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7/8/2012 c5 2usigh
wow that one made me cry...but it was worth the tears...
7/8/2012 c3 usigh
ohhhh man that would definitly be a sight to see... lol
5/27/2012 c1 8Equoi
So I actually began reading this collection quite a few weeks ago...and got too caught up in my own writing to review; I am in any case a bad reviewer due to lack of practice. Nonetheless, here I am now, and I will try to do this piece justice.

Despite the wealth of Egoist fics on this site, the number of authors who have truly captured the essence of their dynamics is disturbingly few...these two men are just so multi-layered. I think I can safely say that you have succeeded. The adorable moments that pepper this chapter; the blushes and Nowaki's patient understanding; they are all so perfectly believable, while at the same time not so dense with meaning as to overwhelm the reader. Congratulations on maintaining that balance so skilfully.

And of course the humor...*grin* Nowaki really is weird, unless he only says what he does to watch Hiroki's reaction. That last bit, about rhinos having kissable lips...my reaction was parallel to Hiroki's...

Excellent! I'm off to the next one. Well, off to the next Egoist one, that is. Romantica is not at all my forte, since I neither read nor write it.
5/4/2012 c5 13Cerberus Revised
I thought this piece was quite beautiful. You should feel proud of it.

At first reading, as I progressed through this, I initially thought that Hiroki was in an institution and Nowaki had already died as it began unfolding. I am not fond of death fics, so I was so very relieved at the end as the situation was revealed.

The notion of Hiroki's meditative making, it's transformation into an obsessional physical prayer is quite profound. Especially given Hiroki's difficulty with articulating himself at times and the reality of his inner thoughts. Paper birds, their pulped wings dyed by blood-stained fingers is a very poetic image.

Hiroki's single-mindedness in this task is very IC, as is his running silent commentary. I did very much appreciate the little glimpse of him with his mother as well.

As another reviewer already said, using Nowaki's chart as the final crane was a brilliant touch. I am so happy this piece had a happy ending. Thank you for writing this.
5/2/2012 c5 delia cerrano
Nice idea...One thousand cranes. Very emotional...making cranes until hands are bleeding & the cranes have red splotches.
5/2/2012 c5 Elsy
Your last chapter was amazing. I love how Hiroki's first wish came true too. It took me a moment to understand what that meant, but then I had one of those "Aha!" moments, and then a "D'awww, oh my gosh that was so beautiful!" teary eyed moments. Thank you so much for writing. All of these are written so well! :D
5/1/2012 c5 cup.ncakes
My friend made a thousand paper cranes. All on rainbow colored paper, hung up on her closet door. And they look awesome.

As soon as I got to the part about Hiroki using Nowaki's medical chart for the last crane, I nearly broke out crying. There actually were a few tears that escaped me, but I'm so glad Hiroki got his wish. Hiroki's just too miserable without his life long partner.
5/1/2012 c5 21Nano.yaoi
So sad. So confusing. I wanna read something more happy now :(
3/31/2012 c4 19VeniVediVici
There must be a continuation!
3/30/2012 c4 66Lissy Stage
Wow. These are wonderful drabbles, and I love them. Please keep up the work.

If I was Aicchan, I would've done the same exact thing, except staying inside the house, and waiting until they started having smex. Hehe!
3/29/2012 c4 delia cerrano
Interesting & fun look at the couples.
3/28/2012 c4 mrbadman
All these stories are well written and very cute AND in character!

More please! :D
3/28/2012 c4 15Don't Preach
Egoist is my favorite of the JR couples and Hiroki in particular, so I loved seeing this internal exploration of his character.

"They would travel up the blushing brunette's throat, bubble at his lips, and stick to the end of his tongue, only to end up swallowed back down like potent medicine, the acidic taste lingering on his tongue far longer than it should have had he been yelling at anyone else."

I really liked how your articulated this. Very well put.

I also liked the contrasting lists, though there were a couple words on the harsh list I had difficulty imagining Hiroki actually calling Nowaki as their edge struck me as severe, even for Hiroki.

I very much appreciated your reflection on why why Hiroki might be shy about public displays of affection.

"It was only a passing thought, and he quickly filed it away in the "things to be internally discussed much later" section of his brain. Recently, that section seemed to be growing each day."

Can I just say that I loved this so much. It seems so completely IC with the professor's particular character/psychology. The "to be internally (imagine 'internally' in bold here)discussed" is just brilliant.

This being carried on by the difference between Hiroki's internal thoughts and his actual articulations for the rest of the chapter was great.

And I liked how you then contrasted Hiroki's terse responses with Nowaki's word filled ones.

And Nowaki's intimate understanding of his lover and his desire to minister to Hiroki is always touching.

I do hope you continue with this chapter.

Thank you for entertaining my ramble here and for writing such a lovely piece.
3/28/2012 c3 Don't Preach
I thought this was very clever and I really liked how you broke it up into a chronology of events. Even though they were short the way you communicated each bit was very effective.

The bit about the exchange between Misaki and Takahiro and the comment of "income" was actually kind of poignant.

The tank of marimo was hilarious.

And of course, what a delightful way to end it: pet bunny Usagi-san. Perfect!
3/27/2012 c3 11ErurainiaLai
Nawww THAT WAS SOO CUTE! HEhe I can Imagine Usagi as a little bunn giggles :)
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