain for that and all the hints will just go over my head, so I’ll just look and see what other people can get out of this part, lol.

That’s all I have to say for this chapter. As always, I enjoyed reading it. It was a great chapter.
3/30/2022 c33 CrimsontheBloodyDemonKing
That was AWESOME, definitely worth the wait.
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