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for Running From The Past

4/24/2016 c14 2DhampirLover
Adrian and Sydney need to have their arses kick and given a severe slap of reality for what they are putting Rose through, maybe they need to have their own kid taken away from them for them to understand!
5/21/2014 c14 SmartiePants136
Plz update
2/22/2014 c14 hh
The fact that Adrian doesn't care about rose is total shit...u don't even have him visit her...nothing...its bullshit and what the fuck is a human doing in the gates humans can live there unless their feeders. And I always hated Sydney...stupid human
1/10/2014 c7 Supelover14
very good!
12/26/2013 c2 tbrett29
Will you continueing this great story?
11/14/2013 c1 tbrett29
Will you be continueing on with this great story soon?
10/16/2013 c14 2shubhangi.gupta.790
dude plz write faster
10/7/2013 c14 little dhampire 13
ugghhh...stupid adrian...hate what rose is going through! Oh and thank you for updating) nice chap...finally rose told jason!...can we have a chapter in jasons pov?
10/7/2013 c14 bboops22
i think adrian and sydeny r arshols 4 not telling jason i think it about time they tell him the truth love this story next chap pease
10/6/2013 c14 tbrett29
Please update soon:-)
10/6/2013 c14 1catnip851
Please update soon!
10/6/2013 c14 Guest
I feel so sorry for Rose, Adrian and Sydney have no right getting all high and mighty. Yes they have raised Jason, but he is Rose's son and she was kidnapped, had her baby ripped from her body and turn against her will and to top it off she is turned back to a Damphir, Adrian and Sydney look at her in disgust and don't trust her with her own child. What crap has Adrian or Sydney for that matter been feeding Jason for him to run away from Rose, did they tell him that his real Mother was a monster THEY HAD NO RIGHT TO BRAND HER LIKE THAT. Rose has every right to have a relationship with her own child and she should not be the friend or the Aunt, she is the mother, Sydney has her own biological child with Adrian and Ana deserves to co- parent with her son.

I missed Dimitri in this chapter, i wonder what he thinks of the whole thing. He was brought up in a Bloodwhore commune and had an asshole of a father who beat his mother. He knows the sacrifices that Damphirs make to protect Moroi, if anyone can understand what Rose is going through it would be Dimitri. Rose really needs a shoulder to cry on and i hope that Dimitri is there soon to lend it, i am eager to see a relationship happen with Rose and Dimitri soon and who knows after Rose was changed back to Damphir, she may be able to have a child with Dimitri.

10/6/2013 c14 2Luna Schlee
poor rose. Why do I keep saying that? Anyway, it's great like usual but Adrian really needs to lighten up.
10/6/2013 c14 4TheHappyLol
This made me cry so damn much D:
10/4/2013 c13 4TxTlove
Need next chapter. Can't wait
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