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8/6/2012 c37 choking hazard135
Loved, loved, loved all the updated chapters! They were so engaging and realistic. The Emily girl mentioned in the last chapter definitely kept me on the edge of my seat, and I was so scared that she would get away with it! Then you had him go through the book and I almost yelled in my room when I got to the part where he went through it.

I am so excited for the development of the plot and cannot wait for the next chapter!
8/6/2012 c37 2Dovewing123
I love the way you ended this last chapter; it was so powerful. The story is amazing (I love the brilliant way you can potray the thoughts of Harry as a young child) as is your writing. I can't wait to see and read the next chapter.
8/6/2012 c37 5SerialChick
yay! update! and so many chapters at once! I feel like your spoiling me. Which is not to say you shouldn't do it again, cause you totally should.
I loved the way Harry got a job and all the little insights into the teachers staff room. My mum is a teacher so it never sat right with me in the actual Harry Potter books that a kid who was so obviously treated so different from his cousin could be ignored or dismissed by 6 different teachers. Maybe you could have one or two stupid teachers like the Mrs Shaw you have but all of them?
And the self-defense classes were great! The instructor obviously likes him cause he's taking it seriously (and considering the amount of effort he had to go to to get his Uncle to sign, why wouldn't he) and that Emily chick is like a female version of Dudley, but instead of people just believing her they actually notice the inconsistencies and the sheer unlikeness of her accusations. (when you had her tell Harry he spelt his own name wrong I laughed my ass off it was so ridiculous.)
I can't wait for the next update! Please let it be soon! Keep up the great work!
8/6/2012 c37 2Yin Fox
I love this story! I actually haven't seen this type of plot yet, which surprises me. I normally see about five or six stories on the same page with similar or the exact same plots! This story is actually very Refreshing.

Are you going to have his 'Mark' grow any higher than his knees or make his magic stronger whenever he stands bare-footed in dirt?
8/6/2012 c37 e.s. jihnrai
THANK YOU for the new chapters...You're story is awesome.
I like this last chapter with Petunia's POV.I wonder what will happen next..
By the way,I agree with your opinion about tattoos. For something to be a permanent Mark,it should realy be personal,with meanings,with depth.
I'm looking forward to new chapters.

What happen on Harry's job in the shop? Is he still working on those magical plants?
8/6/2012 c31 stonegnome1
I have been rereading this story from the beginning and the discussion of the Potter Estate caused a thought to occurred to me. I wonder if Grunnings is a publicly held company. Who holds the shares. If the Potter estate had a significant holding Harry's life might take a significant turn for the better, or the Dursleys for the worse.
8/6/2012 c37 DarkRavie
Another very good chapter. You're doing a great job with this story and I can't wait to read what happens next in your fic.
8/6/2012 c34 Reader AZ
I find it a little confusing the way you talk about Harry’s age. As he was born on 31 July 1980 and the school year starts in September there is not a problem. He has a birthday a month before each school year.
They have to be eleven to go to Hogwarts and that is why Hermione is almost a year older than him because her birthday is in September.
8/6/2012 c37 clara954
I started out on this chapter thinking Petunia was as bad or worse than Mrs. Shaw or Emily, but the ending gives a different impression. I wonder what would happen if Emily met Mrs. Shaw or Dudley. Probably nothing pretty. Anyway, this chapter seems like it will have a big impact on how Harry is reagrded by Petunia. Either that or she'll show her stubborness by completely ignoring these events and thinking of him as before. I look forward to finding out. Please update again soon!
8/6/2012 c36 clara954
Yeah, I really don't like Emily. I guess that's because you wrote her that way. Still, I don't know who's worse, Emily or Mrs. Shaw. Anyway, the various points of view are very nicely done. The part about Ollivander's is both mysterious and exciting to think about. Please update again soon!
8/6/2012 c35 clara954
This is a very interseting chapter. I had been wondering about the mail situation and am glad to see that resolved. Gilderoy Lockhart's gift is true to his character and funny because of that. All of the details about the other presents and how Harry responds to them are appreciated and make for a better reading experience. The magical lock is a great idea as well. One of my favorite parts of this chapter is how Harry is unconsciously becoming a leader. I am wondering if there will be a reappearance of Emily in the future (at Hogwarts) because the rivalry Harry has going with her seems like it could develop in several different directions (crush, discovering his secrets, etc). Sebastian is interseting to read about and I look forward to seeing a little bit more of him. Anyway, please update again soon!
8/6/2012 c37 3Lostinfantry
Its' an interesting story.
8/6/2012 c37 Seraphinus
Wooh! I absolutely enjoy reading this fic. Can't wait for the next chapter. And Petunia is a B**tch! How can someone be so dense and blind.
8/6/2012 c36 Seraphinus
Yeah, she pisses me off too. Hope that Max comes to pick Harry one of these days, so he could shove it in her face or something.
8/6/2012 c34 clara954
Barley's babbling and Narcissa's point of view are both entertaining. The age references are also very helpful. As for plants, I recommend using Google and entering "strange plants." I did, and my favorites were Wollemia nobilis, Welwitschia mirabilis, Araucaria araucana, Dracaena, Adansonia digitata, Bois dentelle, Tacca chantrieri, and Euphorbia obesa. Those are the scientific names of the plants I liked. Anyway, please update again soon!
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