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5/9/2012 c31 27Senyor Fier Mensheir
I'd vote for Harry to become a 'Puff. I just finished reading the story from start to this chapter, and am impatiently waiting for read more of it. It was a geniunely relaxing thing to read, with the right amount of everything in it. You know, like a batch of chocolate chip cookies that came out just about right.

Perhaps when you are done with this work, you'll think about publishing something original? Hehe.

Cheers to you, and please continue to right so that us, who love it, can continue to read!
5/8/2012 c31 3Vanillasauce
I love this story so much :3 It's really good and I can't wait for moooore XD

It would be pretty interesting if Harry were to work at the garden shop... Will anything of that sort happen? More importantly: Will he befriend Neville? I think they are pretty similar, and could need human friends XD As for the question which house he should get into, here my opinions:


You mentioned most of it already, he's bright and likes to learn to an extent... But I find it hard to picture him there, as I don't see him learning for knowledge's sake...


I actually think this might fit him quite well... Not only because of loyalty. It is after all the house of the hard working as well and he seems like a pretty motivated and hard working boy. Also it would be a good way for him to learn to trust people and find good friends.


Another house I think would fit him well. Not only because he's smart and cunning. First off: He is somewhat ambitious (especially with his drawings XD). But the hat might also consider that he could learn quite a bit from the Slytherins :)


The house I think fits him least. Simply because he doesn't seem to value bravery and honour that much, he'd rather he and his friends stay out of the spotlight and be safe. I just can't see him there like you portray him :S

Okay, so I hope this has given you some help (or at least more or less well reasoned arguments XD).

One more thing: I'm not sure if Harry lets himself be influenced by other people's opinion but if he does (and nearly every child does to some extent) I'd say Slytherin. Max is too Slytherin for anything else XD

Well then, I'm looking forward to the next chapter :)

Chu~ Vanilla
5/8/2012 c31 rebekahalana
I really like your story & its easy to see how much work has gone into this . I kind of feel the Harry you've devoloped belongs in Slytherine . He's determined to do what makes him happy & sneaks around to do so . He acomplishes & learns as much as he can , I agree , but goes about it in such a way that ensures his family wont discover this & punish him for it . Proving his survival instinct is greater than his need to learn
5/7/2012 c31 Reader AZ
Your Harry is smart but he is also practical. A Ravenclaw is more of a straight intellectual.

Hufflepuff being loyal and hard working strike me as being more the practical type.

In Gryffindor he would be able to share his love of plants with Neville and his love of drawing with Dean. As he knows more about the magical world earlier he does not need Ron as a friend so much. He is brave to be able to make the best of things in spite of the lack of support from ‘home’.

He does not like spoilt pretentious people so would not fit in Slytherin.

My first choice is Gryffindor. Second choice is Hufflepuff. Third choice is Ravenclaw and fourth is Slytherin.
5/7/2012 c31 nina-b
I love thise story. Reaaly.

I beggin the first chapter at midnight and couldn't stop. Now it's nearly four in the morning. I'm lucky that I'm not working tomorrow.

I say again, love this story.
5/7/2012 c31 Iryelb
Alright I have been waiting for this, you certainly haven't lost your touch. I think it would be good for Harry to be in two houses because, well mostly you seem to like singling him out and nothing would do that more than to be the only kid ever to do this amazing thing, like be in Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. If I had to choose just one house it would probably be Slytherin becasue it seems like it would be a very interesting turn, Harry already likes potions and he is polite enough to make Snape... maybe not know how to handle him... also he has pretty much elected to watch Draco so it might be interesting to see them in the same house.
5/7/2012 c31 14sachaelle
great chapter as always

as for the house i would have to go with Slytherin-Hufflepuff

as he both cunning and loyal and of course all those other thing you said
5/7/2012 c31 T. H. Endsley
Just a thought. Instead of obsessing over what others thought Harry's house should be, why don't you write the story. I read a story to find out what the writer thinks. Wouldn't it save a lot of time?
5/7/2012 c31 DarkRavie
Another very good chapter. I look forward to reading what happens next in your fic.
5/7/2012 c31 185Luiz4200
Oh, Snivellus will be so surprised. I hope he learns that boy was Harry.
5/7/2012 c30 2blackwolfgirl88
if you just tryed to uploade a chp 31 it did not work
5/7/2012 c30 Kethatril
Really good story, I couldn't stop reading. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
2/22/2012 c30 27917brat
Oh this is a wonderful story and I really hope you keep this up and update again as soon as you can because I really can't wait to see just what you are going to have happen next in the really brillint and truly one of a kind story.
1/14/2012 c30 Hettiezstar
I really like this story.

I think that you could do with a stronger sense of plot- a clear direction as to where the story is going, what the point of the story is, what the climax might be etc

I think you've got some great plot devices (like the tattoo, the friendship with the Goblins and Max, his abilities at drawing), and it would be good if you focused~ them more?

Bring back what the tattoo is about and stuff. I am so intrigued as to what it does and why he was allowed to get it as well as to what its point is in the whole scheme of things- why does he have it. Homg, the smelling like plants thing was genius. I adore it!

I really enjoyed Harry's simple thinking, because at the same time he's very clever and independent. I liked your argument for why he hadn't up and left the Dursleys, but it seems to me that with him venturing off alone to the wizarding world, demanding about his accounts and everything, he'd be curious and confident enough to leave the Dursleys. It just seems a bit contradictory?

I'd love for you to build Harry's relationship with Max: why he helped Harry, why Harry trusts him so much, how he acts around Harry, who he is~ his personality etc.

I really, really loved Samuel! I'm looking forward to seeing more of Harry's intriguing animal connections- is it some kind of natural legilimency? It sounds very cool. I can't wait for Harry to meet Snape xD This Harry seems quite ~wise, so hopefully that will affect his Hoggy years ;P

Thank you for this great story!

Please update real soon!
1/2/2012 c30 2patricia.pc
Sooo you mentioned you had a story and ... I got curious...4 hours later, I am here. Sad that is as far as I can go for now. I'm envious, you make children so perfectly age appropriate -sigh- well I guess it all stems from me never being around children...even when I was a child myself and in university, even less. A few days ago I tried to socialize with a ten year old little girl, just so I could be able to write my characters more life-like, but it just didn't work out. I felt sooo uncomfortable, had nothing to say to her and she just stared, Stared, like you described Harry doing. I got so uncomfortable that I offered her books, tv, anything! But no, she seemed perfectly happy in just staring. I finally gave up (only endured 10 minutes or less) and hid in my room, with the door locked. Which was fortunate because she tried the door. I think is better to just read and study children from story's like this and people who know how to write them. Easier. Safer.

So, until we read each other again, no?

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