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for Icha Icha Resort Paradise!

1/12/2015 c7 Guest
When are you going to write another chapter?I have been waiting for months now!
12/28/2014 c7 23Dantrlan
Oh come on, continuing the story, dammit, it's a work of art, better than the Icha Icha ... ironic story so called lol, well have to continue it D: indeed !
12/10/2014 c6 Guest
Good was alittle strange when you had him have intercourse with his it was not to weird though so good luck!
6/23/2014 c7 5Shisoukengo
Not a bad job on this story, a very unique concept that I haven't read anywhere else. The only recommendation I could make would be to be a little more explicit with the sex scenes, but that's just my personal preference. I'm looking forward to seeing another chapter, if you still intend to produce more.
11/29/2013 c7 Residenthobo
I don't even know why I'm reading this, but I like it..
7/7/2013 c7 1spearz
Please update I really like the story and really want to see what happens next
5/30/2013 c7 AJGuardian
NUUUUU! It ends so soon! T_T
5/30/2013 c5 AJGuardian
Good Job on Ch5
5/30/2013 c3 AJGuardian
So far so good...Um. Didn't greet Konan :(
5/30/2013 c1 AJGuardian
LOL..."It's you first time?" Hehehehehe. Innuendo is so fun.
5/26/2013 c7 3Lawrence H. Bain
5/26/2013 c7 Veldrisk
Definitely one of the more interesting Lemon fics I have read.
5/6/2013 c7 warprince2000
Cool story! can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter (update soon Plz)
5/2/2013 c1 95433459
I was expecting Naruto to invite Ayame to make him ramen.
4/29/2013 c4 Galactic Tornado
"I've never noticed Hinata looked so pretty like this!" he shouted in his head pissing off a certain demon fox.

Girl #9 incoming.
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