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6/29/2015 c1 1MikeyDoox
wow two crossovers lol that new for 2015
6/10/2015 c8 Totoro whovian
Aww!so I was wondering if you could do something like having the eleventh doctor just leaving but the tenth appears knowing nothing about his future and it causes a paradox please think of this idea
12/19/2013 c8 secretwhovianpony
Gasp! Oh my God! So many of my favorite characters! Squee! Danny, and Zak, and Raven, and Gwen, and oh my god, it's just soo awesome! I'm totally in full fan girl mode right now! This is t a simple kp/dw crossover. Oh no. This is an epic, big mish-mash, mutiverse spanning crossover! Squee!
4/13/2013 c1 mavic chen
I'd like to respond to what Someone who wants a fez said. The Time Lord Victorious was crazy, loved fighting and pointless death, and wanted to rule the Universe? The Waters of Mars and the head writer from 2005-9, Russell T. Davies, never said anything of the sort. In The Waters of Mars the Doctor briefly abandoned his own rules and those of his people, and that was gone the moment the episode ended. What he tries to do in that episode was save some lives, which was wrong because it changed history. Loved fighting and pointless death? When?
1/28/2012 c8 1ajw1970

thanks for a good story, it was very crative and imagitive too glad to see good story's here wish you had more with ben10 with kp but oh well begger cant be chosers have a good day

alph joker wisky

over and out
1/27/2012 c8 4CajunBear73
Time and multidimensional travel really does make a head hurt...

A bright spot in their lives, but I'm sure you have more to come.

Nice tale.

1/20/2012 c7 Someone Who Wants a Fez
Yea, I was right! Who knew Google really COULD be useful? Now let's see...-sigh- it's failing me right now: redhead- idk, Lightning Sword makes me think of Percy Jackson so I'm gonna go with Jason (I only read the first of the new series even though I got book 2 for Christmas, so I don't know his weapon or even remember what it was if he had one (if it even IS him)), hmmmm... a young boy in a white bear-shaped hat...who could that be as you haven't written a crossover with him and Doctor Who before *coughWhatTimeIsItcough* but if I had to guess I'd say Finn from Adventure Time, pink puff ball- Kirby...?, black hair white streak- I don't know that one either, on a wild guess Buffy will be Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer (that was a hard one!), Raven I guessed last story and got correct so...yeah, Danny- Danny Phantom/Danny Fenton.

Evil cliffie! And DOCTOR! YOU BETTER NOT REGENERATE BECAUSE IT'S TOO SOON OR GET AWESOME POWERS! IF YOU GET ANYMORE AWESOME, IT WOULD BE TOO MUCH TO HANDLE! (We all know it's true, so stop snickering.) Kim's finally back to normal (well except for disappearing, maybe), the Lorwardians (I realized when I started reading this series that if you switch the "lor" and "war," you get WarLord-ians. Very creative) have been defeated, finally!, and the wedding's finally over! One final chapter to end it all! (Anyone else thinking Lord of the Rings, here?)

Looking forward to the next (and last) chapter!


*Am I the only one who thinks it would be really interesting if the Doctor ended up having his personality switched, so he's his dominant dark side with no guilt, loves fighting and pointless death, and decides to rule the Universe? Not to mention is crazy, not mad, and kind of like the Time Lord Victorious but, well, actually victorious. That's a really scary thought, but sounds quite interesting. I was thinking this chapter, "Hmmmm...I wonder what would happen if Kim got the helmet and used on the Doctor and he joined her in her evil conquest, except I have a feeling the Doctor would've overthrown Kim and ruled the Universe. Imagine that alternative chapter...*grins*...BRILLIANT." -Ok, I don't even know on that one. Just my crazy thoughts going there.*

**Oh yeah, I have to admit, when I still didn't know who the Great Blue was, I totally thought it was going to be the Doctor. Blue- TARDIS/Blue suit!, great- do I even have to say how many times he's saved the Universe?, feared- enemies flee at the very sound of his name!, dangerous- he blew up his own planet, for goodness sake!, and he's definitely got a dark side. Plus, he wasn't there yet, but was just arriving. You've got to admit my reasoning somewhat makes sense, at least give me that.**

***What! No Harry Potter?***
1/20/2012 c7 CajunBear73
Crazy little fight there, alright.

A little planning, some forethought and one little Mole Rat helped save the day.

But now where is Kim?

1/11/2012 c6 Someone Who Wants a Fez
It's so climactic! Can't wait for the next (and final? or maybe second to last?) chapter! I'll admit I was a bit annoyed at first (Me: How is this a crossover with Doctor Who with you repeatedly stating the Doctor as one of the main characters when he barely even appears!...Oh, there he is, just in time for the climax, not the boring setup. Got it!) but then you fixed it, so it's all good. One thing though, I'd originally imagined this as 11 since he was the face shown in the prequel and I'm pretty sure he was also in your Christmas thing, but tying it together with The End of Ten (oh, haha, I just realized that's a pun of The End of Time. I don't even have to try, I'm that good!) and the still fresh wounds of Donna and Mars really would get 10 riled up. Even if it was 11's run right before Lake Silencio, he probably (more like definately) wouldn't be as angsty as 10, so I think you made the right choice. And besides, wibbly wobbly, timey wimey!


1/11/2012 c6 CajunBear73
Somehow I don't see this ending well.

1/2/2012 c5 CajunBear73
Oh boy, I hope Kim can be brought back.

Or there's going to be a lot of broken statuary here and there.

12/20/2011 c4 CajunBear73
Doctor, you missed it by that much...

Real problems now with Kim being the Great Blue.

Interesting sitch to see how to fix this one.

Wonder if Kim will whack Ron or not.

11/16/2011 c3 182Luiz4200
Was Ron hit just to distract Kim?
11/16/2011 c3 4CajunBear73
I think all are now doomed if Kim got what she deflected from Ron, and her 'fall' became the 'rise' of this Great Blue.

11/9/2011 c2 6JOUNOUCHI sama
great Chapter , but I must Ask Where is Ben and Kevin
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