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for If Yesterday Never Ends

9/8 c26 foreverautumn99
Please finish this story. It is wonderful and stories like yours keep me going, helps me live through the lives of others. You are a talented writer.
5/29 c26 Guest
what's next?
4/28 c1 peake0509yahoo.com
I like the story but when did adverts get put right in the middle of the story. I cannot read it well like that.
It is not your fault.

It has only started happening today
4/18 c26 18SandyLee Potts
Poor Connor! * Cackles while munching on popcorn *

You know me too well - I thoroughly enjoyed that.
The 19 month wait was worth it!

And I bet they don’t really have Abby, do they?
It was another woman screaming, and now Connor will do anything for his love.
I wonder if Connor will ask to see Abby before he does any more work for them?

And I wonder what is happening to Jess.

Lockdown is indeed a strange time for all of us.
But we’ve got 3 more weeks of it. Hopefully it will give you time to write more.
You haven’t lost your touch dearie.

Sending much love
4/18 c26 6primevalyank
OHhhhhhh, how dare you do that to Connor! The first thing you need to do is write another chapter! hahaha...A nicely detailed chapter but I'm afraid to read it again because poor Connor! He needs rescued soon! So glad to see this story continuing...and I need to see Becker find Jess fix that awful mess he has made! Lots of groveling too! (By Becker of course!) Wonderful chapter!
2/2 c6 Guest
Oh I wish there was more of this fantastic doc!
Oh hang on, there is!
Be back later.
Thank you for such a wonderful beginning.
12/13/2017 c25 nicole.howe.737
Is there any chance of an update for Christmas? Pretty please? I promise that I've been good all year ;)
7/4/2017 c25 8Esmerelda Diana Parker
I forgot how much I loved this fandom. :-) love the update!
6/28/2017 c25 aeons
More, please.
Especially about Lester.
6/28/2017 c13 aeons
I know I'm late to this game, but I've only just found this enthralling story.
Mrs Parker's high profile case is the prosecution in re: the Crown vs James Lester; either that or the Home Secretary wants her for the defense.
6/25/2017 c25 6primevalyank
I have saved this latest chapter as a reward for completing all the work I'd been putting off today. I LOVED this chapter and I really love how you have woven her parent's story into a possible explanation for Becker's telling Jess he never loved her.

Thank you for this lovely gift and though I'm sure you're extremely busy, I look forward to more chapters eventually and a resolution to Becker's naughty behavior! LOL (There needs to be a LOT of groveling on his part!)

I also liked the disclaimer...mmmm...ice cream...hahahaha...Excellent chapter!
6/25/2017 c25 18SandyLee Potts
You updated!

A chapter worth waiting for. Hopefully this is where Jess realises just how much Becker loves her.

Just one thing...
What's happening to Connor?
You said you were going to torture him, he's probably dead by now! (Please, please, please don't bump him off.
6/24/2017 c25 4Beth-TauriChick
Oh my! Absolutely ecstatic to see this is my email. Funnily enough I was thinking about Primeval earlier this week - I started watching Shetland on Netflix and it stars Douglas Henshall. Anyway I am sooo glad that you've updated this fic. I really enjoyed Jess' mom's story. My only complaint is that there wasn't any Becker in this chapter. So if he's done with the ice cream, could you send him back next chapter? Ta! 3
2/7/2017 c24 nicole.howe.737
Hi, please don't leave the story here as I really need to know how it ends. If you can get an update loaded in the next 10 days then it will have only been a year since the last one, rather than 19 months lol ;) On a more serious note though, I need to know how and when Becker comes to his senses and how they get MI6 to get out of their lives. Thanks for sharing your time and imagination with us and I hope that you'll share a little bit more with us soon :)
10/13/2016 c24 salwyn77
I really liked your story! Is there any chance you are finishing it? Pleeeeaaaase! It's really, really good and I want to know what's happening next! You can't leave Becker and Jess hanging like this! Please continue writing! !
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