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10/24/2011 c1 3TheBrick
Took you long enough! But it was worth the wait. The stars finally aligned.

I need to go squee like a fangirl now that you're back. Ciao!
10/24/2011 c1 7Nateman364
Yeah I've been waiting on this one. Nice opening chapter too! UPDATE SOON
10/24/2011 c1 1Ardtornismyname
nice story really cant wait for rest of story to come

I love the Phanpy and Larvitar part it was really cute
10/24/2011 c1 14Soldier of the Future
*cracks fists* Well, it's about time this took off the flight deck! Don't worry about it. All is forgiven, as you see, I was so anticipated from this that I stopped working on my history essay just to review this. Ah well, the essay's due in a good 2 weeks or so, so I have plenty of time to take care of that. =P

Regardless, well, it's good to see this be fired off to a good start. Here I go again. Be prepared for a ton of nonsense words poured onto ya, like how Latios was forced into the pool. XD

It's obvious that Ash is so anxious about starting his adventure, it's a no brainer. Then we've got Bianca, who's enjoying her time cruising on a luxury boat (who wouldn't!) and then there's Latios, whose meditation routines are boring out Latias. I have to agree with her for once-they're on vacation, shouldn't they have some fun for a while? And Pikachu is actually afraid of getting wet? Last time I checked, he was a mouse, not a cat...oh, forget it. Logic does NOT make sense here. =P

What baffles me is Latios's closed personality. As he isn't completely invisible...wouldn't he still be visible as a mostly transparent silhouette? I think most people would flip if they saw a ghostly figure flying around on the ship. Well, I sure would! Someone should teach a lesson to Latios not to be so shy. He may be powerful as a fighter, but not as a sociable Pokemon. That was a nice surprise, with Bianca and Latias throwing him in. XD

So Team Rocket, Phanphy and Larvitar are pigging themselves out. Heh, typical! How come they aren't morbidly obese yet from ingesting all that grub? Perhaps they have bottomless stomachs? This really seems to be the case for Larvitar. And I laughed out loud when Larvitar framed Team Rocket for their gluttonous crime. Now THAT was funny!

5000 Pokedollars? Well, like most employers say..."That's coming out of your paycheck!"

I have a good feeling that Phanphy and Larvitar are going to be the troublesome gang of kids that never do any good. Even Pidgeot is showing signs of frustrating at them, but then...they're kids. How can anyone blame the adorable little bastards, especially when they framed the bad guys for once? XD

The scene with the gang viewing the sunset onboard the ship brings back so much good memories when I went cruising several years ago. Although, of course, I did not have to handle any gluttonous kids or be stalked by mentally challenged bandits. LOL, that was random, but I just had to make that comparison. But trying to read what the heck the Eons were saying during the first few sections of the story really killed was just a blur of text! Did you do that purposely or is it a mistake that this site is having? This place is glitchy. -_-

Don't worry Latios, there's people out there who can't draw too. You're not the first one. XD

Team Rocket is so pro at hiding that they put actual soldiers with cloaking suits to shame. The fact they can hack through security doors pretty much proves that tools used to break doors down silently are unnecessary and overused. That is all that I have to say. LOL

Well, while high-tech organizations employ cutting-edge machines and other gimmicks to prevent potential mind control, Team Rocket uses a silly-looking creative. Where do they get all the supplies anyways? Apparently, sure, it saved them from detection but of course it did not save them from yet another embarrassing defeat. Sometimes, they can be such a pain in the arse while at others, they are so laughably bad it makes you want to feel sorry for them. XD

That birthday celebration was definitely a sweet one. Now that Ash is 12 years old, will he stop being a dummy and wise up a bit? I'd say only time will tell. =P

Team Rocket escapes again...heh, what can I say, you can shove them into Alcatraz and they would find some ridiculous means to get back to the mainland, even if it means going through the ocean in a bathtub!

And so, they've finally arrived in Hoenn, an adventure ends, a new one begins.

I'm done here. Well, I definitely had a fun time reading this chapter, and thus, I'll be patiently waiting to see this be completed. Of course, you have earned a favorite. Now don't disappoint me! =D

-Soldier of the Future
10/24/2011 c1 luckyseven67
nice to see the story finally. can't wait to read mroe dude.
10/24/2011 c1 Yana5
Yay yay it's here it's here. thank you thank you thank you! *does happy dance* in the favourite story list it goes!
10/24/2011 c1 Ace6151
Hey, just letting you know that everything in italics is all smashed together. it's happening to all authors lately, so you need to be careful, and always double check your posts from now on
10/24/2011 c1 animeflunky
Hello there, nice to see this story getting started up. Seems to be off to a good start, although I will say that reading the mental speech as it is currently structured was kinda disorienting, i dunno. It does do well to differentiate it from the other speech but the lack of spaces just confuses me. Either way can't wait to read more of this story and see how this different ash handles Hoen.
10/24/2011 c1 2ForPain
Hello, Arceus-Master!

If this review is to be the first one-


Now let us continue:

I cannot believe it! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! FINALLY, FINALLY AFTER SUCH A LONG TIME THE SEQUEL TO THE GREAT STORY, ANCAL, HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! I would be dancing in joy if I wasn’t sitting on my chair writing this review…which is my first Review to ANCFA’s FIRST CHAPTER! WHAT A MILESTONE!

The beginning of the chapter, let alone the whole story, was very detailed, really made me sink in the scenes as I was able to picture them precisely in my mind. Great work, you have improved greatly, I can see that! You really described every single scene to the core, from the unnoticeable waves of the ocean to Ash jumping cannonball and beyond. It was really delightful for me to read!

That chapter was really, really peaceful, filled with humor…it made my body shiver and tingle as I read through it…amazing. I have really nothing bad to say…amazing!

Now, for comments (I recently realized a review and a comment are both different things, while review is the reader saying how was the story in overall and how good or bad it was while pointing out bad or good things, while commenting is just voicing his thoughts and feelings on the story.):

By the way, I will be reviewing every little thing as this is the first chapter, a big milestone in Fanfiction.Net.

Wow…imagine Groudon doing a Cannonball into that pool…damn, I have never been on a sea cruiser liner my entire life…I hope I will be soon! And I bet Pikachu (What the hell? Pikachu is a word already known by the Words’ dictionary!) would scream in horror as an enormous tsunami splashes on him viciously, sending him packing back to his Pokeball…

Now, humor:

“Don’t do that…” Latios said, a teasing smirk on his lips as he

looked at the water soaked electric mouse. “Unless you want…to

shock EVERYONE in this pool! MUWAHAHA!”

Pikachu sweatdropped.


“You’re not trying to do that…”


“Oh dear Arceus! I can’t believe you’re doing that!”




Latios’s face faulted.

Ok, humor’s over.

Oh god, I SO cracked up when Latias and Bianca pushed Latios above water while she and Bianca jumped on him together and grounded him into the pool even with his struggles! It was so cute and made me laugh so hard! And seeing Pikachu getting irritated on Latios with a vein of annoyance on his face was extremely funny too (not to mention Latios’ blunt refusal)!

Aw, the old, fashioned pool water fight, present in every peaceful moment when there is a pool and the characters are just splashing at each other idiotically while laughing…laugh idiots…laugh.

Ok…Team Rocket has now been reduced to refusing to pay food-bills at an all-you-can-eat-buffet…in the middle of a ship…it’s not like they can run away or anything, they are in the middle of the sea!

Larvitar and Phanphy eating together? So cute, I knew you would adopt the popular idea of those two getting closer and friendlier towards each other…I mean, they are the youngest pokemon in the group…until phanphy evolves into that…big elephant/armadillo thing…

Wow…imagine it…Pokemon eating other Pokemon…I mean, you know the meat Phanphy was eating is actually a meat produced by a slaughtered Phanphy which used to look and be JUST like him? Basically, it’s cannibalism…but hey, let’s not ruin it for them.

And I, again, laughed when Phanphy tried to pull out the “Really?” trick on Larvitar…god that thing can go forever! The two really knew how to bring down the waiter…

Holy shit…I really laughed when the two infants screwed Team Rocket without even knowing it’s them! And now they had to pay…five THOUSAND pokedollars? God, I could buy around seven poke-Wii’s with that!

Wait…I don’t get it, an extremely bulky, big security man with a POKEBALL? WHY THE HELL DOES HE HAS TO GET SO BULKY IF HE’S JUST USING POKEMON AND NOT PHYSICAL POWER? WHY NOT BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF TEAM ROCKET? Oh…I forgot…for kids.

GO ART! I loved the sunset scene, extremely common yet so relaxing and peace-filling, you did really good there! Bianca, the deviant, able to draw, paint, and beat the crap out of Brock…now THAT’S a woman…Latios DRAWING? Wow, it REALLY came out bad. But hey, isn’t drawing all about finger coordinate while being able to link a mind-picture with the arm and follow it exactly? If Latios’ drawing with his mind, he is not limited because of his bad coordinate…then that means he can draw PERFECTLY! THEN HOW THE HELL IT CAME OUT SO LAME THAT IT MADE ME LAUGH AS ASH, LATIAS AND BIANCA DESCRIBED HIS RESULTS?

I LOVED how Jessie smacked James when he commented on the “twelve o’clock”…they can be so hilarious when they want to.

They failed so much at breaking into Ash’s room…but did really good in kidnapping Pikachu…AGAIN! But I mean…why try to steal Pikachu when you have NOWHERE to run? They are in the middle of the OCEAN!

Wow, Team Rocket decided to hide in the food storage in this story too! Like they did in the anime…and I really didn’t feel so comfortable when Pikachu swore…remember…this IS kid friendly. And I AGAIN laughed when Pikachu banged his head on the glass container and Meowth told Jessie and James he was saying that they’re awesome…Idiots…I ALSO can’t believe they got Pikachu and HAVEN’T planned what to do afterwards!

Wow…usually the female companion of the crew is the one to describe who Team rocket is…with that little pouty tone of patheticness…

Wow, that fighting-dojo thing Ash said REALLY proved he’s an idiot…a stone-idiot type…wow, a new Pokeman was discovered!

Wow, I forgot Jessie and James still had Arbok and Weezing…now it makes me remember about that sad anime episode that I saw when Jessie and James gave up Arbok and Weezing by yelling at them to run as they fought Pokemon poachers…god, it was one of the few times when I was actually seeing Team Rocket as the good guys…it also almost made me cry…The fight scene was, too, greatly detailed and amazing, I loved the motion and the combat, could easily imagine it…great work.

Latias IS Ash’s girlfriend, and she CAN’T deny it, even when she tries! Yeah, very logical explanation Ash…

“She’s not my girlfriend…she’s…uh…my pokemon…who can turn into a human.”

Capitan: “Such creativity! Amazing!”

Oh, come on, the least you could do is writing down Ash explaining to the Capitan about Latias and all than just skipping over the scene like most cartoon and shows do! Come on, Arcy, you’re BETTER than that!

Wow, really couldn’t believe Pikachu had a difficult time holding off Ash…Ash isn’t the type to raise suspicions and all…HE THOUGHT JESSIE AND JAMES WERE FIGHTING TYPE! GODDAMMIT: FIGHTING-TYPE!

I loved to read the scene where Ash was chasing Pikachu who was holding his hat…god it really brought a nostalgic feeling into me…loved it!

I loved the birthday scene- ASH HAS GROWN UP IN A YEAR! HE’S ACTUALLY GROWING UP! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! Too bad Satoshi is too stupid to realize Ash isn’t growing up in the Anime…or maybe he did realize that, making him even more stupid when he isn’t doing anything about that!

I can’t believe Ash humiliated Latios by not allowing him to explain about Wailord…now that I think of it, with Latios’ and Latias’ knowledge, Ash doesn’t really need his crappy Pokedex! Why would he use it if Latios can instantly bring up every single one of the 493 Pokemon (I do not count “Best Wishes” as it sucks…literally).

I loved the finale, the ending scene…completely original, magical…and with that, ends my COMMENT.

In overall, what I will do now is rate it simply:

Hardest Facepalm Reward- Ash thinking Jessie, James and Meowth are fighting types.

Epic Lol Reward- Latios’ drawing.

Hardest Fist Reward- Obviously, the fight with Team Rocket.

Warmest Shiver Reward- The Finale.

Longest Chorus Reward- The Pool Scene.

Heaviest Nosebleed Reward- Bianca and Latias (disguised as Bianca) In Swimsuit.

Most Evil Snicker Reward- Larvitar and Phanphy Accusing Team Rocket.

And with this, ends my REVIEW (bold font).

Keep that up, will be looking forward to Chapter 2…

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