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for Infinite Stratos: The fusion

5/7/2017 c23 Stratos263
Well two tangos coming that cannot be good
5/7/2017 c22 Stratos263
Well looks haru fixed ichika's is problem
5/7/2017 c21 Stratos263
Good luck haru
5/6/2017 c20 Stratos263
Hope haru makes his shitty father's family suffers
5/6/2017 c19 Stratos263
Whoa haru lost his v card already
5/6/2017 c18 Stratos263
Good luck haru
5/6/2017 c17 Stratos263
Shit that voice from before this cannot be good
5/6/2017 c16 Stratos263
Yeah suck it you piece of shit father of haru and his family fuck your honor and pride
5/6/2017 c15 Stratos263
Well shit looks like haru is going families from his mother and father side of the family
5/6/2017 c14 Stratos263
Yeah nice job haru getting ichika and houki to accidentally kiss each other
5/6/2017 c13 Stratos263
Well looks like haru is affect by his first kill
5/6/2017 c12 Stratos263
Good luck to haru and Cecilia
5/5/2017 c11 Stratos263
Good luck haru, Laura, and haru's mother
5/2/2017 c10 Stratos263
Good luck to haru and laura
5/2/2017 c9 Stratos263
Merry Christmas for this chapter I guess
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