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4/27/2013 c7 Seraphtor
This isn't dead is it?
4/19/2013 c7 5NaruKushipregy
Dude get Kushina preggers. Its really sexy!
4/9/2013 c7 Bionic Maneuvers
About the crossover version that you have planned(just go for it), you could try and make it so that Naruto met some of the women during his trip with Jiraiya.
3/13/2013 c7 gbdeck200
go hinata being first
shizune and mixed baths just like in one of the naruto games
this is interesting because its not the usual people
continue please
2/19/2013 c1 mohahassan3
it says eight about in the story it says seven womens
1/28/2013 c7 nakoto Uzumaki
love it please update
1/28/2013 c7 lou2003us
Looking forward to next chapter!

Keep up the good work.
12/19/2012 c7 kalae86
12/1/2012 c7 Straw Hat PiratesFan2021
please update this story
11/16/2012 c7 StrongGuy159
Cool story continue please.
11/1/2012 c7 CelibateHero
Aw damn, if I knew about the poll, I'd have totally voted in the Fairy Tail crossover. Naruto x Lucy is underappreciated.
10/15/2012 c7 3KuyouFox
I gotta say, this is funny haha. Cant wait for another!
10/10/2012 c7 1Rixxell Stryfe
Sweet chapter Backpack. Of course I really enjoyed the DoA crossover theme this chapter had, plus the small lime and other hints of possible yuri moments to come made this a chapter to really make it worth the read. Of course I did like how yet again you focused on the heated rivalry between Mei and Kushina, but this time while Mei may think she had won, Kushi got the true prize of Naruto's cream filling.

The Naruko/Hinata matchup was also a cool idea. Of course I really liked how Naruto's clones were cheering on Naruko especially and Naruto himself was slightly disturbed at the idea of parts of himself being turned on by his sister/himself. Of course the fact that this match ended up in a draw was very nice and the small yuri tease by having Naruko and Hinata lock lips was very, very good indeed. I wonder what this may turn out in the future since you're focusing on Naruko as a bi-curious character. Given the small bit about her also noticing Naruto while Kushi was giving him a blowy, I do hope you may have her join in on a future Kushi citrus of some kind before any other threeways take place. Of course Kushi's own thoughts about Naruko calling Naruto niisan make things much better, as you have the option of Kushi being adventurous in her own right by trying to take advantage of her 'daughter' much like she is doing with her son.

The Shizune/Konan match was pretty cool, if short. I did like how you had Shizune win the match, as it is yet another step in Naruto seeing something more from someone he hadn't previously thought of in such a way. Still I liked how Konan was wearing a Blue and Orange bikini, although I was hoping that you mayt have had her with something that showed she was the most risque of the bunch by having her wear something that was little more then strings covering her up given her piercings. There is always another time in the future chapters.

Mikoto/Kurenai was cool, because I liked how Mikoto seemed to blame Kushi for her own loss. Still I liked how Kurenai decided to go with bandage wrappings for her swimsuit, as it was certainly different from the other. Besides it also left the unused option of a pseudo-wet tee shirt when you had her lose her match. Again there is always future chapters. One thing this chapter did disappoint me in was the fact that you had multiple opportunities to have someone lose their top through falling into the water or otherwise, but was never used. The reason I am disappointed is because of the fact that you had used a Kage Bunshin crowd cheering others on, which Naruto could have gained many different points of view memories from someone losing their top. Of course this does help for thee Naruko/Hinata smooch from earlier in the chapter that Naruto himself didn't see, but more then likely some of his clones did catch. Such a thing will only further Naruto's sexual drive regarding his Naruko-neechan(please have him refer to her as his sister from now on, it is just great and Shizune shouldn't be the only one limited to this title. This can go hand in hand with my hopes of Naruko calling Naruto by Naruto-niisama). Still there are likely other events that Jiraiya may have specifically asked Naruto to run with all the other females present and maybe one such event can have him involved in the match first hand(such as a tag team mud wrestling match with Naruto as referee, which can end in everyone losing their clothes and some driving all those present with the lone male to throw themselves at Naruto even harder then before after seeing what he has below the belt).

Anyway I really enjoyed the final round of the tournament being a threeway match between Mei, Kurenai, and Shizune. Having Mei lose yet again was yet another one of those teasing moments that I want to kick you over, but yet it also makes things much more interesting as it will continue to get Mei increasingly frustrated at not being able to spend alone time with Naruto. Such a thing could of course have Mei ending up trying to force herself on Naruto and may even lead to possible jutsu flinging between her and others(mainly Kushina). This of course does have potential character dev possibilities, as you may have Naruto unable to do anything for some time until he has no other choice but to put his foot down regarding the fighting over him. Such a thing of course could mean cutting Kushina off from her cream filling deserts(or breakfasts) until such point as they both learn to get along since they both hold high places in his heart.

Anyway I was slightly disappointed with Kurenai losing the match. This is not because I don't want to see Shizune with Naruto, but I was hoping to see more on Kurenai given how she has a child at home, yet is spending time with Naruto and others on this resort. The fact that she hasn't had much CD thus far is frankly disappointing, but you seem to be focusing on one or two people at a time. While I am happy that you are moving on to allow others to get their time with Naruto, I would hope that you don't forget to focus some small amount of time on the girls who are not with Naruto at all times. This of course is best done by having small chats between the girls from time to time and could also hint at future yuri possibilities or possible options for threeways with Naruto. Case in point, the example in this chapter with Hinata and Naruko is going to need a small bit of future focus as is the revenge between Mikoto and Kushina(please have a dominatrix Mikoto with a history of Kushi being Mikoto's submissive!).

Finally I look forward to Shizune spending time with Naruto in the next chapter. Of course I do wonder whether you may go with a shy, nervous Shizune when regarding any possible feelings to Naruto or if she may see him as a brother herself that slowly starts developing into her own feelings of more with Naruto. Personally I hope for the latter for character dev on her own part, but I do hope for some very awkward time in the hot spring. Maybe something like Naruto coming in naked while Shizune isn't can start things in the right direction? Having others such as Mei taking some peeks at what is happening could also be fun, as it can bring all sorts of different plans into action, such as Mei isn't respecting the rules of the bet or others joining her because they know Shizune and want to see what she may do with her time Naruto? Naruto giving Shizune a massage(and vice versa since Shizune is a medic) can of course bring other things into account, such as Naruto rising to an occasion that he wasn't expecting. Having Naruto leave at the end of the night and try to jerk off would be a funny ending if you moved on to have Naruko bring up his paperwork duties;)

Thanks for writing though Backpack. This was a good chapter and opens up plenty of paths for future events citrus or otherwise. I can't wait to see the next chapter, but please get Naruko a citrus soon! Have a nice day and keep up the good work:)
10/10/2012 c6 Rixxell Stryfe
Backpack, I don't know when you updated this chapter, however it seemed like the ultimate tease of one of the pairings I wanted to see the most! That said, this was a great chapter. Learning the background behind Naruko was very nice and you did a great job setting up for when this citrus does happen later on. Of course I loved the 'Naruto-sama' Naruko kept going on about early on and while I happen to like the Naruto-niisan as well, I do hope that when the citrus does come Naruko may drop back into the habit of calling him her master although I wouldn't mind one bit if she instead went on starting to call him 'Naruto-niisama'. In fact, I'd frankly prefer it as disturbing as it may sound.

Anyway, I liked how you had both Naruto and Naruko see each other in the buff by accident. Of course I was surprised that you didn't have Naruko make any mention of Naruto's manhood when she realized that she had him naked and alone. Naruto's notice of Naruko on the other hand certainly was nice to see and I'm am curious on how much longer he will be able to resist his own desires when regarding his 'sister'. Still I like that Naruto was upset that he left Naruko to do things on her own and it was causing her to have the same problems he dealt with not long before. I do wonder if the citrus involving these two may start up as a result of Naruto attempting to deal with his day to day responsibilities and he ends up getting frustrated much like he was before.

Thanks for writing and please bring me this citrus soon Backpack!
10/8/2012 c7 Lemarteskun
awesome story
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