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for Father, Where art thou?

8/27 c5 1Srta.NR
20 anos se passaram e nenhuma atualização.

Essa foi uma história muito bem escrita com um enredo incrível. Merecia um final digno.
11/2/2020 c5 Guest
So sad you didn't finish
10/16/2012 c5 Tzarista
10 years has past
but no update
5/19/2006 c1 Belle89
Hey it's great! I can't wait till you update! I wonder how Marguerite and Veronica are gong to get the men out of this! Love

your work!
12/10/2004 c5 tethys
I thought that he might be Challengers! Earlier on I thought that he was the only one they hadn't suspected, and yet it could just as easily be him. Glad to be right for once. Anyway, please finish the story soon, I wanna read the ending!
10/3/2004 c5 9leener
I love this story so far and can't wait for the ending! When are you going to finish it? Update soon please!
9/14/2003 c5 4Lylirium
So when do you intend to finish this so good story?

Come on! I'm really liking it!

I'm suprised about Challenger being Darcy's/Jason's father, but it's very cool.

Keep on going...
8/8/2003 c5 LoveMR
Awesome story. I really enjoyed it. When will you finish the final chapter?
1/3/2003 c5 5MissMeggs
Great Story!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

I love the movie prode and prejudice.

Colin Firth is such a great Mr. Darcy!
11/19/2002 c5 7Evil Irish Eyes
Of course! I won't dream of not reviewing!

Especially with such a wondrful addition to your story as this!

I love it!

I really enjoyed the rune you put on Challenger he certainly is going to get hell when he gets back ot Jesse for we all know this wasn't his first infidelity.

Anyway this was wonderful! I cna't wait o find out what is going to happen with Roxton , Marguerite and Hippolyta! Even though I know that isn't the point of the story! i just love what you're doing with it!


I'm so excited! I need to know what Marugeirte is planning!


I love it! So please keep it up!

And soon I hope! but no pressure . . .hehe . .

Well keep up the great work,

This is ME signing out

P.S. Glad to see you back! Missed yoU!
11/17/2002 c5 138A. Windsor
Wow. I wasn't expecting that at all. When Marguerite punched Hippolyta, lol. That was funny. And this is really cool. I liked M&Rs goodbye.
11/17/2002 c5 8veggie5
Finn? Pheobe? Ack! :D sorries... i still find that hilarious! :) Anywho, Poor Challenger.. the guilt he must be feeling... I wonder just how his wife would react? Last chapter? Already? NOOOOOOOOOOO! :( Alright fine. you're the writer. You can end the fic whenever... any chance for sequel? yes? no? Even if not, I can't wait to read more stuff from you! keep up the great work!
11/17/2002 c5 Tessa
Gabby, I had the honor to read this chapter before it was posted and seeing it getting here :). I'll keep it short, because you already know how much I loved this chapter and that I can wait till the next one, you better hurry with it (and I'm the one saying that ~ LOL)

8/27/2002 c4 Foxyferal
It is a great story, i can't wait to find out who the father is and who the mysterious woman in the dark is. i have a guess (the description fits veronica)Nah!Keep writing and post a new chapter quick!
6/9/2002 c4 Lixta
I'm enjoying this story more and more...please update soon!
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