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10/5/2019 c15 11P1nkPumpkin
I absolutely love this story OMG! Please update soon!
I’m obsessed with the plot and your writing style the way you paint a picture and give the reader an insight on the characters oh my gawd, and the banter between Lone and Carson gives me life. Please Please Please update soon I want to see what happens!
12/7/2015 c3 6Purplefairy121
Those cazadors always creep me out so much,I need the ask my brother to kill them for me.(Shudders)
11/17/2013 c1 trninjakiller
ok i stopped at the part that she doesent have her gear from the capital wasteland
7/22/2013 c15 Cheyenne
I was so excited to see that you updated this story because I love it! Lone and Carson need to hurry up and kiss though haha ;) I'm anxious to see what the noise behind her at the end of the chapter was though...
7/19/2013 c7 A
This has been bugging me and I don't know if you fixed it later, but it's spelled Mojave, not Mohave.
7/16/2013 c15 1TheMerryWriter
This has a nice little pace, like the last few it's letting Lone wind down after all her pain and fear and angst. I like it! :D

You're writing is fabulous AS ALWAYS! And i cant wait to read more ! Need me some Loneson!
5/9/2013 c14 Guest
What the heck, you never updated! I know I'm kind of late on this story but I found it really interesting and I can't believe you just left off on the part that you did. I wanna know what happens next, so update please! ;)
12/4/2012 c14 TheMerryWriter

Why are you doing this to me Ani?
12/4/2012 c13 TheMerryWriter
This chapter broke my heart, but I just love Carson at the end, the way he takes control of the situation, the way he deals with lone and the little girl, it's very nice, very strong, fatherly type. Which of course is something which will appeal to Lone immensly, am i right?
12/4/2012 c11 TheMerryWriter
Wow. Just wow.

I love how you played on her daddy issues so well, all that pain that had been bottle was ready to explode and then that little girl wandered in and doused that fire with ice. She saw herself in that little, frightened girl. It's a very powerful moment and you did it complete justice.
Just fantastic, amazingly written, structured and you're word choices were so powerful.
'seething' 'imprinting'

Very nice!
12/4/2012 c10 TheMerryWriter
Ah the last chapter was named after the eagles song, no? I like this one, it's quite good how you found a less traveled road for your courier to go down, it's very refreshing. Well written as always !
12/4/2012 c8 TheMerryWriter
I like the way you're following the storyline, without using it as a crutch, it's very nice !
12/4/2012 c7 TheMerryWriter
D'aww why's Boone gone missing! Don't get me wrong, I do love some Carson, but I mainly ship Boone/courier... the strong, silent sniper's just my weakness, you know?

I do like that little 'yeeah, that was me...' it made me laugh!
12/4/2012 c6 TheMerryWriter
I really liked this chapter, it's very gentle, a little respite after the madness of the last few, it's almost like you're mimicking her circumstances with the very flow and texture of your writing. I must confess that I'm quickly falling in love with Carson! When's she going to jump on him? D I jest! But still, your writing is so good, indeed I 'lol'd hardily' at the bit where she's eying the electricity pylon like wuuuuut!
12/2/2012 c12 S33KR-HUN
Really, really, really good FF you got there. I love every part of it, and itching for the next chapter.
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