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5/30/2012 c5 15MadManMatt64
I knew you were gone. I even said something about it in Feral. Look it up. It's the last chapter.
11/20/2011 c4 BlackBolts
Funny Chapter is Funny. Good Chapter. Could be longer, But Hey. Who cares? It's in the Original Style of VGcats. Violent and Funny. And I also don't Mind the Lack of Updates. Scott R. Never updates VGCats Website. We're ALL used to it. Anywho... I wish to see more of these. They are Funny, Quick, and Awesome.
11/17/2011 c3 Krytonian Patriot
Lol. Just one question. We all have reasons to hate him, but why do you hate Xander?
11/7/2011 c3 2AlphaScorpio
the whole time om reading this, im just imagining it all as it happens. this is a funny story. so is that guy like, jonnys song or some shit. anyways good story, hope this can still be funny in the future. keep up the good work, but you need to fix some spelling stuff, like me
11/7/2011 c3 BlackBolts
Plotting Everyone against me won't work, My Friend. Just Saying. Anywho... Seeing as how I'm not that Douche-bag around the corner, I have to review my Rival. Good Story. And I really don't mind these Short chapters. If they got good Stuff in em', They're Goof Nuff'. I'm perfectly fine with any size chapter. Except that Combat Arms thing or whatever... That was just Awful. Soooooo... Jah. Do more so I have something to do besides make Enemies over the Internet.
11/4/2011 c2 BlackBolts
I like where this is going. Oh Yes! IM BACK MY REVIEWING RIVAL! You thought I was dead, Didn't you? Ha! I'm not going down without a Fight! Anywho... Great Story. You have Surpassed my Expectations. You WILL do more. I know your afraid of me... Heh Heh Heh... Good lcuk Mate. You'll need it...
10/28/2011 c2 2Foot Pains
Interesting chapter... as for you length problem. Aim for above 1,500 words. I found that that was the sweet spot for length. As for everything else, good job keep it up!
10/28/2011 c1 0095
welll sice i cant think of anything to say... good job
10/28/2011 c1 BlackBolts
Hm. It would appear you think I'm Jealous. Interesting... I'll write that down. You appear to think you are now better then me? VERY interesting... Well, I think of it this way. I'm a professional Reviewer. And one of the ONLY professional Reviews. People like You, Crazygame ( Which I haven't heard from in quite some time... ), or Minty are Reviewers and Writers. Me? I may start to rite. But not now. I already have an Idea no one will come up with. I could wait 1 year and no one would have written a story of MY idea. But enough about me: Lets get on to this story that you are trying to mock me with... I'm liking the fact that you are Re-Doing a story that was abandoned. I like your use of Grammar. You seem mostly good at it. Not very lengthy, but it has good content. I did only spot like 2 spelling mistakes, but I have the ability to understand your sayings. If you put your heart to this: You could be becoming a professional Writer. Well: Only Time Will Tell my Dear Friend. Oh. And one last thing. When I start writing my story: YOU will be the one who's Jealous... Heh Heh Heh...
10/28/2011 c1 Foot Pains
Ok. Usually don't like being the first reviewer because i'm pretty bad at it, but i also believe everything should have at least one review. As for the story, i'm not quite sure how to take the concept that Leo and Aeris have kids. That might take awhile to get through my head. But for a first, it is decent although extremely short. I did get a bit confused on the first sentence... BUT! i do think you should continue and finish this story. You have a (somewhat) new idea that is very free about where you go with it.

I will be waiting for the next chapter.

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