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for Gohan's Return

10/12/2017 c10 Guest
You should continue the story
9/30/2017 c10 Evren Cantu
When are you going to continue the story
9/20/2017 c1 Guest
When are you going to continue gohan return
9/19/2017 c10 Guest
When are you going to continue gohan returns
7/21/2017 c4 Guest
Make it at least up to 39 chapters
6/30/2017 c1 blackcat505
I really hope you can continue this story everybody wants it to continue because it's really good
6/16/2017 c10 xxSongofmyHeartxx
I'm just wow over this story. I was the same way when it came to Gohan's Dilemma. They're both just is the only way I can describe them. I just got back into the DBZ fandom recently and I wanted to check out some crossovers so when I saw Naruto had the most I wanted to see who Sakura would be paired with (cause she's my favorite female anime character). Besides about two other ones Gohan's Dilemma and Return have to be my all time favorite. It's kinda upsetting that Return hadn't been updated in four years but I can understand the problems with writer's block and rl. But I'm still gonna put this only my favorite and follow list just in case you do update in the future.
5/2/2017 c10 1111segasonic
rip story, I enjoyed it very much
4/6/2017 c10 zach blank
this story is amazing dude keep up the amazing writing
3/21/2017 c10 Guest
Hope to see more
2/26/2017 c10 Gohan
Hey plz update fast.. It gets exciting in every new chapter and moreover it's my favourite gohan x sakura my most favourite male and female characters in the anime world..good luck
2/15/2017 c10 1Spider-Man999
Are you ever gonna update this fic?
1/27/2017 c10 Unfinished Symphony
Ahhhh, one of the only Naruto/DBZ crossovers that characterise Sakura well, don't overpower the DBZ side so that the Big Bads have no chance, and has good pacing throughout the story. I don't know if you'll ever update again, but both stories are going on my Favourites list. You've got talent.
1/2/2017 c10 14x-psychicfire-x
I've read 'Gohan's Dilemma' and I liked what I read. I've read this and it's on par. I am really enjoying what I've read so far and hope that it will be updated soon. This is probably the first Dragon Ball Z/Naruto crossover story that I came across and didn't cringe from what I read. You obviously are an enormous fan of both animes and clearly did a bit of research. Good on you for that, and please don't give up on this story. It saddens me that I come across excellent stories (and sequels) like this one and the author just suddenly gives up on it and abandons it. I hope that you won't be one of them. Thanks for making me laugh and cheering up an altogether boring day in the new year.
10/10/2016 c10 Chayera Hall
I love everything about this series. When I was reading Gohan's dilemma I was amazed. A well written crossover fan fiction between Naruto and dragon ball that had balanced powers an interesting plot, characters in character almost 50 chapters and it's FINISHED?! that doesn't happen! Then I found the sequel and had my hopes crushed. Incomplete last update 2013. You literally made me like Naruto. I am favoriting this story and following in hopes of an update. I love this please continue.
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