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9/23/2012 c23 Archangel Samael
Bro if you need a name for the squad use something to do with both Ichika's and Haru's IS' names, 'White Theives' or something along that vein of thought. Make the squad name highlight the fact that it contains the only two male IS pilots alive, until you bring in Dunois that is.
9/22/2012 c23 Axcel
Lol, 50 Dark Side Points! I love it when authors tastefully slip in a bit of net-culture.
9/14/2012 c23 21Lione 'Tabuukilla' Fortuna
Great chapter as usual, but just one thing. Oscar Mike isn't 'We leave in', it means 'On the Move'. Other than that, brilliant chapter as usual with a good mix of action and humor.
9/14/2012 c23 Angel Azrael
AHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Sic Superstes on them. Justify it with 'my susrvival "Instincts" kicked in to help me'
9/14/2012 c23 death5367
50 Dark Side Points? someone's been playing some KOTOR
9/14/2012 c23 3Raidentensho
very nice, though i wonder, when charolette comes in will she have a new personal IS for a favor from haru to get back in tabane's good graces after hearing about haru's past with her? if so why not something that will mimic gundam heavy arms from endless waltz? still, liked the small bleed from one piece. wonder if the rest of zoro's nitoryu techniques with a twist permire? shame the move rashomon wasn't used, its one of his more epic ones. oh well can't wait for more. until then, ja!
9/13/2012 c23 31Sekai -The World
This is Channel Infinite Stratos News. Continuing where we left off, it seems that our little Haruka has become more enhanced by being able to shoot 'blanks'. ...Well there are other normal enhancing but I am sure that even in Cade Skwalker's era, they still can't even invent 'shooting 'blank'' technology.

And as for our little AIs living inside Haru, the ranking is still Superstes the strongest! G and Psycho have teamed up but they ended up pretty badly. Currently there is not much changed except for the alliance and they finally have form. I wonder how do the three looks like. We will be waiting for more news about the little family living in Haru!

And last but not least, we currently have xtenchix in the ambulance heading towards our Republic Gunship with the bacta tank ready. Don't worry readers, he is only shot in the head nothing serious. He will be heal in few days!

This is AnimeL0ver00 and signing off.
9/13/2012 c23 8LeafeonLover
oh no u brock my book of doom
how could u
for this i shall throw a bible at u next time
not one of the small ones either
the giant ones
u'll be hit so hard that the word bible will be plastered on u're forehead backwards
9/12/2012 c23 4Sieben Nightwing
Well, not much to say about the chapter itself, other than that you definitely put together a good one. Though I really enjoyed reading what G and Psyco did to Garisaka Haru. Beautiful work there. The following punishment from Chifuyu was also rather tasty food for thought.

As to the Authors Note, I personally believe you have outdone yourself this time around. Not many authors have successfully achieved in getting themselves shot by the characters in their own story. Only one thing bugging me about this one though...

What exploding dictionary?
9/12/2012 c23 5NobleSquince
thought u were dead bro
9/12/2012 c23 15Fangking2
shooting blanks huh...nice...
9/12/2012 c23 2rm928
Woot! That was epic, glad you're back. Keep it up!
9/11/2012 c22 rm928
And fuck me I'm out of chapters! HURRY UP AND UPDATE!
9/3/2012 c22 7Zero612
This is the funniest IS story i have read. Likely to retain that title too. Please update asap, i need something funny to nullify my dull math classes.
8/31/2012 c20 Freshrice01
Is it true that haru is going to end up with Charlotte just as LeafeonLover says o.o !?
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