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for The Witch's Curse

7/28/2012 c1 6owlhero
This is very different with Maddie being a main character of sorts in this, usually she is a side character at best recently.

The massive amount of foreboding did not talk anything away from the story.

The beginning seemed quick to me but I realized it was sufficent, enough to draw readers in. The atmosphere is unspeakably good here especially at the beginning with the gate and Maddie arrival into the mansion. Its feels old with the moldy funiture.

Maddie's fear is palpable when you add the pictures and the chills. The old school trick of being sucked into something really well here and a picture prison is really freaky. I was thinking towards the middle of the story of the beginning as a twist on the invasion of the body snatchers but with a spirit instead.

The mystery at the beginning drew me to see who was also involved with this. Using Zack's natural curious/ investgative/ spying tendencies when they meet the witch feels only right especially with the Zack's crush and turning it several notches drove the emotional core of the story. But turning the evil twin trope on its head to where it was amazing with the Dorian Grey reference as the topper.

But I did love the third party conversations and the multiple sided motivations for everyone in the story.

I would not want to meet Zelda in the middle of a dark alley ever.

It seems like the halloween stories are some of your best work.
10/30/2011 c1 27Boris Yeltsin

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