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11/17/2022 c38 Bendy3142
Are you going to continue the story below this one
11/7/2022 c32 Mrpockets998
I can't help but think that this series of events shouldn't have happened at all, Latios (the dad) should have known about the blue red & jade orbs and since he's a Psychic type he should be very intelligent so why did he ask a Legendary that would be susceptible to them to guard his kids. He really should have asked a different Legendary.
11/6/2022 c10 Mrpockets998
The only thing Latios did wrong was that he killed that bastard Rico in a way that could be noticed.
9/30/2022 c38 3Saul'keth
Phanpy took that... oddly well. I mean, yeah, Ash was resurrected, he might not be old or mature enough to understand everything yet, he probably wants to stay strong for Larvitar, and he's a bundle of joy overall. But his dad just admitted to dying. I'm didn't expect anything nearly as extreme as Larvitar's reaction (and man, did that catch me off guard [sorry not sorry for bring it up in the discord]), but he still seemed to take that way too well. Either that cheer is his method of coping, which raises a lot of questions, or the reality just hasn't sunk in for him yet.
9/25/2022 c38 6redandready45
Poor Ash...

So young and already having been through so much!
9/25/2022 c37 redandready45
Good chapter.

I think Ash and co. conversing with Legendaries is cool, but I worry if having godlike beings is making him and his buddies a bit...overpowered.

Again, it is not inherently a bad thing, but it risks reducing the challenges they face.
9/25/2022 c38 UltimateCCC
Did Delia ever or already have the chance to spoiled her hatched grandchildren?
9/25/2022 c38 Force Smuggler
Amazing interactions. They are a family.
9/25/2022 c38 7ColsonOtis
Aww! This chapter is so lovely and cute!
I love the interaction between Ash and his pokemon you put here.
After this chapter though, I kinda felt like shouting "Wake up Latios and Latias! You've been asleep for almost five chapters!
9/25/2022 c38 ShadowBloodedge9396
I say you handled this chapter pretty well. My poor heartstrings, especially with how Larvitar took the news…
At least they’re all picking back up and vowing to train to be better and ready next time. Just…oh boy when Latios and Latias wake up…I really hope Ash will be as good at consoling Latias as Ho-Oh believes he will be…
9/25/2022 c38 5ShadowLDrago
"He died, that's what happened," You are PERCEPTIVE.

"Don't apologize. At all. It's not your fault and you're by far the least guilty person here. I'm not exactly thrilled at the problems Legendaries get us into all the time, but there's only one thing to truly blame in all of this." Pikachu really said "don't blame yourself for other people being shitty." How is it possible for Pikachu to be so inimaginably based?

"Larvitar froze and the world around him crawled to an eerie standstill, everything fading into a blurry mess." Ah shit, PTSD.

"He winced when the intrusive thought of how his large family would react if he were to pass away made its way to him." Everyone here needs a therapist,

"I don't want it to all be about me." You LITERALLY DIED.

"I'm twelve yet I've already died twice. I don't feel like this is normal." Oh Christ, he IS 12.

"Thank you, Brock. For always having my back." I love how much 'older brother energy' Brock gives off.

"If you died for real, I…I… I don't think I'd see a point in continuing living," oh.

"I have a score to settle with that evil trainer for killing you. And so do Latios and Latias because it also killed their dad." Yeah, turns out, hurting Ash makes Pikachu VERY ANGRY. Wild notion, I know. As an aside, I love that Ash doesn't blame Latias for an instant, because it WASN'T her fault.

"Not as drastic as Ho-Oh freely regenerating limbs, but still pretty impressive, not gonna lie," No joke. Wish I could have some of that.

"Wish we could take some of it with us, even." I mean, you could ask.

"And you shouldn't be. Do you know where that fire came from?" Yeah, about that...
9/24/2022 c38 1SilverWolf1130
You’re really good at writing emotional chapters, dude.

Poor Ash. No matter where he goes, he’s always in danger. At least he’s got his friends beside him.

Poor Larvitar. He’s been through so much.

A little upset the Twins still haven’t woken up yet but I like that you included Ash’s Pokémon’s thoughts on what happened.

Can’t wait for chapter 39. Maybe the Twins will finally wake up. Maybe xD
9/24/2022 c38 ArouraPhoenix
... well now I feel like an idiot. We spent all that time worrying that Latias was going to lose it, but never considered that Larvitar would break down first!

This very professionally structured chapter. I'm getting Legend of Korra vibes for how you're dealing with all of this trauma. Ash died, and even if Ho-Oh pressed the 'undo' button, even if it happened once before, no one is okay with it.

Ash being able to calm Larvitar down so easily might be a little bit of a stretch, given that he's twelve. But facing death and it's consequences is the ultimate test of character. I like that even after a second death, struggling with all of this trauma, that Ash is still more concerned about others.

There were a few places that dragged on a bit, but all told, well done. w
9/24/2022 c38 1DragonicFireLord
Excellent job now with the legendary issues done let’s get back to the gyms (legendary episodes in the anime usually bore only exceptions were the fight with Magma and Aqua and the rescuing Lusamine arc
9/24/2022 c38 Space magikarp
Chapter 38! 2 chapters in the same week! This is turning out to be one heck of a good week! Also, I’ve not got much to say for this chapter, not because it was bad or anything, it was quite the opposite, but just because it was shorter and focused mostly on Larvitar.

Man, it feels like forever since we’ve last seen Treecko, Larvitar, and Phanpy because of how much has been going on. I didn’t give it much thought about how they would take the information that Ash had died, again, but man, I didn’t think Larvitar would react like this… Poor guy really just needs all the hugs and support right now.

I’m definitely glad you took the time to write this chapter, even if it slightly delayed the previous one, because seeing how the group reacts to everything that’s happened, especially Larvitar, was really nice.

That’s all I have to say for this chapter. As always, I enjoyed reading it. It was a great chapter.
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