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12/1/2012 c5 1TheMerryWriter
Aww carson is so nice! I get the feeling your courier is quite jaded, quite cynical of other people's motives, but the way you write her gives her a certain vulnerability that's very endearing. I like this alot!

Sorry the reviews not longer, but everything is excellent, I've not seen any problems in the fic and you're writing is so well put together that i don't know what else to say :)
12/1/2012 c4 TheMerryWriter
Aaah, I love that bit 'a legend of a death claw'. I like the way this is written, its got a nice flow to it, there's no repetition or over emphasis on anything. The rawness of some of the imagery is really good, very immersive. It's on the whole very... sleek. Nice :)
12/1/2012 c3 TheMerryWriter
Hahah, damn right she infiltrated a death claw sanctuary! :D
11/28/2012 c14 distant-echoes
Yeah, an update! :)

I feel ashamed actually. It's been kind of a long time since I even looked at this story so when the alert came in that it had been updated, I was like "huh? what story is that again?" Then it clicked two seconds later that this was your story and I was like, "dude, how could I forget her story! She's an awesome writer."

Anyway, I find that Lone's sudden feeling of conscience (about what she does and how she goes about things) is refreshing. Many Fallout stories (even some of the great ones) have their OC character all badass and stuff, but are so used to the Wasteland that they no longer seem to have fits of conscience. You know what I mean? I hope I'm making sense, LOL.

I'm glad that your OC isn't like that and she's beginning to have second thoughts about what she planned on doing and how it played out. I look forward to reading more, so please update again soon. :)

11/26/2012 c14 omega two
When you went so long without updating, I thought you had just abandoned it! Thank you so much, it was AWESOME! What is the name of your novel? I'm looking forward to reading it XD seriously though. I want it. And awesome story, as if I hadn't said it already.
11/26/2012 c14 19Cressida Isolde
Aah it seems like its been so long! I really like how in this one you have her thoughts about the daughter interspersed with her actions. Also the lone wanderer daddy issues at having orphaned the kid :(
8/24/2012 c13 Cursed Penguin
yes i think i will continue reading this from now lol
8/24/2012 c3 Cursed Penguin
I don't usually read lone wanderer turned courier fics but I thought I'd give it a go and so far yours is well written and interesting so i will carry on reading :)
8/1/2012 c13 distant-echoes
Another brilliantly written chapter.

The personal conflict going on in Lone's head and heart was very plausible. Throughout the story, she has seemed rather hardened and indifferent to others, but in this chapter, you definitely showed that the Vault girl she used to be is still in there, can still relate to and sympathize with a young girl who has just lost her father.

I look forward to reading more and congratulations on all the other hard work you've been putting in, writing you novel, finishing up another story, and your art trades.

Keep up the amazing work!
7/4/2012 c12 omega two
Just thought I'd poke my head in and say how much I miss reading this. Please update! It was great.
4/3/2012 c12 Krookodile553
hiya, im new to your story but i am very impressed with it. i hope you will continue it soon, and expand it to encompass a great deal of the game plot. also, benny with a daughter? never heard that one before
3/26/2012 c11 GPhnx
Another exciting chapter.

Like, at one point, after reading about six chapters to catch up, I frogot I was reading.

I really thought I was watching a movie or a clip of a film.

Benny, that sneaky snake. Here I was thinking Lone would love to sit down and have a drink.

I look forward to your next update! I certainly will be tracking this.
2/13/2012 c11 distant-echoes
Gosh, so much action and violence! I loved it. :) I liked everything about this chapter and because of that I find I have very little to say except "thank you for the wonderful update" and "please update again really soon!"

You. Are. The. Best.

2/13/2012 c11 Cressida Isolde
You are REALLY GOOD at action writing. I do have one criticism, though, (not really a big one): I think sometimes you put too much into one sentence (eg: Just as the plush carpeting began to morph under their weigh and their bodies peeked, obliviously, out from the elevator, the world suddenly burst and was consumed in chaos as an onslaught of gunfire ensued.) like that is just kind of a huge really extreme sentence, I think it might help to break it up a little.

I really like how you dealt with Benny, because he really doesn't give up ever and he'll stab you in the back if you'll let him.

Also also I loved the line about grown women calling him daddy. Holy shit.
1/20/2012 c10
Benny is an interesting character, I agree!

I really liked how you wrote the encounter between them, and I look forward to see what happens once she chases him down.

Keep on writing! (:
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