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7/28/2012 c1 6owlhero
This was not a story I was truly interested in at first but I gave it a try.

The topic of marriage can be a fighting topic but I liked the opposite views with Skippy and Irene. I did flinch and laugh at Skippy's relative chaining her husband to the barn door. Speaking of Skippy, he was pretty naive so you write him well. But for Irene, just being divorced, her jadedness is only natural.

Skippy's plan was a shock maybe a part of me thinks it was not a simple request at the beginning and I agreed with Irene before they got there. haha, Maybe skippy's not as dumb as he looks.

I kind of like Davis although he wont take no for a answer when it comes to helping Skippy. But I see skippy's reasonings all too clearly. I love huge family reunions, never run out of people to talk to.

Its a family effort with Jill and davis as the head cupids. I love the fact you took the time to create background and rivalries for each of the characters shows you care. Bridgette being the best.

Jeez irene has it bad for skippy with the girl kissing him. The warring emotions were pretty good.

I laughed when you used the phase town to explain the spread of everything from info to rumors. Its completely true of course. Its amazing how adults forget how easy it is to act like a lovesick teenager under the right circumstances. Okay thirteen's a little young because it seems too much like a fairy tale. But with Skippy and Irene, it seems to come true. But it is still a little odd considering the predictable age difference.

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