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3/8 c41 5ShadowLDrago
"Come on, buddy. We're not that bad." You kinda are.

"Well, in that case, we can go anywhere we want, right?" More or less. Just, exercise common sense.

"Well, it's not like humans are forbidden there, but it's best not to stress out mothers and babies by introducing something as foreign as humans into what they know is a safe area." That's, probably for the best.

"Breaking any of those rules is usually a very quick way to end up in front of a very disappointed Savannah." ArcySavannahJudge?

"They're not mandatory, but anyone who wants something to do to pass the time can pick up a role suited for them and learn from elders or those skilled in it." Huh. Neat!

"Huh… So, you breed with Pokémon?" Not with THIS age rating.

"…So, you're a caretaker." Sure, let's go with that.

"Well, I doubt we've got coverage in an interdimensional continent." I mean, not a whole lot of people DO.

"Yeah, I think—" He screamed as a beautiful portal of swirling violet energy abruptly opened around him. Honestly? I would scream too.

It's safe for living beings, if for a short time. Just enough for a swift teleport," I'm morbidly curious as to what'd happen if they were in it for a longer period of time.

"I think Ho-Oh told us about those when we were little. I don't remember their name, but she said they don't exist outside of Sky Pillar anymore." Aurorus.

"I remember when you were young and growled at everything that got into the Secret Garden because it was your territory. And there's that time Kyogre—" Baby Latios growling at Kyogre sounds adorable.

leaving a potent thunder and blast of wind in his wake. Thunder is just the sound that accompanies lightning. A thunderous noise though, I believe.

"As your lifelong guardian and caretaker, as the one who looked after you two ever since you hatched and came to this world, yes. I'm the one you seek for answers." Yeah, but are you going to GIVE them answers?

"Not even difficult conversations. I'm ready." Your funeral.

He was their father. Coulda sworn he was dead. Then again, he may have just been MOSTLY dead.

"I… I never… see… I—you… again," ... This is unfair and you're a bastard for it.

"It's okay, my children. We're together at last," For however long it lasts.

"Yes, we can. I promise to never go away again. Not ever." I don't believe you for an instant.

"But first I have to work my way to that answer so you understand the context that comes along with it." I get the feeling your candor is the only thing stopping the Twins from exploding at you.

"I… I'm okay with that, yeah. I'd love for everything to make sense at last." That WOULD be nice, yes.

"I am your mother." Yeah, that makes sense. Also the only thing running through my head is the parental reveal from Empire Strikes Back.
3/8 c41 Altoshipper
Interesting chapter as always, looking forward to the conversation the reason as to why it took more time to revive father Latinos than ash, is more than just the fact that Ash is a mortal human, while Latios is a god a legendary Pokemon and dye to that is more complicated to revive him.
Ho-ho Is the mother interesting, are we going to get ho-ho comment on the day ash saw her?
In the explanation will il be included and clarified the relationship between the eon duo and the Beast, are they siblings? Step siblings? Uncle/aunt?
3/8 c41 ShadowBloodedge9396
Dun dun duuuunnnnnn…I feel dumb now, I can’t remember if I even guessed Ho-oh was their mother, pretty sure I singled out Reshiram alone cus dragons, XD.
Next chapter is gonna be interesting then with full explanations…no wonder the two felt so close to Ho-oh in particular, and the way she treated them…it was so obvious…heh, wonder how she feels about her daughter crushing on a human…the human Ho-oh herself favors but still….and now my mind drifts to if Latios(the father) has a…fatherly talk with Ash down the line. Ya know, the stereotypical one a father gives to the guy dating the father’s daughter, :P

Crazy Altoshipping idea aside, all in all, this was a great chapter. Laughed at the first half especially with the misunderstanding caused by the Sky Pillar Pokémon not understanding Brock’s chosen dream job at first. And you’ve done something right for an emotional scene when I cry while reading or watching it…referring to the twins meeting their father of course.
And as usual, I very much look forward to the next one!
3/8 c41 1SilverWolf1130
Wow… just wow…

First off, I really like the dynamic between Brock and Kaidra. That “So you breed with Pokémon” part was great. Poor Ash. He’s completely clueless. Lol.

It’s interesting reading Ozul being so knowledgeable about all that. It makes me interested what he thinks about the Legendaries overall. And I’m still wondering how he hides his emotions.

Once again, I really love how you write Ho-Oh and her interactions with the Twins. Always great to see.

This is it! It’s finally happened! What we’ve been waiting for for years! The Twins finally meet their beloved father. Man, that was a really emotional moment. I’ll admit, I did shed a few tears.

You nailed the interactions, dude. It’s what we’ve been wanting for years and you threw it out of the park.

…And yes. Having two characters named Latios looks like it was hell to write. Haha.

…It’s finally happened. The mom’s identity has been revealed.

You. absolute. JERK! You did an “I am your mother” cliffhanger! Aaaaaaahhh!

But for real, this chapter was outstanding and it was worth the wait. This changes the whole game.

Can’t wait for the next chapter (which will he absolute hell for you, I’m sure. Payback for that damn cliffhanger)
3/7 c41 thor94
good chapter, that walking in the sky pillar was fun, especially the breeding scene.
Also the part with the eon sibling meeting their revived father was really touching.
3/7 c41 ArouraPhoenix
FINALLY! (Still kinda bummed it isn't Reshiram, but I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised.)

I loved this whole chapter. Beautifully written, and the family reunion was fantastic. I particularly loved how Latios, despite always being stoic and level-headed, doesn't hesitate to break down.

Not much to comment on this time around, given that you already know my thoughts on the OTHER event of this chapter. But all the same, very well done!
3/7 c41 Force Smuggler
Wonderful interactions
3/7 c41 Guest
I love your story have you thought about posting on ao3 too?
3/7 c41 7ColsonOtis
"Not get in trouble, ideally," Pikachu answered drily. "I'd love some peace for once."
Ash chuckled and gently scratched Pikachu's chin. "Come on, buddy. We're not that bad."

Uh, yes you are that bad Ash...

"That's amazing," Brock replied while clapping his hands once. "Humans have roles too, and I'm aiming to be the world's best Pokémon breeder."
Kaidra blinked and scratched the side of her head with her claws. "Huh… So, you breed with Pokémon?"

Ok, that was hilarious! I never thought of the fact that 'Pokemon Breeder' could be misinterpreted that way.

Ho-Oh leisurely stepped off her nest and glanced repeatedly between both dragons. "As your lifelong guardian and caretaker, as the one who looked after you two ever since you hatched and came to this world, yes. I'm the one you seek for answers."
Latias sighed in relief. "Well, at least we didn't end up with another disappointment."

That's a relief. So I guess Ho-oh is not part of the 'Don't tell the twins anything club' :)

Latios and Latias remained stunned amid the rush of questions that coursed through them. The fact they hadn't sensed the Latios until now swiftly disappeared into the back of their minds, buried among more important matters. Yet, despite the myriad of questions and the sheer unexpectedness of his appearance, the Latios' identity wasn't one of them. They instinctively knew his identity by heart and with absolute certainty. He was their father.

Yay! Finally the family reunion we've been waiting 10 years for! Great job capturing those emotions!

"You're both so sharp to have realized it and I could never be prouder than I am of both of you right now." Ho-Oh's eyes glistened from the tears gathering under them. "I've longed for so long for this moment, for us to finally reunite as a family, and where I could finally tell you that…"
The room fell eerily silent.
"I am your mother."

Wow... I did not see that one coming... and yet more suspense for the next chapter.

Anyway, I decided to leave a longer review this time as you can tell.
Great chapter overall though! I can't wait for the next one!
3/7 c41 bednarczykmiki
Called it!
3/7 c41 1DragonicFireLord
That ending I spat out my soda i was drinking
2/25 c40 tepigoverlord498
oh... ash might be in trouble when he finds out ozul works for Azrael...
2/25 c40 4Soldier of the Dragons
Maybe I'm misinterpreting a foreshadowing here, but I think Ash might become a 'marked' perhaps. I don't exactly see it matching the story going on here, but it would be neat.

You're pretty good on the whole realistic thing with Ash now having some trauma from the fire so I wouldn't be surprised if you take a similar route with the twins feeling some sort of resentment towards their parents for not being there or more for that matter, not showing up immediately after they were released from their curse, which I still have questions about.

Who actually caused that curse? It almost seems like it was their parents who put it on them, which would cause some resentment.

A natural maturation curve for Ash. Love it. he's not instantly smart but learns over time. Ready to see where that goes. That being said, I'm curious as to see how he reacts when he finally realizes the feelings that Latias had for him and what he'll do about it.

War on Magma. That's gonna be interesting, and it almost sounds like Ash may be altering his journey to reflect that.

Now that Ash is a little bit more aware of his power and ability with Aura, are we gonna see more of it? I'd like to see Ash take on that roll a little more, maybe not become OP, but transition more to becoming more than what he currently is.
2/4 c40 TheFinalDragon
Opening up this chapter, I still think that the interactions between Latios and Skai are really cute. It’s an interesting interaction between two characters who you wouldn’t immediately think would click so well together. But when you think about it, it makes sense that they would become friends so quickly since they do have a lot in common.

The way you describe Rayquaza as just appearing instantaneously without even a slight disturbance of the air to signal his arrival is quite eerie. The idea that such a creature can just appear out of nowhere without any sort of warning is a frightening idea. Good thing he’s friendly…to the twins and their humans anyway.

If Skailyn’s soul had been split into two different bodies, would she have seriously just shrugged off that sort of trauma and still be able to capture Azrael effortlessly? I know that she has divine pain tolerance, but I doubt even she could so quickly shrug off the feeling of her soul being split apart into 2 separate beings! She’d have to be pretty damn fast to do such a thing.

Also, if Skailyn is THAT fast, what stopped her from just steamrolling past the titans and killing Azrael before the gengar could even have the chance to do his whole shadow tag/Jade Orb combo? I apologize if this comes off as nitpicking since this is always an issue when writing characters who are ridiculously overpowered and then having to come up with something that challenges them.

Anyway, back to the current chapter. It was interesting to see how you wrote Rayquaza’s interaction with his daughter, as it gives the reader an idea as to what familial relationships look like among legendaries. I like how their relationship comes off as what one might see between a king and his child, where there’s genuine affection mixed in with an atmosphere of duty and expectations.

Interesting how Latias’ empathic senses allow her to sense the emotions felt by even the higher-ranking legendaries. Makes me wonder if legendaries have the ability to hide their emotions and Ray and Skai are simply comfortable allowing their emotions to be visible right now.

Latios is amusing when he tries to be overly formal and serious. Though I do feel bad for all his social awkwardness and insecurities. Being a teenager is always awkward, especially when you don’t know what to expect from other people or how they want you to act.

Imagine, when the twins go to visit Ho-Oh they see her wearing a T-shirt that says, “Proud Member of the ‘Not Saying Anything to The Twins’ Club.”

I wonder what relationship Arceus must have with the other legends for them to have such a negative history with the plates. The fact that Azrael was able to get ahold of some of them, and the fact that they can be used to control the legends against their will, does hint at a potentially negative relationship between Arceus and his children. I mean, back when he had the plates he could presumably have used them to force the other legendaries to do whatever he said.

Skailyn admonishing Latios for his jumping to the most violent solution comes off as a little hypocritical considering how destructive legendaries like her can be when provoked. Latias is also being a bit hypocritical in her disapproval considering her own violent feelings towards Azrael.

A part of me does sympathize with Latios’ preference towards violence. After all, I doubt anyone is going to lose sleep over the deaths of men like Rico, Tabitha, or Amber. When faced with evil people who engage in such vile activities as slavery or terrorism, it’s natural to feel anger and the urge to exact punishment.

On the other hand, though, it’s not good to use violence indiscriminately and especially if it’s not necessary. Rico wasn’t a threat anymore by the time Latios executed him, and was already going to spend the rest of his life rotting in prison for what he did. But he also hurt an innocent child, one who was close to Latios, while also showing zero remorse for his actions. In the moment, it’s perfectly understandable why Latios did what he did without really thinking about the consequences.

I can see why Rayquaza thinks it’s a good idea to try a more diplomatic solution with Magma and Aqua. Although I get the impression that the only thing he really cares about is manipulating these violent human organizations to find the orbs, I don’t know if he cares about whatever damages they might wreak upon other humans and Pokémon in the process.

I wonder what exactly Groudon and Kyogre will do with Magma and Aqua when they start interacting with them. Will they command them to stop trying to murder innocent people? Will they get them to free all of the Pokémon they’ve enslaved, including Larvitar’s mother? It would be irresponsible to manipulate them into giving them the orbs and then just leaving afterwards.

Ash’s first words to Rayquaza are hilarious. Imagine if he greets every new legendary by comparing them to Lugia. At least Ray seems amused.

Ray and Savannah’s dialogue seems to imply that they don’t have any issue with Pokémon trainers, though they didn’t explicitly state whether or not they’re ok with Ash and his friends capturing any of Sky Pillar’s residents. This does lead into the topic of what legendaries must think about Pokémon training and whether they’re ok with it despite how it may affect Pokémon populations across the world.

Kaidra, Savannah, and Volna seem like interesting characters. Kaidra and her dreepy seem friendly enough. Funny that Kaidra thinks Brock is cute, apparently female Pokémon consider Brock to be attractive at least. Reminds me of that one disturbing scene from Gods and Mortals.

Volna doesn’t seem very fond of humans. Understandable, I’m a human myself and I’m not very fond of most of them either. Funny how her attitude reminds Bianca of herself, considering how she did try to have Latios murder Ash back when they first met at the garden. So yeah, as punishment she gets the bitchy witch ghost as her guide.

And of course, the reveal of Ozul was definitely a shock when I first read it. I’m curious how he hides his true intentions from other legendaries, especially those like Latias who specialize in reading a person’s true feelings. I’m very curious as to what his interactions with Ash will be like, considering how you earlier implied that Ash’s aura is similar to Azrael’s.

So the twins are off to meet with Ho-Oh while Ash is probably going to go get eaten by a dragon. Exciting times. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
1/13 c40 1CyberGuardian7
We’ve been on Sky Pillar for how many chapters now? 4? Lol. Anyway, well done. It’s turning out quite well! Personally I could wait longer if it meant longer chapters, but very enjoyable read none the less Arcy!

You’ve set things up with Latias quite nicely actually. I do wonder how she will find out, but to be honest, I’m hoping Ho-oh won’t give the answer to her; that it comes from Ash or Latios somehow since they are the closest to her. I honestly have several great ideas for how this could go down, but I’m curious to see what you will do.

I want to see how you resolve that tension between them in a very realistic way, but we know it’ll happen soon since you hinted Latias would eventually find out soon if they didn’t.

Anyway, thanks for the chapters and I hope to read more soon! Keep up the great work!
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