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1/11 c26 3Syrup-Waffle
Heya Arcy, I am back with a review for the next chapter! Chapter twenty-six, here we go! I’m excited! :D

So, Latias can purr now? Like a cat? You want me to get a heart attack for how cute that would sound!? :P

Aha! Latias cuddling Ash and Latios cuddling Bianca! Perfect, all’s right with the world. Also, I can still see your own personality in how you’re writing these characters. It’s pretty funny!

So Latios and Latias have levelled up and can now use their psychic powers more broadly! That’s actually pretty cool and might come in very handy.

Hey, Latias knows Psyshock now! That’s awesome! Very powerful attack and also very useful! It’s one of my favourite psychic moves visually. It looks so cool!

Imagine living in the Pokémon world, though. You’d be spending like thousands of dollars for insurance because a random Latios decided to try out his Dragon Pulse attack somewhere in the evening and cause a ruckus. And we’re not even talking about random/wild Pokémon. Imagine the damage they’d cause!

Hahaha, again, I love the self-awareness you created by having everybody commenting on it and Latios feeling embarrassed because of it. Sometimes, these things just flow naturally while writing them.

Pikachu saying he’s salty makes me think he plays videogames with Latios, hahahaha. XD

‘’They’re the Donphan in the room to talk about.’’ Not the Copperajah in the room?

You know, I’ve always wondered: Team Aqua and Team Magma are both stupid activists with stupid plans. How in the hell did they get enough support and back-up from people to afford large crafts that are worth millions of dollars? Are Maxie and Archie stinking rich or what?

So, the Red Orb and the Blue Orb… Don’t they have like, Arceus’ Water and Fire plate inside of them or something? Otherwise, those artifacts have no fucking way of controlling Gods that shaped the planet, there’s literally no way.

I like Latios’ plan of tipping off Ray and letting him deal with Team Aqua and Team Magma. It’s the right course of action to take into this situation with all the knowledge he possesses about both teams currently.

Also, Brock feeling bad making it Ray’s problem. Hahaha, Ray could one-shot both teams with his arms tied behind his back.

And Shadows are looming in the darkness! It seems our main bad guy Azrael is planning an attack pretty soon!

And that covers chapter twenty-six! Not very much happened here other than the Latis learning a new attack and the group deciding to take a detour to Sky pillar, but it sets a very good tone what the next goal is for our heroes. It also makes it clear for the reader where we’re going with the story next, and I, for one, love stories where a group has to journey to a mythical place. Can’t wait to read the next chapter! :3

1/11 c25 Syrup-Waffle
Heya Arcy, I am back with my review for chapter Twenty-five! The Aftermath of the Rustboro battle! I am excited to read it, so let’s go!

The banter between Phaedra and Skailyn after the twins’ battle is pretty nice and was much needed (in my opinion) after what I read in the previous chapter. Their clashing personality makes it work very well. Also, teasing that the Latis’ mum could beat Skai in a fight just to pique the reader’s interest in her. I see what you’re doing here. Although I do have to comment that I’m curious what would’ve happened if the Latis did die in that fight. (I have a fairly good idea since I know how most things in the ANC world work because you’ve told me, just not sure how much you’ve explained to the reader yet, so I won’t take the risk and potentially spoil something). That would pretty much be a big ‘’Oops’’ on Skai’s part as she suggested to watch the show instead of taking action. XD

Once again, I am amazed at the amount of English words you know and how you’re able to use them so effectively to describe the environment all around you. It’s really stunning and pulls you into the world so easily! Very vivid story telling for sure!

Damn, it has only been a few months since Ash met Latios and Latias? Imagine if you actually described a single year of someone’s life! It would take you a century! :P

‘’I don’t have any words for this.’’ Is the most out of character thing Ash could’ve said here, considering his personality, hahahaha.

Ooohhh, Steven and Joseph want to thank Ash properly later? I already know where this is heading! Pidgeot Mega Stone inbound!

‘’Mawile took a deep death?’’ I think you mean that Mawile took a deep breath here. Small typo. :P

Man, I love, love, LOVE Pikachu’s and Latios’ banter. They’re such good friends! ‘’I would only drop you, not Ash.’’ Hahaha, that cracked me up!

Pikachu to Latios: ‘’Yeah, go to sleep.’’ Slight nitpick here, but that sounds like Pikachu is telling Latios to go to sleep permanently. XD

I like how Brock is drawing a parallel to what happened in Alto Mare before. That’s a really neat way to tie up what happened in Rustboro to canon events that happened in the movie. I really like it!

I also really like that I can still hear yourself in the way Ash and Brock talk sometimes. Your personality and the way how you speak is really merged into your writing, it’s kinda funny. XD

I have to applaud you how you’re showing both that Pokémon from trainers, but also Pokémon from Team Aqua are being treated in the Pokémon Center. I see that you’ve remembered our Hippocratic Oath well! I am curious what the Pokémon World’s equivalent of that would be.

Sleeping for ten hours is how I feel after working the entire week and not having to wake up early. I understand Latias and Latios just fine!

Your Mexican side is showing, Arcy. Making Latios tell in graphic detail to Ash how he basically almost died. How old is Ash again in this story here? Twelve? :P

‘’She hiccuped and a single tear rolled down her cheek.’’ Oh come on, Arcy! Really? Have you ever seen someone shed a single tear from one eye? This is so romanticized!

… And you did it AGAIN with Latios two small paragraphs later! How dare you! XD

By the way, it’s clear to me that you’re struggling a fair amount with writing an emotional scene. The quality of Latios’ and Latias’ grief feels written very unnaturally for your standards. You’re being more redundant as usual and it feels as if you don’t exactly know how to describe Ash and co.’s empathy and compassion towards Latias and Latios either. It’s awkward and stiff and it feels more forced than anything else. Unfortunately, this makes it lose a lot of its impact.

Hahahaha! Eren Yeager has the Rumbling and the Lati Twins have the Ripping! Beware! :P

I find it funny that you have a bit of self-awareness and have the Lati’s joking about the fact they were yelling at basically nothing when they were powering up to stop Team Aqua’s cannon blast. That makes for a very funny moment here, considering I actually commented about that as well!

All right, and that’s the end of this one! Overall, a lot weaker than your previous chapters. It’s clear that writing battles comes naturally to you but writing emotional scenes is something you still could use practice with. I think this is a theme you can still work on to up your writing qualities for in the foreseeable future! Now on to the next chapter for me then! :3

1/11 c24 Syrup-Waffle
Heya Arcy! I am back to reviewing your story! Sorry for the hold-up, but I have a lot of catching up to do, so let’s see how chapter twenty-four is going to go!

I almost forgot how good you are at describing battles. Almost. The way how you painted the hopelessness of both Latias and Latios while describing the devastating power of Team Aqua’s cannon makes it truly fear-inducing!

For a moment, I thought you were going to start an internal monologue with Latios there as he reflects on the final seconds of his life. What is this, an anime? :P

Skailyn being like a mother to Silver is pretty adorable, not going to lie. I had no idea she had that in her.

I see, so Ailith is Skailyn’s marked then? I believe that also makes her very powerful compared to other Banette’s in general.

And there’s Phaedra coming in like a mother hen! She’s adorable! I love Phaedra so much. Easily my favourite character you came up with.

Yay, Skailyn laying down the divine judgment on the Slavers! Poor Pokémon, the psychological trauma they went through makes them scarred for life, unfortunately. Unless they have divine intervention from above, they’ll always carry this with them.

This begs the question, do Pokémon have a grasp of psychology and how to deal with extreme mental and emotional damage like this? I can already see a Hypno doing EMDR on that Arcanine you mentioned. XD It’s silly, but it makes them very human.

I still can’t quite grasp how Legendaries are million years old and that means that Silver is most likely thousands of years old yet still also a toddler? Or am I mistaken here? XD Either way, it’s odd to me a legendary’s mind needs that much time before they become developed enough to make cognitive decisions akin to a human adult when they’re gods. It almost feels contradicting.

Of course, both Latios and Latias have locks on their true powers. Like every good anime the protagonist has hidden powers/abilities they don’t know about/can’t tap into unless they’re in a critical situation. :P

I personally don’t like Skai and Phae’s little scuffle. Skailyn basically ordering Phae to stand down lest she’s actually going to fight her feels immature to me in a way. She raises a good point that the Twins can handle themselves, though, but doing nothing and just ‘’watching the show’’ as if it’s pure entertainment really rubs me the wrong way.

Ash and Pikachu cheering on the Latis to give them extra strength! Always works!

Who are both Latias and Latios talking to with their speech of powering up? This feels so anime that I can only think of Saitama’s badly drawn face going: ‘’Ok.’’ at this scene.

I am now very curious how Groudon would’ve faced against Team Aqua’s cannon beam. Would Groudon have tanked the hit? Would the beam have done some damage or would Groudon just swatted away that beam like it’s an annoying fly?

And thus, the Latis save Rustboro city from certain destruction! Gotta say, the way how you wrote the detonation of the beam and Latios’ dragon pulse was epically done!

Latios is hacking and using Tactics only Ash can use! Combining his Luster Purge and Dragon Pulse attack together is illegal!

I feel Latias’ and Latios’ bout was too short. They both have very different personalities and clashing ideologies when it comes to life and death. Latios agreeing so quickly to not fire felt a little too hasty, but nothing too bad.

And we end it with a sweet little Altoshipping moment between Latias and Ash! You know I always enjoy these, no matter how small they are!

And that concludes chapter twenty-four! Overall, a solid one, though a little predictable with the hidden power-ups, the cliffhangers that make it seem both the Latis are going to die (when we know they aren’t) and then Latios basically one-shotting Team Aqua’s vessel. Though you’ve written it very nicely and epically! Good job! I shall go to read chapter twenty-five soon! :3

1/10 c1 GymNatty321
Hoenn sucks ass, Kanto is where the boys at
12/29/2022 c40 ShadowBloodedge9396
And with this I'm caught up on all my favorites that updated on or after Christmas...for now, lol. So now the gang knows about the Marked, Pokemon who have been marked by a legendary as their spokesperson or what have you, someone to leave in charge if the legendary, in this case Rayquaza isn't around. Neat...I take it not all of the Marked will be pseudo legendaries like Dragapult though?
Fitting that Ash gets the Gengar as his guardian, lol. And I'm with the twins, hopefully Ho-oh will be more willing to provide answers.
12/28/2022 c40 UltimateCCC
I get that keeping the truth but it's also worst of losing friendship and trust.
12/26/2022 c40 5ShadowLDrago
Latios awoke to the sight of an immense eye with a golden pupil almost as big as his entire head looking down on him with concern. That is a GREAT way of showing off how worryingly massive Skai is. And her Dad's even BIGGER.

"I'm not complaining, though. You're quite friendly." To be fair, so are you. If you approached with hostility, even if one disregards how dumb that'd be, she'd likely be much less civil.

"I was minutes away from ending up like Kyurem. OH. That's, that's pretty bad.

"You're right, Latias. It's more than just being a fellow Legendary Pokémon. Far more." I hear Zeus from Disney's Hercules.

"Let me guess, you're part of the 'we can't answer that' crew much like Skailyn is? I swear you're all just as cryptic as Ho-Oh can be." Yep. But, at least they're upfront about the fact that they can't tell you things instead of being evasive.

"How do you know about those?" Because Magma and Aqua know about them. And have NO idea what kind of Apocalyptic Fuckery they could unleash.

"Groudon, Kyogre, and my dad have been under their control before. It's not pretty." I can't imagine it is.

"No, you dummy. We're gods of a much higher order than you. I meant that your mind will face an intense sensory backlash from us given the size and power of our minds. Like connecting a 9 volt battery directly into a nuclear reactor.

"But Groudon and Kyogre can." Given how Magma and Aqua are basically CULTS, if their God shows up and says "Gimme the orb", they're gonna get with the gimmeing.

"We learned our attacker is the same person who killed our father. If our attacker used the orbs, are we talking about the same person here?" Clever girl.

"You meet a Legendary and that's the first thing you say?" What? It's true.

"I left a minimal scent mark on you three," Rayquaza replied. "Few of Sky Pillar's residents have seen humans before. It'll help all locals know, despite any uncertainty, that you're personally approved by me and will let them know right away they should be mindful of you." Useful. I would still avoid antagonizing the locals. Just in case.

"I will never see the point of region locking a Pokédex." Ask Oak. Or Birch.

"It's fine, don't worry about it," Bianca said while waving dismissively. "Her attitude reminds me of myself at times, actually. So, rather fair I get a taste of my own medicine for once." See, I KNOW this is Movie Bianca, but I sometimes picture Gen 5 Bianca. I blame the bat.
12/26/2022 c40 1SilverWolf1130
And the Twins have finally met Rayquaza! And he’s a lot more down to earth than I thought. Not that I’m complaining. I like his characterization so far. And his interactions with Skai and the Twins.

Yup. He’s a member of the “Can’t tell you anything. Sorry” club. Pretty soon the Twins are gonna snap. I know I would.

And we meet Savannah the Dragapult and she’s really cool so far. Extra points for being a Dragapult :3

Oh shit. It’s Mr. Ozul! Was not expecting that! I knew he was a spy but I didn’t think he was this close to the Legendaries.

You just know when the Legendaries talk about Azrael near him, he’s mentally laughing at them. Gotta be careful though. One misstep and he’s dead.

And now the Twins are off to meet Ho-Oh… let’s see how this goes. I wonder if this is finally it…

Another great chapter, Arcy. I look forward to chapter 41 :)
12/25/2022 c40 ArouraPhoenix
OH MY SKY DRAGON GOD NUZZLES! (Cue fangirl freakout...)

Okay, first things first (kinda). I love Rayquaza. For a literal SKY GOD, he's very down-to-Earth. I know this keeps coming up with these chapters, but it's... for want of a better word, it's strange to see them acting with such human personalities. I mean, Rayquaza must be nearly 4 billion years old, but he's not acting like any other enlightened characters I'm familiar with. He's clearly old and carries a wealth of experience, but he's still just... a loving dad and a concerned family friend.

I do also enjoy Latios' hesitation in addressing him for all the same reasons. "You're a god, I'm a god, everyone's a god. Just call me Ray."

... and of course Ozul is a spy... If he weren't dead I'll kill him.

I also desperately want to hug Kaida! Which does beg the question... for her side-along sibling to be addressed only as 'a Dreepy', do Dreepy not receive a name until they evolve? Or was that just an oversight?

All in all though, another fantastic chapter. I loved the attention to detail, especially with regard to the sheer might of Rayquaza's mind. Some fun lore regarding Legends and mortals that totally ISN'T going to be touched on in the future. (Wink wink) And I also need to go buy/invent a Proton Pack for Ozul. Smashed it out of the park again, mate! Well done!
12/25/2022 c40 7ColsonOtis
Nice chapter Arcy!

So the plot unfolds...

Ash and gang finally get to meet Rayquaza. He seemed pretty cool honestly, I like how you portrayed him.

Latias still doesn't know... I wonder what will happen when she finds out.

Anyway, great chapter! Hope to get another one soon!
12/25/2022 c40 Force Smuggler
Wonderful interactions.
12/25/2022 c40 bednarczykmiki
Scarlet and Violet Pokémon already?
12/21/2022 c39 TheFinalDragon
Damn, that opening nightmare sequence was pretty dark. Short but intense. I like how you portrayed the dichotomy between Latias’s angelic, serene appearance and the destructive nature of her powers. It does a good job of setting up the potential interpersonal conflict that might arise between Ash and Latias if he can’t control his fear of her abilities. I suppose this could lead to issues with Latios as well, especially if he also develops similar powers.

I like how you portrayed Ash’s trauma over the whole situation. The poor kid is so stressed out that it’s made him physically ill. I’m not gonna lie though, it’s kind of funny to imagine the legends’ reactions to Ash puking into their sacred lake. Uh…hopefully they won’t care too much about that.

Skailyn meeting the twins for the first time was a fun read. Their initial, terrified reactions to waking up in the coils of a giant reaper snake was pretty realistic. Skailyn having to reassure them that she is a friend reminds me of how biblical angels would often do the same with the humans that saw them due to their terrifying appearance.

It’s curious how Skailyn comments on Ash having a large amount of aura. Several characters have stated this in the past, including Azrael and the father Latios if I remember correctly. I assume that there’s an in-universe reason for this besides the fact that he’s just the main character. Is it just because of his heightened empathy towards others, or is it something else? Time will tell.

I sympathized a lot with Latios in this scene, seeing him try to stop himself from crying and feeling self-loathing for not doing enough, him struggling to keep all of those negative emotions bottled up without knowing how to properly release them. His character arc throughout this story is very compelling, with him learning how to form attachments with other people besides his sister. I like how he’s transitioned from a suspicious, socially introverted person to the kinder dragon that he is now. I think that Ash helping to teach him how to better protect himself and those he cares about contributed majorly to that.

Latias has a lot of interesting potential as a character right now. Her anger towards Ash’s death combined with her ignorance of the role she had in it could lead to some rather dark turns for her character in the future, especially if Azrael becomes involved. Compared to her brother, who is slowly learning to better control his rash impulses, Latias is less disciplined and I think that her empathic nature makes her more vulnerable to emotional turmoil. If the truth of Ash’s death comes to light, I fear it could be very emotionally damaging for her.

I personally think Ash was right to not tell her about the source of the fire. The only person to blame for what happened is Azrael. Also, he probably would have killed Ash anyway after he was done, like he did with the Team Aqua grunt from before.

I enjoy how you write Skailyn as a much more ‘down to earth’ sort of deity than such characters are usually portrayed. It’s nice to see her being so empathetic and understanding of Latios and his personal problems, instead of just talking down to him or acting too formal towards him. She even admits her own feelings of guilt for the events that transpired, something that you wouldn’t really expect a god-like being to say.

I like that Latios at least admits how he messed up during the whole Rico incident. It makes sense that Skailyn wouldn’t begrudge him for that since she herself has apparently executed humans who traffic Pokémon as well. I’d be curious to see if that subplot with Skai and the slavers is ever continued, even though it is a pretty dark and disturbing topic.

When Skailyn says that legendaries aren’t heroes and that they don’t interfere in human conflicts, does this only apply to humans or all mortal species? We saw her save the Pokémon from the aforementioned slavers earlier, so we know that she at least would go out of her way to protect any Pokémon she sees being abused by humans. I find it interesting how legendaries seem very uncomfortable with being given any positive labels of adoration by people, they are surprisingly humble given the power that they wield.

Oh, the evil dream doppelganger, always a classic. But yeah, Latias is in for a very bad time in the near future. And yeah, I think it’s cool how her nightmare starts at the point where Ash’s nightmare ended. Hopefully she can get through this so long as her friends and family remain supportive as they have.
12/19/2022 c39 Cheekypaladin
very emotional chapter, simular emotions as the last. back to back chapters like this seem hard to pull off well, but i felt what the characters were portraying quite well. the anger, how upset they were.. it's done so well. cqn't wait to see how chapter 40 unfolds.
12/9/2022 c39 Dracofighter
Great chapter, well worth the wait, feel of ash, but i feel like the truth at that point would only have crushed Latias, that said, unless he tells her soon it'll definiately come back to bite him

well written excellent characterisation, looking forward to more
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