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7/27/2012 c1 6owlhero
A child calling out in the middle of the night calls to our very being. So for it to be a ghost just upends every natural thing about it and adds a unfathomable layer of saddness. Of course it could be the TV trope of little kid spirits being kind of creepy.

The Ghost Whisperer is another minor love of mine and enhancing this with that adds a new dimension to the story. The seach for the little girl's identity seems straight from that series and where it came in the story. I can see bailey being haunted by the girl's story with her family and sisters with the mmories of her younger siblings adding to the fire.

Zack trying to protect and reassure Maya is sort of hysterical when the threat is a ghost. Maya's haggardness seemed really devastating like the spirit was almost sucked out of her. The senses almost in overdrive. The little girl being a constant burden on her life.

The zack-Maya is well done here. Not overly mushy but has substance to it. As for the twin's relationship, its spell normalcy for the bond to be a focus, allowing a brief hiatus from the supernatural. Although it was a neat twist to have Bailey know about the little girl.

Well, well, well Zack's starting to believe. Such a simple thing, noise is. But it can cause some many reactions. Its so perfect here. Forcing Zack to fight something he cant see was so perfect. Completely out of his realm.

Adding Melinda in her point of view was a little curveball for me but I loved it. It was a little faster paced meeting the spirits than the show but its understandable why with the story. But you blended the two shows well. But it seems the ghost overwhelmed the suite life section to the point where the characters' names could have been replaced with random names and still made sense in the story. But the suite life part came back with the gang figuring what was went on in the past.

Well Done.
10/30/2011 c1 27Boris Yeltsin

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