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2/8/2012 c9 3Wild KS Phoenix
Lovely story! I started reading it on Schnoogle then decided I wanted to keep reading. Did a quick search on here and here I am! The ending wasn't what I was expecting when I started reading the story but I like it. My Grandma is Catholic but my Grandpa was not...and according to the priest at their pre-marital classes he never would least that's the story i heard. It gave my dad and aunts the option to choose their beliefs. Also, I want to say I'm sorry for your loss. I know how much it hurts to lose someone you love. Hope life is going well for you.

~Wild KS Phoenix
2/3/2012 c9 acelly
I quite love this story. It's beautiful and thoughtful and I love the way the families come together.

Thanks for writing such a lovely story! :-)
11/30/2011 c9 May
I don't have an account here, but that is my name. Enjoyed the story. My condolences for your loss. No matter how long one is married it is never long enough when two truly have worked to become one, and a part of the unit is lost before time. I hope you, and your family, find peace and comfort, the Balm of Gilead.
11/27/2011 c8 26Suite Sambo
Wow. I feel like I'm getting world religions, ethics, morality and a touch of magic all in one go. Really loved the piece from Severus regarding prayer. Also-you're making me hungry. :)
11/22/2011 c7 4siuirsblack910
this is vey good as well.

Good job
11/22/2011 c7 26Suite Sambo
Oh my! The veritable Tower of Babel! Ginny's speech at the end reminded me of Bilbo's farewell speech in The Fellowship of the Ring. And this line?

"Ooh!" Lily raised her hand as though in class, and at Blaise's nod said excitedly, "I read about that one, he took five thousand loaves and seven thousand fishes and… er…"

"And made three people eat them?" Severus said sarcastically. "The original Jewish mother, evidently."

More more more!
11/22/2011 c6 Suite Sambo
Ah...we meet the formidable and oft-wed Mrs. Zabini the elder. Loved your brother Michael (I suspect you've met him sometime in your life). Really enjoying this very unexpected subject matter on On to chapter 7.
11/22/2011 c5 Suite Sambo
You dare to go where few have gone before (or better said, where few I've read have gone before). Reconciling magic and organized religion and services at Hogwarts...odd that JKR forgot to mention that. Well, obviously you are a braver soul than she. Looking forward to hitting that "next" button to see what
11/22/2011 c4 Suite Sambo
Oh Bravo! Didn't see that one coming. Looking forward to how (or if) the great religious dilemma is resolved. I am quite sure I have never ever seen this situation arise in any other HP fanfic I've read. Kudos for originality!
11/22/2011 c3 Suite Sambo
The ritual was lovely. The point of view is especially interesting in this chapter, told through Ginny's eyes though she's the newcomer to Malfoy Manor. Looking forward to what's coming in Chapter 4 and after.
11/22/2011 c2 Suite Sambo
I've always wondered whether Ginny was a shameless tart! Can't believe you used the line before I ever did. Now I will go contemplate if love is, indeed, enough. Onward!
11/22/2011 c1 Suite Sambo
Oh! I am left with the definite impression that something earthshaking is indeed in the wings. Lovely chapter and I feel like my IQ has gone up at least two points after enjoying your intriguing vocabulary lesson! (not to mention the taste of Italy). Onward to Chapter 2.
11/19/2011 c7 4Tenshi no Mugen
Pudding, always a vital part of any discussion.

Again, absolutely fantastic! Even now I can still see bits of the characters that were presented in the books. Also, is Madame Camara based off anyone you know? She's a very well rounded OC... With characters like that, you could write your own works!
11/11/2011 c3 Impressive
I was unexpectedly touched by these stories. I started reading because I wanted to see a lot of drama. Instead I got to see what happens when you simply learn to love.
11/7/2011 c4 Tenshi no Mugen
...and? Or so Blaise's comment left me feeling. I'm getting the idea that this may not stop James in the least. Isn't this how many a man converted to one religion our another?

Love the sequel so far; I'm truly glad you had the proper mix of time and motivation!
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