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1/11 c40 3Syrup-Waffle
Hiya Arcy, we’re back! Chapter forty! What a milestone, woohoo! Let’s see what you have in store for us today! :3

Hahahaha, Skailyn saying: ‘’Do you need me to lecture you again?’’ to Latios is such an Arcy thing to say! You’re showing your own personality so much through these characters sometimes! Couldn’t help but read it in your voice!

Skailyn casually announcing Rayquaza is there. The single, most powerful earth legend. 0.0 I’m really excited now what kind of personality you gave him! Let’s see.

Rayquaza checking up on his daughter first like any good father would do makes him very relatable. That’s a really human way to introduce him even though you used like two entire paragraphs to show off his powerful presence before that. XD

Wow, Rayquaza being a mature, gentle and loving parent. That’s really nice to read! I loved his interaction with Skailyn!

The fact both Skailyn and Ray are so happy to meet Latias and Latios just goes to show how much they care about Daddy Latios and their mum, whoever that may be (I know who it is, but I won’t spoil!) It’s really refreshing! They treat them as long-lost family (which they basically are).

Arcy, your personality is showing! Making Latias say: ‘’I am going to scream!’’ and then repeating that in italics is just so you! :P By the way, we, as readers are in luck the legendaries can’t tell Latios and Latias anything! That would spoil all of the fun! ;P

Rayquaza is clever! Using Kyogre and Groudon against Team Aqua and Magma to neutralize them and also to obtain the orbs. Perfect solution!

‘’I look forward to our next conversation. Goodbye.’’ HAHAHAHAHA that was so dry and formal coming from Skailyn! That doesn’t fit her character at all! XD

Hahahahahaha, Ash’s witty humor is so perfect! You’ve mastered it at this point and it always make me crack up! ‘’I should’ve just said hello instead?’’ brilliant!

Ayooo, since they’re Latias and Latios’ friends, they all get special Sky Pillar privileges! Let’s goooo! :P Also, can I comment that in Sky Pillar, Ash and his friends are the Lati’s humans? XD It’s so funny how subtle that shift in power is, but here, the roles are completely reversed!

Okay, a few things: One, I love the name Savannah for a Dragapult! It’s really cute! Two, I also love that Savannah is Ray’s Marked, which would make her immensely powerful, right? Curiously, would she have a chance against either Cynthia’s, Steven’s or Leon’s team?

Wait… did you give this Gengar guard the same name ‘’Ozul’’ as Azrael’s second in command Gengar? Is that dummy coincidence or are you trying to pull a fast one on the readers to see if they still remember? Because I still remember! Is this the same Gengar then? Hmmmmm…


By the way, didn’t Ozul die as a mega gengar by the wings of Phae, or was that a different gengar holding the Jade Orb which wasn’t Ozul?

Volna reminds me of a certain Jirachi I read about. The one who teams up with a human and then battles a Darkrai together. I think you know what Jirachi I am referencing. Is that your inspiration for her characteristics? XD

Kaidra seems really friendly and fun! She’s exactly the kind of personality I’d enjoy having around!

And so, Latias and Latios are off to talk to Ho-oh! Let’s see what she will tell them! Oh, I hope she will actually tell them something meaningful and not join team: ‘’I can’t tell you guys anything for plot-related reasons.’’ Really looking forward to that! X3

Good chapter overall, Arcy! I really enjoyed it. I just have some very small pet-peeves with some dialogue here and there. Like I mentioned in the last chapter, you sound too much like yourself and not the characters you’re trying to interpret sometimes. It’s difficult since you have like fifteen characters on screen at all times, but I think to improve your writing even further is to really let go of how you yourself would respond and try to place yourself in the shoes of the characters you’re writing instead! I hope this small piece of advice will help you along in your future writing endeavors! 3

Now then, as Skai would say: I look forward to chapter forty-one. Goodbye.

1/11 c39 Syrup-Waffle
Hello Arcy, I am back again for a review of chapter thirty-nine! We are getting close to that chapter forty milestone! I am excited what this chapter has in store! You spoiled a little bit when we were chatting earlier today (you probably won’t remember) but you said this was going to be an emotional one. I have an inkling this will deal with Latias and Ash. Let’s see if I am right! Here we go! :3

Damn, the start of that dream felt all too real. When you’re running but you aren’t moving forward an inch. Also, that dreamscape reminded me of Davy Jones chest for a little bit. Just whiteness (no crabs tho). Also, Latias burning him away in that dream was pretty eerie. Not bad.

Damn, since when did you get so good at writing anxiety and PTSD-esque moments? Did you spend too much time with me and my anxiety-induced butt? XD That part where Ash reflects that he won’t get much sleep is too well written.

Whaaaaat? Skailyn being motherly? Is that possible? How is that possible? Why is that possible? My world is a lie!

Heh, Skailyn kinda lying by saying she healed Ash. She might have healed his spirit (I don’t know if she did) but he did really die.

I love how both Latias and Latios care so much for Ash. It’s honestly very sweet.

Ah, she did tell them he died. Okay, interesting.

Latias and Ash are finally reunited! I think it’s a good choice to go for the approach where Ash isn’t afraid of Latias, even though he probably will have nighmares of fire. I wonder, will he become Malice in WFCK? :P (If you forgot, Malice has PTSD for fire too, hahaha)

‘’Please, don’t be sad, Latias.’’ I just can’t help but read this in your voice, hahaha. It’s such an Arcy thing to say! You have this sometimes, which is really funny!

Oh NO! And hear you go again with the single tear rolling down the cheek! XD Please stop doing this! If you can find me a normal interaction where a guy let’s out a single tear from one eye, then we’ll talk further. X3

Latios feeling so ashamed of himself is really well-written, though! I love his thought process. It feels super real. Well done!

She pressed deeper into Ash’s comfort. For a moment, I thought you were going to write she was going to press her muzzle against his lips. Alas, I am slightly disappointed, but my day is not ruined. XD

Oh gosh, she asked the question. ‘’Who did it?’’ is Ash going to say the truth, or is he going to lie? I don’t know… this is going to be interesting!

He isn’t going to tell her, is he? Oh gosh…
I knew it, he couldn’t bear telling her. That is going to bite him in the ass later.

Damn, I can feel Ash’s guilt second hand. To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to tell her either.

He is going to tell Latios, tho. That… is something Ash definitely would do. He’s his best friend, after all.

Wow, you’re having Ash talk like an adult about how he was weak not telling Latias, which feels super real… but he’s a twelve-year-old… I am so conflicted, but it’s such good writing I can’t fault you for it. Carry on. :P

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I am laughing so much! Latios trying to cheer up Ash and then Ash saying ‘’I suck’’ just feels like one of those moments where you are trying to cheer me up instead. I love the irony. XP

Damn, Latios nuzzling Ash is the sweetest thing ever. I need more of this, honestly. I know Latias nuzzling Ash is sweet, but seeing the proud Latios being so affectionate makes my heart melt.

A lot of Latios’ conversations with Ash felt like conversations we’ve had together, but maybe I am projecting a lot here. X3 It was sweet to see how tight of a friendship they have together for sure!

Hahahahaha, Latios going: ‘’Yeah, I killed the guy. So what? Fuck him!’’ had me smirking like an idiot.

Ayoo, did Latios just pull a Kratos? ‘’I shouldn’t be sorry, I should be better!’’ That’s exactly what Kratos would say! Hahahahah.

Good conversation between Skai and Latios. I really liked it!

Hahahaha, I knew with that part with Latias challenging the fire that she was going to see herself. It’s kinda predictable, but written pretty well nonetheless. :3

And that’s the end of the chapter thirty-nine! Gotta say, overall, pretty solid! You can definitely see you improved with writing emotional scenes, but is it on par with the rest of your writing? No, not yet. Some interactions felt very out of character, Latias asking Ash who killed him is kinda silly considering they knew he was possessed by an evil spirit, so 11 2 in that scenario, but I can’t really fault it for plot-related issues.

You also still have a knack of writing ‘’you’’ in the characters rather than the characters themselves. It might not be noticeable to other people, but for me, it’s very apparent and blatantly obvious. XD Some responses and dialogue texts I can’t help but read in your voice as a result. :P

Other than that, the scenes didn’t feel forced like with some previous scenes (the emotional scene in the pokemon center in Rustboro, for example), so good job with that! It made it enjoyable to read!

And now I shall wait again until you upload chapter forty! Until then, Arcy! :D

1/11 c38 Syrup-Waffle
Hiya Arcy! I am back again, once again! Luckily you uploaded these two chapters in quick succession, so I can read and review them at the same time! Here I go!

I have been playing too much Smash. The moment I read Bianca saying: ‘’Are you okay?’’ to Ash, I just imagined her doing a Buster Wolf on him and that made me snort very loudly. XD

Out of all the people in Ash’s group, I relate to Pikachu the most. The fact he’s untrusting and annoyed by the legendaries is really understandable, since they get dragged in their shit continuously because they’re hanging out with the twins.

I also think the way how you’re handling Ash’s character so far and his struggles to tell the group what happened is heaps better than the previous segments you’ve written when it comes to heavy topics. So, well done, Arcy!

Pikachu swearing and saying fuck is funny to me, but somehow makes a lot of sense. Also, all four of Ash’s Pokémon materialized at the same time? Damn, they got some telepathy going on between them!

Larvitar’s outburst is eerily true to how a traumatized child would act for real. I didn’t quite expect it because I’m not sure what it adds to the story currently. It feels so out of nowhere to focus on it. But, I can’t really fault it because this is exactly how he would respond to it. I’m quite surprised how well you’re handling this pretty heavy moment. Like, really good job so far!

Yeah, no shit Ash it isn’t normal to have died twice already when you’re just 12! Most people don’t die until they hit the old ripe age of 70.

Good grief, Phanpy is so adorable! Him and Larvitar are such an interesting character dynamic!

I now want a high quality picture of Ash supporting Pidgeot protectively and leading her into the lake to get healed while the background has Latios and Latias resting in the coils of the gigantic shiny Ray AKA Skailyn in the lake. That would be a super epic thing!

Oop, it seems Treecko also has some demons he’s dealing with at the moment.

And that last bit between Ash and Pidgeot was really cute and adorable. I really adored it!

Not a very big chapter where a lot of things happened, but it was written very well nonetheless. I am really curious how you will handle writing the scene where Ash has to break to Latias that she is the one who killed him.

Can’t wait to read the next chapter! Until then. :3

1/11 c37 Syrup-Waffle
Hiya Arcy, I’m back again! Chapter thirty-seven is here, so I’m prepping myself for another fun afternoon of reading and reviewing your story, so here I go! :3

Is Brock squinting his eyes because of the sun’s glare or because they are always squinted? Asking the real questions here. :P

Imagine ending up in Sky Pillar by chance! You’re just going about your day and suddenly the entire world distorts around you and you’re at this amazing place where Rayquaza of all legendaries resides! I’d be in a state of pure shock!

Sky Pillar in your story is akin to the Hidden Land in Mystery Dungeon. I see the similarities of riding on lapras’ back and going into a special rift and thus finding it like how it is described with Phaedra here.

It’s the size of Kanto and Johto!? Good grief, you made Sky Pillar an entire continent! People who stumble into it might just disappear forever. XD

Yooo, they’re heading to Southern rub—I mean Southern Sky Pillar? Nice!

I love how trusting Phaedra is and basically explains everything to the group even though they just met each other. I am now actually curious what would happen if an evil team knew about Sky Pillar and tried to conquer it. Would be funny to see how unamused Ray would be if, let’s say, Team Delta came into reality after Aqua and Magma disbanded, hell bend on getting to Ray. XD

I hold on to the notion that with Life Power, you have created one, if not, the strongest power-up in all of fiction / anime. You need to be above reality itself to even challenge Life Power.

Phaedra walking ahead at a leisurely pace just made a mental image appear in my head of her waddling away like an overgrown duck and it made me burst out in laughter. I don’t think her anatomy allows her to walk in a way that wouldn’t look funny. XD

Oh gosh! Phaedra and Ho-oh together! What could be better than that!? I mean… Mew being there as well! Of course! :P I wish that was the case.

Phaedra roosting on the ground is what I want to see. That is so cute!

Damn, imagine meeting a shiny Ray, a Lugia a Ho-oh and then another Ray all in the span of a couple of days! Talk about lucky!

Wow, that’s an amazing gift from Ho-oh! Giving them all the ability to understand Pokéspeech! I think they deserve it (and it also makes things a lot easier for you to write)!

Wow, Ho-oh will even grant them more? Everything they want and what is in her reach of power? You know the worst thing about this? If I was in their position, I wouldn’t even accept it because it’d feel like I would abuse the fact she would grant me special powers in the first place. XD

Imagine being able to heal every kind of injury, even reviving people from the dead as Ho-oh. Such a power is overpowered as shit!

Phaedra having complete mastery over water is also pretty scary if you think about it! Knowing that a lot of things are made out of h2o.

I love how you have to come up with dumb excuses why Phaedra didn’t talk in the events of the second Pokémon movie or why she behaved like a territorial mother. It’s kinda silly how Phaedra says: ‘’No point in correcting humans if we don’t communicate with them.’’ And ‘’Oh, it was just my substitute when Silver got captured by Team Rocket.’’ XD

Ayoooo, Phaedra is a teenager!? What a shock! I did not know this!

And that’s the end of this chapter! I quite liked this one! A lot of dialogue interaction between the group and the various legends! Of course, a lot of spotlight on my favorite legendary Phaedra, so that always makes me happy! :3 Good job on this one! I can’t wait to read the next chapter!

1/11 c36 Syrup-Waffle
Hiya Arcy, I am back again with another review! And with this one, I can say that I finally caught up again! :D At the moment of writing this review, chapter thirty-six is the last one you’ve uploaded so far. To give you a perspective: I started to read your story in March of 2022 again. It is now the ninth of September, which meant it took me six months to catch up in total. XD Of course, you’ve also been adding more chapters in that time span, and this certainly won’t be the last review, since you’ll be uploading more chapters as I go along!

For now, let’s see what you have in store for this one, the Power of One—I mean, the Power of Life!

Sky Pillar moves steady through the ocean… by Rayquaza’s WILL! I am going to forever tease you about this, Arcy. Forever and ever! You can’t have all the legendaries will things continuously! XD

That makes me wonder, why is Sky Pillar moving continuously and not a stationary place? Is there a reason for it?

Phaedra is the epitome of sweet and scary at the same time! That makes me question, is she as big as father Lugia and if so, how big is she exactly?

Hey Zygarde is here! Interesting to see! I am curious what kind of role they play in all of this!

Hahahaha, Zygarde actually monitoring why Phaedra used so much power output! It seems even legendaries have other legendaries watching over them and question why they’d do certain things!

‘’Are you worried about what you had to do that back there?’’ Slight typo here, Arcy. Tsk, tsk. I am disappointed in you. ;P

Imagine if legendaries were actually like Homelander. I think the world wouldn’t last very long. The ANC-universe should be glad legendaries are benevolent and do their job well. :P

THE EMBERS FLEW AWAY WITH AN EXERTION OF HO-OH’S WILL! Arcy, I swear, the next time I meet you IRL, my undying will shall slap you right across your face. ;P

But, of course, Ho-oh decided to revive Ash! We can’t have an ANC story without him in it. Although it would have been interesting if you decided to keep Ash dead for a longer period of time. I think now the fact he died didn’t have an impact on the story at all.

A small wave of air breezed through the air by the goddess’ will. I am going to keep calling you out for this. XD You will never escape it! Consider it payback for roasting me not writing battles in WFCK. X3

I do like that small touch that Ash can’t understand Pokéspeech now since he has a new body. Attention to detail, I approve!

Ho-oh, are you really surprised that Ash is worried about Latias instead of angry? This boy cares so much for his Pokémon that he would sacrifice his life for them! In fact, he has done so in the past when he died the first time!

Ash: ‘’My reaction doesn’t matter.’’ Hahahaha, that is so out of character for Ash to say! XD

Ash: ‘’But I’m terrible at big emotional things and consoling hurt people.’’ Are you sure you’re not talking about yourself here, Arcy? XD

Ash: ‘’I’m alive I guess.’’ Honestly, same, Ash. Same.

Hahahaha, I’m a goddess of life, not a goddess of clothes! That actually made me genuinely burst out in laughter! Well done, Arcy. :3

Ho-oh has no sense of privacy! LMAO I figure a billion years old being understands that humans are self-conscious and ashamed of our own bodies. But apparently not. XD

Wait, hang on… Mew and Mewtwo started a fight. But, I know how powerful Mew is. There’s no way Mew would even bother… right? She could just flick her paw and Mewtwo would cease to exist. How come she fought Mewtwo and even let Ash die in the process? That sounds rather out of character for her.

This talk with Ho-oh is very interesting! It’s nice to see some of the things we’ve been talking about for so long explained within the story! :3

Ooohhh, Ash and Latios actually getting a proper bond together would actually be pretty cool and amazing! I really like that thought. :D

And now I’m envious. Ash got revived by Ho-oh and he’s allowed to use her like a feathery blanket? Some guys have all the luck!

Cynthia: ‘’That doesn’t good at all.’’ You forgot a word here, Arcy. ;P

Damn, Phaedra just destroyed Dewford town as collateral. How terrible! How is Ash going to get Brawly’s gym badge now!?

And the three strongest trainers realizing that they wouldn’t be able to challenge Phaedra even if they tried. Just goes to show how immensely overpowered you made your legendaries!

And that’s the end of this chapter! I’d say I’d go to chapter thirty-seven next, but I actually have to wait until you upload it! Finally, I’m all caught up and I can’t wait to see the next chapter! Now with an extension of my will, I shall be seeing you for the next one. ;3

1/11 c35 Syrup-Waffle
Heya Arcy, I’m back for another chapter to review! Chapter thirty-five, here we go!

Limbo is how I’ve been feeling the past month or so. :P Very fitting title considering Ash has most likely perished at this point. Wonder how the group will react to that fact.

Steven being worried about Ash and his friends is very sweet, but it also shows he probably knows there’s more going on with that sudden storm coming out of nowhere. He’s a champion, after all.

Imagine just nearly surviving Team Aqua and just a few days later you’re in another life-or-death situation. Ash has the worst luck ever. XD

They got a blurry image of Phaedra’s water construct towering over the horizon? That must look chill inducing! Definitely going to be the next big foot. :P

I love how Phaedra casually flooded multiple parts of Hoenn as a result of her battle against Skai. She took that IGN rating of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire a little too literal. ;P

Have I already told you that I love Phaedra so, so much? I can’t help but gush over incredibly strong and powerful legendaries (who’re literal gods in your universe) while they remain humble, super friendly and approachable to the random human being. The way how she interacts with Bianca is just super cute!

Pikachu the only being who is acting rationally in this scenario. No matter how non-threatening Phae might be, I would be very hesitant and mistrusting as well in this scenario.

‘’With a slight extension of her will…’’ It’s back again! Arcy, why!? Surely there are better ways to write things like this! XD

I can still hear ‘’You’’ in Phaedra’s explanation to Brock, Bianca and Pikachu, hahahaha! They way how you talk is just so ‘’You!’’ :P

Imagine getting a ride on Phaedra’s back while she’s diving into the ocean. If the situation wasn’t so grim, I’d say that would be one hell of an experience! Definitely something I’d enjoy. :D (You know I love rollercoaster rides now).

Since Phaedra’s mom is Kyogre, I like the fact you gave Origin Pulse to Phaedra in the battle previous. It’s a nice little touch and I like it a lot.

Silver awkwardly waddling out of the thick foliage to his dad just reminds me of a very happy Emperor Pinguin waddling away, hahahaha!

Skai blaming herself for not being able to protect Ash and the twins actually shows a lot of self-reflection and maturity. It really adds to her very proud personality.

That was a surprisingly sweet and motherly scene with Skai there taking care of the twins in that healing lake. It felt almost out of character for her, but again, things like these really add to her personality!

Huh, so Ash actually died before and it was Mew who revived him previous! And I was right, Latias actually killed Ash! That’s going to be a hard pill to swallow for her. I do wonder why Mew revived Ash previously as well. By the way, didn’t Ash get blessed by Ho-oh herself in the first episode of the anime? Or did this not happen in ANC? And I remember that Ho-oh met Ash before within ANC, but it’s been some time, so I don’t know the details anymore, hmmmm…

Ho-oh asking the big questions at the end there. I like to read those, because even if she’s a deity of millions of years old, she still acts very human. It makes these super powerful Gods a little more like us. :3

And that’s the end of the chapter thirty-five! Pretty smol one compared to the previous chapters, but I’ll take it! I liked this chapter! Next up is chapter thirty-six! Cya then, Arcy! 3

1/11 c34 Syrup-Waffle
Greetings once again, Arcy! I am back with another review! This time, we’re diving head first into chapter thirty-four! Just FYI, I’m reading this just as you updated and uploaded chapter thirty-six, so I have to catch up again, otherwise you’re uploading faster than I can leave reviews. ;P So, here I go! XD

Imagine being ethereal and still cringing as the energy that’s going through you is so great that it is threatening to rip you apart anyway. Azrael definitely knew his followers wouldn’t survive this encounter with Skai and Phae.

That’s exactly what I told last chapter, Gengar. Legendaries are invincible… in some sense of the word, at least. That Jade Orb still manages to subdue Skai and Phaedra lost a wing. So, both Skai and Phae can be damaged and killed. Just takes a godly amount of power to do so.

I love, love, love how Gengar is questioning if Skai even managed to survive that attack from Phae. It shows he just can’t comprehend the power of the legendaries he’s facing currently.

‘’At the rapidly approaching Skailyn (…)’’ You might want to change that to: ‘’At Skailyn rapidly approaching her (…)’’ now it sounds as if Skailyn is a species while that would clearly disrespect who she is, as there only exist one Skailyn. ;3

Damn! Who gave Phaedra the ability Sniper? That was a very clever move to open up the menu and choose acceleratle to push her Origin Pulse forwards so quickly to one-shot Gengar through his head. Reminds me of Saitama throwing a pebble against Boros’ second in command. Awesome shot!

And Phaedra realizes what the Jade Orb is made out of. I already know since you’ve told me, so I can totally imagine both Phaedra’s fear and anger here.

Damn, Latias’ attack is eerily potent when all Pokémon have to work together to protect both Brock and Bianca. There’s no way Ash survived that onslaught less Latios protected him somehow.

Azrael has them tricks, sweet Phae. Teleporting away the Jade Orb right underneath your nose. Must feel bad.

And the Mega Gengar died underneath Skai’s unbending will! Hurray! More legendaries willing things! XD

Ah, Pheadra revealed the Jade Orb is made off the Sky Plate. I didn’t want to say anything earlier if you decided to keep that a secret for a little while longer, hahahaha.

Imagine surviving Rustboro city, only to be attacked by an evil spirit, only then to meet a godly shiny Rayquaza in the span of a few days? I’d just laugh uncontrollably at the sheer ridiculousness of it all. XD

‘’By her will, she pulled out the fires…’’ Oh COME on! I am now going to nitpick every time I see you writing this. XD You can write it any which way, but it has to be through their will every time. It’s so cheap aaaahhhhh. XD

‘’ (…) using her control over the air to make her Pokéspeech into English (…)’’ Hey! See? You can actually use logical explanations about how Skai’s powers work instead of writing she willed her words to make sense. This works so much better! Why didn’t you do this before with all the other examples? :P

And Phaedra being the mother hen to the group that makes me adore her so much! Smol chapter compared to the previous, but a very nice and fitting ending to this battle sequence! It seems that Latias indeed killed Ash with her blast. I know her heart burns bright for him, but damn, Latias, you didn’t have to show him literally. X3

Great chapter! Now I shall use my unwavering will to review the next chapter. Cya then. ;3

1/11 c33 Syrup-Waffle
Hiya Arcy, it is I, Syrup Waffle back again with a review of chapter thirty-three! Let’s see what you wrote today for us, shall we? :3c

Oohhh, calling Skai ‘’death’’ in the second paragraph is super cool. However, it would’ve been even cooler if you highlighted it by writing it with a capital D. That instantly puts attention to it!

‘’In response to Phaedra’s will (…)’’ I am not going to comment on what I have commented in previous chapters. XD

Hahahaha, the Giant Pokémon severely underestimated Phaedra’s strength and are now wondering if they’re even fighting a Pokémon. Perfection! :D

Phaedra casually splitting the sea like she’s Moses herself is something of biblical proportions and I’m all for it!

Ah, Pheadra is stalling for time to construct a wing out of water! The way you described the Origin Pulse was very sweet! Nice job!

Being able to control all of the water around her makes Skailyn deadly as hell! Holy, that water beam from one of the walls smashing Skai away was damn potent!

Pheadra landing on the seafloor like how a villain would jump from a roof and form a crater wherever they land. I love it! XD

She’s using her surroundings to her advantage. Phaedra is pretty awesome, I have to say.

I love how Phaedra basically collapsed the entire ocean on Skai and is now immediately focusing on the giants even though it will only slow Skai down just a bit. :P

And just as I thought, Skai caught up and Phae had to redirect her attention back immediately to the black Ray. Spooky!

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but if Phaedra has control over all water, couldn’t she rip all the giants apart from the inside out?

Okay, few things. One: Phaedra completely ignoring all the Giants’ attacks and shrugging them off is like an adult fighting against five toddlers. XD Two: you, as the omniscient teller, calling Kabutops and Feraligatr pests is just too funny to me, because it accentuates just how outclassed they are against Phae.

So now Phaedra is just controlling all of the ocean? XD Jeez-louise she is powerful. How would you even win against such a deity?

Oh, for a moment I thought she was just rising the entire ocean into a big mountainous wave, but making a big water copy of herself works too, I suppose. Is she a titan-shifter now? :P

How big is Lugia’s water construct? I need to know height and wingspan immediately! :P

They’re really fighting against the Ocean and I love that interpretation! Phaedra is a beast!

At this point, is Lugia even a guardian of anything? Phaedra is doing all of the heavy work here it seems and she took the title of being the embodiment of the ocean alongside it. XD

Hellish Blizzard! You said it! While Skai is destroying Phae’s wing attack! I see your subtle reference to Fubuki from One Punch Man. ;3

And we leave with Skai actually getting damaged from Phae’s attacks now but still pulling through! This is getting very intense! :D

Bianca, what do you mean, it isn’t working? The barrier is clearly struggling to resist the attacks and getting seriously damaged. This fact should have made you hopeful and—wait… just a paragraph ago you wrote the barrier is seriously straining and now you write their attacks only have minor success? That’s kinda contradicting.

At least both Brock and Bianca aren’t giving up. Azrael is kinda a menace. I know only a few minutes have passed, but the fact he has successfully held back both Skai and Phae that long to possess Ash and extract the power from Latias and Latios says a lot.

Azrael grew cold and disconnected himself from the world when one of the legendaries destroyed Pokéatlantis huh? Entirely understandable if that’s your line of thinking. I would probably feel the same way when a God, in my mind, destroyed my village without reason.

‘’It’s like there’s nothing that can oppose them (…)’’ That’s because, Azrael, the author of this story made his Legendaries literally invincible. You can’t win. XD He created you to face opponents you can’t beat. It was a lost cause from the start, but I appreciate your willpower to annoy them. ;P

So Gengar finally realized, hahahaha. Phaedra’s power is too much to handle!

Phaedra willed… Man, I know I wasn’t going to comment on this again, but this really irks me. XD

Pheadra keeps her promises? That’s nice! Strong and reliable. Such a lovely whale-bird she is. :3

And that’s a GG no re for the giant Pokémon. They stood no chance against Phaedra at all. Kinda insane if you think about it.

Oops, did Latias just accidentally incinerate Ash to… well ash? That’s going to be a hard one to swallow.

And that’s the end of this chapter! Gotta say, your fantasy knows no limits when describing battles! It’s all-encompassing and thrilling to the bone! Amazing job and I can’t wait to read chapter thirty-four! :3

1/11 c32 Syrup-Waffle
Hiya Arcy, I am back once again for a review on chapter thirty-two! Slowly but surely, I am catching up with ANC! (About damn time, huh?) Let’s see how this battle is going to continue now that Phaedra has entered the scene!

Hahaha, did Azrael really respond to Latios’ ‘who are you?’ with ‘ask ur mum’ XD The complete and utter disrespect!

Oh goodie, Azrael can spawn a divine staff out of thin air as if he’s Palutena’s son or Loki in the Avengers and he can apparently possess other human beings. What’s next? Can he turn into an ancient Pokémon too? :P

Damn, imagine being strong enough to bring Father Latios to his demise. You must be some freakish power of nature to accomplish such a feat. Props to Azrael for causing so much chaos and havoc.

I love how you tie back the lore of the creation of Alto Mare to Azrael. That’s really clever writing on your part! Props!

It’s kinda scary realizing that even if you kill a God in the ANC world, they just spawn back in after a period of time. XD Kinda OP if you ask me.

Of course father Latios casually moves an ocean even at the brink of death. No problem. How did Azrael manage to severely wound him again if he’s still capable of doing this and catching him by surprise? :P

Aha, so Azrael is dark-type! That seems fair. Is he ghost and dark type? Since he’s like an evil spirit.

So… Brock and Bianca are not going to help out with their Pokémon? They’re not going to use Ash’s Pokémon to help either? I kinda disagree with this, since it’s definitely not in Bianca’s nor Brock’s personality to not help out, dangerous situation or not.

Aha! So the staff is not only holding an Infinity Stone like Loki’s, but it also a portable DMA! Very handy for trapping wild Latis, if I do say so myself.

And so, Azrael is going to steal what he wanted all his life and challenge the beings he wants gone so badly. We call this ‘’A Fool’s Errand.’’

And on to the godly battle where we will finally see my favourite legendary Phae in action! Let’s get it! :D

Hahahaha, Skailyn is so cool. XD ‘’What was that?’’ ‘’That would be your death.’’ Only Skai could say that and not appear edgy.

Damn… I am still amazed every time when you write so passionately about powerful beings. Just Phae’s entrance is described so vividly that I can just imagine the raw power she possesses!

And there you go again with ‘’by her will, her attack didn’t cause more damage.’’ Maybe I am nitpicking, but in my opinion, having legendaries ‘’will’’ things out of existence is the cheapest way of writing power. I personally don’t like it. XD If I can give you an example: this means that Phaedra can control water. In that case, she can also implode all of the big ancient Pokémon from the inside out by her ‘’unbending will.’’ You see where I’m going with this?

I am actually curious. Why do things like the Jade Orb even exist? I know what they are made out of and how they function, but why are they on earth? This seems like such a big risk considering it can control Ray… and you’ve told me how strong Ray is.

Of course, the big baddies are immune to Psychic. But maybe if Phae and Skai use their unbending will—I am joking. :P

Bruh! Stop writing a single attack so fucking epically! That Aeroblast build-up and release from Phaedra is once again written so vividly that I can just see it happen right in my mind! It’s simply incredible and it makes me envious of your prowess of writing battles!

The moment when you describe the aftermath of Phaedra’s Aeroblast and you find that one paragraph of destruction is not enough, so you just spent a mini-essay describing that Phae could probably, most likely and very casually contest a nuke in power. XD

‘’Well, that was easy.’’ Phaedra! You’re one of the strongest goddesses on Earth. What did you expect exactly? :P

That was an awesome battle entry for Phaedra! I approve! Well done! I was enraptured the whole time! :D

Imagine that story-wise only a few months have passed while in real life we’re about twelve years later. Couldn’t be me. ;P

Finally, Bianca and Brock are responding! I was waiting for this. They should’ve reacted immediately, to be honest, but it is fine. I will forgive it.

I love how Azrael is only scared of Skailyn and not Phaedra. XD Disrespecting the whale bird ain’t a wise decision, my guy!

That small little interlude where Ash is in the void was very well written. It felt pretty impactful, so nicely done!

There it is, Skai ripping off Phae’s wing. I knew it was going to happen because we’ve discussed it before. I am surprised those other four ancients managed to survive until this point, though. It seemed like they were trapped in Pheadra’s attack forever, but you write a single attack with so much words that it feels like an eternity has passed but in the story it’s only a few seconds. XD It reminds me of an anime called Hunter X Hunter where a single attack on a palace is like three and a half minutes in length within the anime itself and it’s divided over twenty or so episodes of twenty minutes long. I kid you not, this exist. :P

And the next chapter is going to be nothing but Phaedra against five ancient Pokémon and a mind-controlled Skai… I think I’m going to scream how hype that will be. XD

Awesome chapter, and I expected nothing less considering it was mainly battles, which you excel at! Onwards to chapter thirty-three!

1/11 c31 Syrup-Waffle
Hiya Arcy, I’m back again with a new review! It’s finally time for me to see and dig into the awesome battle you’ve written! I can’t wait to see and read it. Let’s go! :D

Skai is one hundred and fourty feet long… What is that in non-retarded units? ;P

‘’By her will the ensuing sonic boom contained itself and caused no harm (…)’’ Bruh, that’s an easy way of writing yourself out of natural phenomenon doing stuff. She ‘willed’ it out of existence. I know she’s supposed to be Ray’s daughter, but that’s a little too easy, in my opinion.

And here we go! Both goddesses are enraged and pissed off. This is going to be a clash of the ages! :D

That little interlude where Ash and Co. feel the enragement of both Skai and Phae is really well written. Props for that! Well done!

I love how protective Skai is of protecting both Latios and Latias. Like a territorial mother defending her chicks. Absolutely beautiful!

Azrael fighting with the help of orbs to aide him which even confuses Skai how he does it has to be one of the cheekiest, amusing yet dirty tricks you can possibly pull. I guess it’s true that if you want to defeat gods, you’ll have to use everything in your power to help you along.

Ah, your way of describing how the Jade orb is taking hold of Skai is immaculate, as always. This is really your forte!

Did Alakazam just spawn a four-hundred feet tall gigantic Gyarados into the sky which is dropping on Skai like a kamikaze pilot? Your crazy ideas know no boundaries! XD

Aha, did Azrael just possess Ash? What a cheap way to get close to the twins, but hey, so long it works, I’d do the same. :P

Clash of Titans! You said it! Roll credits! XD But to be fair, wouldn’t the Gyarados be able to swallow Skai like halfway into its gigantic maw?

I love that Skailyn is so strong that she can battle three titanic Pokémon at the same time, while severely damaged by the Jade Orb and they still can’t overpower her. XD And Ray is supposed to be even way stronger than her. So, Saitama vs Ray when again? :P

‘’(…) a howl of pain from the Gyarados.’’

‘’But only his.’’

Holy fuck, okay. First off, the fact you chose to make those three words its own paragraph is super potent. It just shows how godly Skai truly is. It’s amazing how much abuse she can take fighting five gigantic Pokémon at once! By the way, where’s Phaedra in all of this? Is she still gliding along the ocean floor? XD

Shadow Tag, that is super clever! I love it when things like this are thrown into the mix! Now Skai doesn’t have a choice but to defeat the Gengar at least if she wants to escape.

Ouch, I can feel the pain that Feraligatr is feeling by her jaw going inside of her own mouth. That must hurt like a bitch!

What the hell, Skailyn is playing with them, hahahaha. She’s using Gengar’s Shadow Tag against him. That is super scary!

Hahahahaha, I see the first inspiration of OPM coming through! Skai biting Kabutops’ scythe into many pieces with her jaw and her not knowing what happened! Exactly what Saitama did to Sonic’s blade! That was awesome! :D

Damn, Skailyn constricting the Gyarados and squeezing the life out of him underwater was brutal and made me feel quite faint. That was very potently written and just shows how outclassed these titans are against a literal goddess.

And finally, Phaedra enters the battle! About time my favourite legendary gets a chance to shine! Can’t wait to see her in action!

And that concludes this chapter. I have to say, this was an amazing chapter! The way how you described the battle, the details, everything in it was just perfect! Your way of writing battles knows no bounds and I’m eagerly looking forward to reading chapter thirty-two! Good job on this one, Arcy! 3

1/11 c30 Syrup-Waffle
Hiya Arcy! I am back for more, specifically, chapter thirty! Let’s get right into it!

Interesting to see Latias actually has trouble locating Sky-Pillar here. I wonder why that is.

Interestingly enough, people who do happen to get in a trance of some sorts really lose track of time. It’s pretty cool, in my opinion! (I would know, because I’ve experienced it myself.)

Frustrating to be looking for a place that supposedly only dragons can find instinctually. I wonder why that is and how it works.

I’m curious how far along the ANC world is with technology considering Brock is mentioning satellites. Does that mean mass extinction weapons like nukes exist as well?

So, Ho-oh spent a lot of time with the twins when they were younger, huh? I wonder why that is. ;P

Aha! You said it! Guardian Angel! Roll credits… oh wait, wrong story! XD

Ash having Latias as his background picture on his Dexnav is both adorable and something he would do without knowing the implications behind it. XD

And everybody teasing Latias suggesting she should pose for Ash, hahahaha! That was funny! I love these cute little moments you throw in!

Hey, is this the beach scene every anime has? Ash playing with Latias and Pikachu in the water! Very adorable.

So it seems Azrael has some back-up forces from long ago in Ancient Pokémon. This is Dynamax before it was cool!

‘’I am invincible!’’ ‘’No you’re not.’’ Love that response! Ozul is pretty cool!

So all through Hoenn and Kanto there’s just these gigantic ancient Pokémon that can be called upon if Azrael needs them? That’s OD!

Okay, so now we’re going into a very godly battle next chapter and I have got to know: is this something none of Hoenn will notice? This seems like an end of the world scenario, pretty sure the entirety of the Hoenn region would be destroyed if this goes out of hand. Curious to see how it’ll go!

And that’s it, small little set-up chapter before we move on to the gigantic battle in chapter thirty-one! Overall, very enjoyable and I’m curious to see where this goes next! ~w~

1/11 c29 Syrup-Waffle
Heya Arcy! I’m back again with another review for chapter twenty-nine! We’ve finally come to the battle of Ash against Steven Stone! I’m really curious how this will go, so let’s go! :D

Ash will get a one-on-one battle with Steven I see. Then I already know who he’s going to use. Larvitar! He’ll use Pluck and steal his opponent’s berry! :P

You said it! You said the title of the chapter! Roll credits! That’s how it works, right? To be fair, I’d be as nervous as Ash is right now. Steven is an unbeatable champion. You stand no chance, my boy. XD

What’s with Steven’s and Cynthia’s Pokémon all hiding in bushes? Hahahaha. Even you notice how silly it is and have Steelix make a funny remark about it! So, we’re going to see Mawile vs Latios then. Good luck, Latios. Fairy and Steel type. She resists all your attacks. You don’t know mystical fire yet, I am sure, so that makes it almost impossible from the get-go.

Okay, Steven, calm down. He’s going to mega-evolve his Mawile? How one-sided do you want this battle to be? One Play Rough and Latios isn’t going to get back up for at least a week!

Wait, I can understand that Ash doesn’t pay much attention to what goes on in the world, so he doesn’t follow the news, but what about Brock? You’d think he would to keep up-to-date with recent events and news, right?

Ah, Tobias. The anomaly of a trainer that showed up at the Sinnoh League, won and then left, never to be seen again. I love when the anime provides us with well written characters, don’t you agree?

Fun fact, I’m reading this battle of Mawile vs Latios while listening to AoT season four part II epic battle music on my headphones. That makes this way more intense than it already is, hahahaha.

Steven opening up with Mawile’s consecutive normal pu—I mean Play Rough. Hopefully, Latios can dodge otherwise this battle will be over within one interaction.

Mawile is funny. I would’ve loved to see her take a Mystical Fire from Latios instead if he had known the move. Curiously, how well would she have taken that instead of this incoming Luster Purge attack, you think?

Latios muttering ‘’Dammit…’’ is equally as funny as it feels out of character for him to mutter, hahahaha.

Yeah, I figured a stall is the only way for Latios to have a chance. Of course, Mawile is bored by this. XD

… Did Steven just say that Mawile should use Fairy Wind…? Fairy Wind? A doodoo special fairy attack on a physical mega mawile with huge power? I mean, I see your reasoning as it might hit Latios? But why does she even know that move? C’mon!

Okay, I can see the use of Fairy Wind now after Steven’s explanation. Still, I am watching you, Anderson. :P

Oh, Latios is Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney now? ‘’Hold it!’’ I see you. It’s amazing Latios could even take a Sucker Punch from a Mega Mawile, to be fair.

‘’Few Psychics have ever survived a direct hit from Mawile’s Sucker Punch.’’ Bruh, Steven is saying that if he’s trying to kill Latios. Maybe the verb ‘’ to survive’’ is not the correct one to use in a friendly battle here. :P

Oh, of course. We’re getting the anime treatment with Latios again I see? ‘’I am not weak’’ Latios muttered in utter defeat until his plot armor suddenly kicked in! Reiner would be envious. ;P

I do like Mawile’s battle spirit even if Latios is using unfair godly power to even his chances here. Let’s see how well she holds out or if she’s still going to take down Latios now.

Ah, it was only a temporary outburst and Mawile was strong enough to overcome it. Very impressive. Also, I see that Mawile is hurting Latios’ pride by making him yield. That must sting a lot.

Hahahaha, Pikachu and Latios’ banter never gets old! Such a solid friendship they got together, it’s awesome!

Mawile is amazing, until old man Typhlosion is brought up. Not sure which Typhlosion this is, but she probably tried to take an Eruption head on and got absolutely destroyed for it, hahahaha.

Indeed, Ash needs six more badges. My goodness, this story will take another twenty years before it’s finished. XD

Okay, they want to make a detour to Galar after Sky Pillar to meet up with Valeran and consult him. But why go through the effort when Ray is right at Sky Pillar? Wouldn’t it be way easier to consult him about certain things? Unless Ray can’t tell either for some plot-driven reason.

Aha, and Steven is going to enter the Hoenn League. I am now fairly certain he’ll be Ash’s final hurdle to overcome. A full six-on-six battle would most likely be fifty-thousand words between these two gentlemen, wouldn’t you say?

And so, Ash and co. will depart with the newest Dexnav, not knowing Steven will be the endboss of all endbosses! Can’t wait to read that with my grandchildren on my lap! :D

I liked this chapter! The battle was solidly written, as I’ve come to expect from you. Now then, this is truly the end of the Rustboro arc! It only took me like five years to read through it, but here we are! On to chapter thirty then, see you there! :3

1/11 c28 Syrup-Waffle
Heya Arcy, I’m back with my next review! Chapter twenty-eight is here! Let me see what you have in store for us this chapter. :3

Huh, I had to do a double take for a moment. We’re suddenly in a battle where Ash is battling a Crobat with his Latios. Where is this coming from all of a sudden? That threw me off a little, I thought I had skipped a chapter or something, hahahaha.

Crobat just used Cross poison and then follows it up with a Special Attacking move? My competitive side is screaming at me to scold you for this, but I’ll let it slide. :P

No, wait. Crobat’s Shadow Ball was able to cancel out Latios’ Dragon Pulse? How does that even work? Latios is way stronger when it comes to special attacks than Crobat is. :P

Aha! And we got to the point of one of your new arts, Larvitar stealing food from Pikachu’s bowl! Hahahaha, I love that artwork so much!

Forrest and Foretress. I had to squint so I read both correctly. Those names are so similar! Also, I love Brock’s Crobat! One of his coolest Pokémon. I also like the Vulpix he used to have. Does he still have it in ANC?

Ah, that explains it. He has Onix and Crobat with him. Gotcha! Good old Onix can’t be left out. Pretty sure Brock will get a Steelix and its mega stone later in the story!

Ash would definitely challenge the invincible, unbeatable, all powerful Champion Steven Stone. :P Now to see how badly he is getting his ass whooped.

By the way, Ash battling Steven is like me going to MKLeo and challenging him to a Smash battle. It’ll go as good as you’d expect. Hahahahaha!

I also like Ash’s team he has right now. It’s a pretty good line-up of powerful Pokémon or otherwise Pokémon who turn into them later on.

Hahahaha, missing a huge ass mansion is something Ash would do, though, totally. His sense of direction is bollocks! Also, this mansion of Steven Stone reminds me of a certain story I read where a poor guy has to spend his summer being an errand boy for a wealthy estate. It has the security with the buzzer and the lush gardens just like you’re writing! Now it just needs the Espy that was in that story! :P

Oh… OH! It took me a moment to figure it out, but obviously, the beautiful tall blonde woman is Cynthia, of course! :D Who else would be with Steven Stone other than the other unbeatable champion? XD

And I was right! It is Cynthia! That’s amazing! I love how much respect Brock has for her. That is pretty cool! WAIT! Cynthia is actually Steven’s wife in ANC? (I already knew this, but let me feign my amazement anyway. ;P) That is super cool! They’re quite literally the strongest couple in existence!

Well… what Cynthia is saying is something I am not entirely agreeing with. Yeah, in the end, the Pokémon do the work, but the type of trainer is even more important, in my opinion. Just look at football, for example! The same players on the field can have a drastically different outcome when trained by different coaches. Pokémon grow strong due to their trainers, not on their own. But I digress. I am sure you get my point.

Cynthia’s small little moment with Latios is pretty wonderful. I like how Latios, despite being so strong, behaves so much like a cat or a dog would. It’s pretty adorable, I have to note, hahaha.

When Cynthia placed her hand over her heart to utter her favourite quote, all I could think of was ‘’Sinzou wo sasageyo!’’ I’d kill to see Cynthia say that!

Also, is that quote foreshadowing that Cynthia is talking about? :3c It feels like foreshadowing!

Gosh, I love Latias’ gentle affections she’s showing to Ash. Just her pressing her head in his side and nuzzling him. AAAAHHHH, my inner altoshipper is very much pleased with this. :D

This is a pretty interesting political topic Cynthia is bringing up. Would Hoenn really be opposed of Cynthia interfering with Team Aqua considering she’s married to Steven and therefore, most likely has citizenship in Hoenn as well? It’s pretty interesting to talk about, though I understand she won’t be doing anything.

Hahaha, you definitely drew inspiration from The Champions League in Football with Steven and Cynthia’s battles, with the away team being treated very hostile by the fans and them having to battle twice, once in Hoenn and once in Sinnoh!

Also, I love how this implies that Steven’s Metagross and Cynthia’s Garchomp have never been defeated in battle, ever. That is insanity!

Not going to lie, I’d read a spin-off story solely focusing on Cynthia and Steven going on archeological trips together and having fun together as the strongest couple in the world.

Ooohh, Cynthia going to battle Leon, the unbeatable champion? Fitting! Is he as powerful as Steven and her?

And now for the battle we’ve been waiting for! Ash is going to battle Steven! I am excited for this one! :D

‘’I’ve heard so many stories of parents forcing expectations and career paths on their children. That never ends well.’’ I see you’re dissing a certain someone here, eh, Arcy? ;3

Naaawww, Steven’s Steelix was his first? Good girl believing in him! I love it! O

All right, all right, Steven lost to a couple of gyms in Hoenn? Okay, I have to think which ones he’d lose to as steel type trainer, let’s see. Maybe Brawly’s gym, since it’s fighting type. Flannery’s gym since it’s fire, maybe Tate and Liza but Steel would give him a big advantage. Definitely Wallace/Juan. Water types tend to do well against steel types!

Oh SHIT! It’s Cynthia’s Garchomp! Everybody, scatter!

Ash managing to even defeat Steven or Cynthia in this universe seems utterly impossible. They’re way too freakishly strong. I assume he’d only win if he used Latios without his lock, which would be way too unfair, hahahaha.

I’m expecting we’re going to hear a sad backstory from Cynthia now. Maybe she lost one of her Pokémon? Hmmm… I am curious!

Ah, so she was like Paul in a sense? Only looking at raw data. I see. Also, even with these very small and sad little emotional backstories, you find it difficult to write it in a sense that’s believable. I don’t know what it is, but it lacks something that your battles don’t.

Hey, there’s Metagross. Was he just chilling to the side all this time? Hahahaha.

Okay, so no battle yet I think this chapter, but definitely next one! Let’s see how Pidgeot’s first time mega-evolving will go!

Oh no, Pidgeot is losing control. And both Steven and Cynthia are of course ordering not to interfere. I don’t agree here, as I’ve stated a few chapters previous with Phae and Skai. Simply ‘’having faith’’ only works because Ash is the main protagonist. In any other instance this would have been way too dangerous and possibly leave Ash with permanent injuries or worse. It’s why I don’t necessarily feel any tension at this part, because we know they’re going to be all right.

And, as I expected, Ash overcame it.

And that’s the end of this chapter! It was pretty good, pretty all right. I liked Steven’s and Cynthia’s backstory. I think you could’ve fleshed out Pidgeot’s reaction a bit more when she got her gift. While I think it’s logical you showed us Pidgeot losing control due to how Mega Evolution works, the scene itself suffers because there’s no real tension.

Now then, next chapter I am sure we’ll see Ash’s battle against Steven! I am pretty stoked for it. Can’t wait to read it! :3

1/11 c27 Syrup-Waffle
Hiya Arcy! I’m back again with a review for chapter twenty-seven! Now that we’re officially done with the Rustboro city arc, let’s see where the story is heading next!

Ozul? Did you just really rip off Özil’s last name and made him a Gengar? ;P In all seriousness, pretty cool name for a Gengar, I like it!

Oh, it seems Azrael is up to date with recent events! That is interesting that he knows daddy Latios is revived again. Looks like he’s not very pleased with it. Also, while Azrael is seemingly a powerful entity and a thorn in the side of legendaries, he acts like he’s pretty young.

Also, his reasoning is super fair. Azrael finding it suspicious the Lati twins aren’t protected thus a possible ambush awaits him is good thinking on his part. Of course, he was wrong in this instance, but he’s right when you’re dealing with gods, if something is too easy, it usually is a trap. XD

Even better ideas and reasoning from Azrael. Getting a sample from both Latis when their power locks are still somewhat intact makes it far easier to get a sample from them. But that does mean he has to distract Phae and Skai somehow, because they’re watching the Latis like two hawks. And then there’s Skai’s ward on them, so it will be risky indeed.

I love when I think things, you write about them. XD Ozul realizing that his king has to go through Skai’s ward. Oopsie.

They have a staff with a gem that shows the locations of all Gods on the planet. What the hell? Does Azrael possess one of the Infinity Stones or something? Is he Thanos? :P

I love how he acknowledges that Phae could be a threat but he’s absolutely afraid of Skai. I am pretty sure Phaedra is equally as scary, hahahaha.

And so, Azrael and Ozul prepare their attack to move things ahead. Interesting to read about them from their perspective. I can’t remember if we’ve read from Azrael perspective before, but if that was the case, then it was a long time ago and I don’t remember anymore. :P

Ash flying on Pidgeot is so damn adorable. I just love how you decided to add her back to the team! Super cool decision!

So, paying for all the damages done to Rustboro city is going to be a pain. Who’s going to be responsible for it? Poor citizens, taxes will go through the roof less Hoenn pays for it somehow.

Also, you gotta imagine that flying on Pokémon probably have some sort of rules too. Not only because it can be dangerous, but mostly because it probably is very dangerous. XD

The Arcanine glanced warily at the Pidgeot. Hahahaha, the Arcanine knows instinctively how strong Ash’s Pidgeot is. I love small little touches like these!

Damn, that Absol is super cool! You can write Pokémon so awesome and amazing with just a few sentences!

Ooooohhh, the Absol is Sidney’s ace! No wonder that he got a mega stone! Convenient he’s here now and not when Rustboro was under attack. Where are the powerful trainers when you need them? :P

Wait a second, he was there defending the City Town Hall and you didn’t write about it!? You skipped a battle with a Mega Absol! Are you turning into me now? ;P

Also, can I say that I lowkey love the elite four in Hoenn? Sidney’s dark-typing is super cool. Phoebe looks so laid back and sweet but then uses Ghosts, Glacia is calm and collected but uses chilly icy types and then Drake is just an old badass.

Okay, I genuinely laughed! Absol and Sidney have such synergy together, playfully pushing Steven away, hahahaha.

I am giggling way too much. These couple of sentences of Ash talking with Steven is just completely and utterly you. They’re not Ash nor Steven, but exactly how you would respond and hold a conversation with somebody, hahahahaha.

Pretty convenient nobody could get a good picture or video footage of either Latias or Latios stopping Team Aqua’s deadly laser beam, but I’ll let it slide.

The first thing that Ash wants on the mind of people if they think of Ash Ketchum, is that he’s a strong trainer. Okay, but wouldn’t saving Rustboro city imply that he’s a very capable and strong trainer (Even though it was the Lati’s godly powers)? This argument seems a little counter-intuitive as to why he doesn’t want any credit, in my opinion.

Can I comment again that I just love your dialogue sometimes? Ash imagining Pikachu mega-evolving and then lying with a simple: ‘’I wasn’t!’’ is just too funny!

Wow, Steven Stone describing the entire plot of OPM. Being too powerful and growing bored of it all. Steven should just battle Phaedra and see how quickly his Pokémon faint. :P

Ah, Ash and Steven are going to battle! I wonder how quickly Ash will lose, but it’s going to be fun nonetheless! Let’s see how this will go!

Oh, the battle is getting postponed to next chapter. Gotcha! That’s fine too. XD

‘’I hope you’ve enjoyed the walk and conversation,’’ Steven said. Only you, Arcy, would say something like that in real life. That’s so you. Just having a normal conversation and then saying: ‘’I hope you’ve enjoyed the walk and conversation!’’ XD

And Ash is getting the jewelry that Pidgeot will wear for her mega-stone and her mega evolution! I can’t wait to see that happen! :3

Overall, this was a very solid chapter! I really enjoyed it, from Azrael’s perspective and his plans, to meeting Sidney, and as well as Steven and Ash’s interactions! Next chapter we’ll get to see how Latios is getting destroyed by Steven and Pidgeot mega evolving! Can’t wait to read it! :D

1/11 c26 Syrup-Waffle
Heya Arcy, I am back with a review for the next chapter! Chapter twenty-six, here we go! I’m excited! :D

So, Latias can purr now? Like a cat? You want me to get a heart attack for how cute that would sound!? :P

Aha! Latias cuddling Ash and Latios cuddling Bianca! Perfect, all’s right with the world. Also, I can still see your own personality in how you’re writing these characters. It’s pretty funny!

So Latios and Latias have levelled up and can now use their psychic powers more broadly! That’s actually pretty cool and might come in very handy.

Hey, Latias knows Psyshock now! That’s awesome! Very powerful attack and also very useful! It’s one of my favourite psychic moves visually. It looks so cool!

Imagine living in the Pokémon world, though. You’d be spending like thousands of dollars for insurance because a random Latios decided to try out his Dragon Pulse attack somewhere in the evening and cause a ruckus. And we’re not even talking about random/wild Pokémon. Imagine the damage they’d cause!

Hahaha, again, I love the self-awareness you created by having everybody commenting on it and Latios feeling embarrassed because of it. Sometimes, these things just flow naturally while writing them.

Pikachu saying he’s salty makes me think he plays videogames with Latios, hahahaha. XD

‘’They’re the Donphan in the room to talk about.’’ Not the Copperajah in the room?

You know, I’ve always wondered: Team Aqua and Team Magma are both stupid activists with stupid plans. How in the hell did they get enough support and back-up from people to afford large crafts that are worth millions of dollars? Are Maxie and Archie stinking rich or what?

So, the Red Orb and the Blue Orb… Don’t they have like, Arceus’ Water and Fire plate inside of them or something? Otherwise, those artifacts have no fucking way of controlling Gods that shaped the planet, there’s literally no way.

I like Latios’ plan of tipping off Ray and letting him deal with Team Aqua and Team Magma. It’s the right course of action to take into this situation with all the knowledge he possesses about both teams currently.

Also, Brock feeling bad making it Ray’s problem. Hahaha, Ray could one-shot both teams with his arms tied behind his back.

And Shadows are looming in the darkness! It seems our main bad guy Azrael is planning an attack pretty soon!

And that covers chapter twenty-six! Not very much happened here other than the Latis learning a new attack and the group deciding to take a detour to Sky pillar, but it sets a very good tone what the next goal is for our heroes. It also makes it clear for the reader where we’re going with the story next, and I, for one, love stories where a group has to journey to a mythical place. Can’t wait to read the next chapter! :3

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