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8/8/2012 c37 2ravenknight117
Wow just wow I like your a lot I hope the next chapter is out soon and the people who complain about the length should realize it is about quality not quanity. I also can't wait for the next story of this
8/8/2012 c37 3Mari92
Actually I wonder what happened to Emily for lying about Harry's sketch book...

I was surprised by the abrupt change and I almost feel like this should have been perhaps before chapter 36 but then again you probably put it there for some reason that I might have skipped reading as I was more focused on the story itself.
8/8/2012 c33 Mari92
I must say that I have noticed many a personal flaws in myself, when I read this story. For instance, in the beginning I thought this Max was a shady character and perhaps not worth knowing. Now I find myself wondering if I'm jealous of Harry for having someone like Max... A man that maybe looks dangerous but might be a wonderful friend.

I don't think you know it but I see myself sometimes in this Harry. Of things that happened, things that might have happened and things that still happen at present. I feel a little strange by confronting some of my childhood fears and dreams. Is it strange that I want to cry while facing these memories?
8/8/2012 c37 Sharon T
Found this story and I am loving it:-) I am looking forward to more:)
8/8/2012 c37 KoniK47
I like that even though he's smart and mature you show that he's still a kid who wants attention just like any other. You definitely are very good at the emotional part of writing which can tend to be pretty hard. Anyway this is a great story I can't wait for your next update.
8/8/2012 c37 acuphalffull
CONTACT INITIATED! I think you did a great job on the story length :) And OMG the way you wrote out the last part of this chapter! (Lily) to Petunia... Gah! the finality of it!
8/7/2012 c37 2patricia.pc
Oh you got Petunia perfectly! In my 6 month Judo class we did like two months of just running, push-ups and a lot of physical activity to first get in shape (my legs treambled after each session and I would sometimes fall because one of my legs would give out on me, it was hard!) and then we started on falls, after a lot, lot,lot of learning how to fall we learned how to lock with your arms and legs another person so that they couldn't move (highly awkward poses that I needed like five minutes to figure out and would never, ever, be able to do on an emergency) how to lift a person and drop them on the floor even if they are larger and heavier (I cheated, my friend jumped so I only had to look like I was doing it, it was more like acting and looking professional)
I'm glad you are enjoying my story! Have fun on the woods, keep writing, I want to know what happens with the self-defense classes, emily, the Malfoys and soon Hogwarts :)
8/7/2012 c36 patricia.pc
Cannon Harry must have had a lot of Shaw-like teachers. Love to hate Emily, she's wonderfuly bratty. I can't remember a particular scene but I love how Harry thinks and relates with the world around him, that something is Bad, or Good, or Green. His innocence and wide-eye wonder. His happiness at Max doing something because he cared about him :)
8/7/2012 c35 patricia.pc
8/7/2012 c34 patricia.pc
woju! Four chapters! Great chapter, I like Grant Barley, I can almost see him talking away in front of me and I know so many people who are like that -talk, talk, talk, but he's likeable at the same time.
8/7/2012 c37 2Fire Storm Weaver
First of let my just say that I really enjoyed the new chapters. I thought I was misreading things or there was a default with my e-mail when I saw FOUR chapter notifications. Then I made sure I wasn't doing anything this evening and have spent the last five hours reading this. Also, thank you for your PM, it was nice of you to send it. The list was a huge help and I look forward to rereading the story with it. Like you said; I don't need an excuse to reread your story, but it's good to have one anyways (especially with three unread books staring at me accusingly from my nightstand) ;)
I found it kind of funny that you hadn't noticed the whole "Year 111" thing because I remember that being one of the first thing that I thought out when I started reading the books and how easy it would be to figure out his age.
You have my sympathies regarding the saving/rewriting/computer fiasco. I can relate.
I'm not sure what my favorite scene is yet. But the one that really touched me and still sits with me is the one where Mr. Baryn is reading Harry's story as well as the ones that surround it. the whole thing almost made me cry.
I agree with your opinion on tattoos whole heartily. They should be something meaningful and personal and not something decorational or trendy.
I don't have much to say about the chapters per-se other than that I really liked them and think you are doing a wonderful job. I noised a few minor typos, "b" instead of *by*, "I" instead *is*, things like that. Hardly worth mentioning but something you might keep in mind for the Great Edit. ;)
I hope you don't mind my reviewing all four chapters in one go. If you'd rather have many short once per each chapter on the next bunch of chapters just say so.
Good luck with whatever you're doing in the woods and looking forward to the next chapter.
8/7/2012 c37 Janelly Slytherin
kinda love the message that petunia got from Lily by looking into harry's eyes, it was deep, i still think petunia is crazy
8/7/2012 c37 3Satsukifujin
Love this story! Excited every time you update. Keep it up! :3
8/7/2012 c37 Guest
Like always i love your chapter! Thank you for giving how old Harry is. I really dislike Emilie. I really wonder how a child of 8/9 years old can think that Harry steal her name and what she likes (and i don't agree with her, i love flowers but i dislike gardening. Loving gardening is not the same that loving flowers. I think that she don't do gardening. Emilie iss really selfcentred on herself, she thinks that the world must focu on herself (it is why that she steal the thing with the drawing). But i would really like to see her punished because she is cruel and bully Harry. And bullying is not good.
8/7/2012 c37 mrpietan
Glad to see an update
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