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1/28/2012 c4 Woodshrew
in the dukes p.o.v? are you sure?
1/25/2012 c4 6Spry
Am I deranged for thinking this was hilarious? Probably. :D

Good job! Although I hate the song (My mother plays it like, fifty times in a row around Christmas time. I'm sure you understand. ^_^), I think you worked it out really nicely. The whole romanceness was very entertaining. Aw, I wanted to see Mouse's reaction to this! :P

AGH! You have led me to internal struggle. I want to see the next chapter, but you do not want me to write it from The Duke's point of view. Trust me.

If I did, it would be awful. Firstly, because I'm horrid at romance. Really. Second, I would somehow unintentionally turn it into a really weird and random- there's just something funky in my brain that won't let me write anything without adding some randomness. So, yeah.

OKAY! Rant officially over! :)

The chapter was AWESOME by the way!

12/16/2011 c3 Spry
Oh, so are all these people based off of people you actually know? Ohhh... now I get it. :P

Yay for awkwardness!

...wait, what?

A very nice chapter. :) My favorite part was:

'"What?" I asked, mildly annoyed, throwing the door open after the first knock.

"Hey, Mouse," Granyt said, smiling far too wide. Jewels, Honey, and The Duke were behind her.

I slammed the door shut.' XD That was great. Also, UPDATE! PLEASE!

12/16/2011 c3 Woodshrew
lost password to profile lol

i literally almost cried when you said you arent going to update for one month, i am adicted to this :P
11/22/2011 c2 Spry
Great job!

I'm not a big fan of pop music, but I still enjoyed reading this. I didn't find any errors in your spelling or punctuation, so congratulations on writing a good fanfiction!

Keep it coming!

11/22/2011 c2 Woodshrew
i am most definatly not supprised by the experament working, it's so cute that the duke loves her awwwwwwwwww :)
10/29/2011 c1 Woodshrew
ooh who is it shes looking for, so curious lol :)

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