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5/31/2012 c1 6owlhero
I'll be honest: I'm not a Moose fan. That is not to say I have thought of plotlines where he is in a more positive light. They just have been seen yet.

Anyway as for the story, a train station would the perfect place for a dreamer to come to think about her past and her future.

The first half of the song makes Moose out to be a person at the time wants what's best for bailey. But I can still emember to be what he was during corn cobb festival.

the lyrics and the alternating paragaphs just stays true to what the series tells us he is. But a part of me can't blame him for at least trying to get her back. Of course trying to do it forcably was wrong but trying to keep her in his life is understandable.

The twist at the end was simple. I liked the heart like horses are meant to be brokrn line.

I could see it happen if the reunion did not happen. Most people should have a happy ending.
11/6/2011 c1 11Wyntirsno
Sweet, it is nice to see Moose as a good guy for a change. Everybody keeps making him out to be a horrible person, when he was actually very polite to everyone on the ship, and even when they were in Kettlecorn. I'm sure he really was a perfectly nice guy, he and Cody just happened to be in love with the same girl.

Nice story WH. :D
10/31/2011 c1 15a-perpetual-hiraeth
I totally agree that Moose deserved a happy ending. He may have had control issues, but that does not automatically make him unredeemable. In fact, I'd argue that it makes him *more* redeemable because it adds a sense of realism to his character. So many people (mainly Cailey supporters) vilify him for trying to get Bailey back, when in reality his actions were quite typical of a man who misses his ex-girlfriend. And let's face it, didn't Cody sneakily chase after Bailey himself with his six-month plan? Sure, his approach may have been more subtle, but so what? Both boys were merely acting on their emotions.

Excellent fic, WH. Perfectly written, and very thought-provoking. :)

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