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2/27/2016 c23 jk
she waited ten fucking years? how could she watch him with woman after woman? I woulda gave up years ago
2/27/2016 c7 jk
I guess I'm thinking...ohhhhhh now he wants her! After years and years and years of unrequinted love...fuck that!
bella shouldn't have to wait mother fucking years for this nasty asshole to notice her! and shes what, just waiting around for scraps? FUCK THAT

Its been years since bella first knew she loved him...YEARS why in the fuck would she still want him? Shouldn't she be over that shit?
Edward can fuck off, seriously. He was with Victoria! Hes all used up and skanky now, again I say, FUCK THAT
6/13/2014 c54 Siriusmunchkin
That was a lot of fun.
2/13/2013 c2 froggyqueen
9/19/2012 c43 2goldseadragon
I've always found this sort of scenario confusing. So it's okay to grind all over a gay guy because he doesn't like girls...why? No matter what the guy's motivation, the same act is still occurring. Parts of you that are promised to an exclusive someone are still being rubbed all over someone else. Not okay, IMO.
9/2/2012 c54 TrulyOutrageous
I went fic diving and I came across this story and I enjoyed it. Great story :)
8/8/2012 c54 1EdwardLoverForever13
Amazing story! I cannot wait to read more! Hope u can upload soon :)
8/5/2012 c1 TwiFanfictionRecs
Faster has been nominated in the Top Ten Completed Fics for July 2012 on www . twifanfictionrecs . com ;-)
7/15/2012 c54 FFpassion
Aww they will make great parents.
Sometimes babies come to us when we least expect them and they change our lives. My third girl was a complete surprise and she has bought us nothing but love and joy :)
Thank you for writing, I'm happy with what ever the majority request for any other future takes you write.
7/14/2012 c54 jerseyhalliwell
i'm so addicted to this story :)
7/13/2012 c54 9ADADancer
Cute story! Thanks for sharing!
7/13/2012 c54 3pinklady34
Love this story and I love his view. I would love to read if thru get married and when they tell Charlie she is pregnant.
7/13/2012 c54 bonz245
very good...thanks.
7/13/2012 c1 amazeofgrace
ok (fasten seat belt) lets go!
7/13/2012 c54 alc1002
Good chapter
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