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11/29/2011 c4 ChiyukiLuvs2Glomp

Tsuna and Xanxus are gonna have such a cute Baby!


And I wonder how Hibari and Dino's Baby is gonna be like, Since Hibari is...like...extremly graceful and Dino is...well...Dino


Love your story!

11/29/2011 c4 Queen of the Avast Seas
LOL i loved Hibari in this chapter! Just funny how she was so moody and emotional cuz of the baby! XDXD
11/28/2011 c4 25TheParadoxicalOxymoron
Shamal FTW! Nuff said.
11/28/2011 c4 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I like it! *^^*
11/28/2011 c4 3kuroitsubasa24
"But I was! You know what time is it already? And I thought we were going to…"

"S-Shuddup!" Gokudera's face was now deeply red.

this was my favourite part -wink wink-

I laughed so hard when I read the part where kyouya-chan was crying and CRAVING for a mochi, i catually fell of my chair because of that!

Let's see a good doctor? Hmmmmm I can't think of anybody else except shamal but you already wrote

"I think we all should go to sleep." Ryohei suggested. "We've got a lot of things to do tomorrow, starting with taking Sawada to a doctor. Actually, I know one who's really good with this stuff."

and this

'I wonder who Nii-san will call to be my doctor...

so I guess it would be a little weird if you write the doctor is Shamal.

So how about making a minor OC who maybe is Shamal's apprentice/friends? so that making he/she have some medical expertise.

I think that would work quite well.
11/28/2011 c4 21Belletiger BT
Shamal of course. He will be perfect doc for Tsuna and Hibari. And he will not lay his hands on them because he knows how much dangerous women can be pregnant. update soon!
11/28/2011 c4 TakenOff123456
Doctor Shamal of coarse would be perfect. He will try and be all womanizing and then when he finds out its Xanxus kid he will be like 'oh dear' and leave her alone. lol update soon
11/28/2011 c4 9Makujita
LOL, i was waiting this chapter, dear. Wow, Hibari is so violent in this chapter...I was thinking about it...Anyways, the chapter is good, dear. I´ll be waiting the next ^^
11/27/2011 c3 1iBakaPika
hahaha, they're in BIG mess I wonder how will they explain it to Reborn. Oh well cant wait to read the next chapter sooo update it sooonnn
Ohmygod. I was giggling like a mad woman throughout the whole thing. I especially loved the last part of Chapter 3.

I'll be waiting for your next update!
11/25/2011 c3 dustfeather17
omg that was amazing i cant wait for the next chapter update asap ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! :D
11/25/2011 c3 Kyara17
j'aime bien ce chapitre il es cool et xanxus qui s’évanouit trop drôle Mise a jours bientôt j'ai hâte de lire les explications de Tsuna a ses gardiens j’espère que sa seras marrant ^^ Continuer comme sa c'est très réussit
11/24/2011 c3 Blueberryxn
Great chapter~!
11/24/2011 c3 TakenOff123456
oh no! Reborn found the pregnancy test! whats he going to do? guess ill have to wait till the next update! :)update soooooon!
11/24/2011 c3 3kuroitsubasa24
Yeah! Finally another chapter! I like the part where they were like 'oh shit' when reborn found the test thingie... Hahahahahha totally hilarious!

But how did exactly did reborn find the test thingie, wasn't it in tsuna's room?
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