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6/6/2012 c1 6owlhero
Max seems so broken in the first scene. Almost a whisper in the wind. The rain almost drowning her. What a scene.

Of course it makes all worse with the forlorn teeanger-style lover angle.

I pulled the description of Sergei's smug attitude. i could not have done better myself. These two personalities just seem like two trains on the same tracks ready to collide.

Max's pride would certainly get in the way. I like the slow progession in the relationship. Okay forget what I just said.

Max as a damsel tomboy in distress with Sergei's as the knight in shining armour. We are pushing towards odd couple here. Hysterical at least for me.

A cross between prince Phillip, the beast and Shrek. LOL Ouch but wow.

How heart warming. A realization their futures have come before them. Whether not their relationship survives is up to them. You made it very realistic. Well done.
10/30/2011 c1 27Boris Yeltsin

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